SEA OF THIEVES | The Best Pirate Game Ever? – Episode 1

This game is bloody fun! search for treasure…Explore islands.. Sail the seas… pvp with other pirates or kick up your feet and share a drink with your mates!

Game: Sea Of Thieves
Sea of Thieves is an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.



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  1. Sea of theives is fun but I like watching it more great vid

  2. The thing I always love about your videos is the fact that you always have these EPIC scores of music.

  3. Amazing episode! I love youtubers who grab a game and make a beautiful roleplay experience out of it. Keep up the awesome videos Vert! Love it all!

  4. The music really setts the mood great video!

  5. In the ship wrecks u can a chests worth some money

  6. It would be cool if they added skeleton crew ships that protected it's own loot and you had to fight it

  7. Captain, you remind me of rick from rick and Marty



  9. When Vertiigo plays. It's not just a game it's also a MOVIE😃

  10. a ship battle in a storm is like every pirate movie ever

  11. I’ve never seen a crew of pirates more drunk in my life.

  12. Your voice fits perfect for this game. 🙂

  13. 0:36 awww… ARE YOU SERIOUS?! 1:43 xD You guys are CRAZY! 5:35 ya guys put me on the floor laughing!!! oh my!!! XD so freakin funny

  14. The locals would say were gucci haha are you in the ghetto

  15. Yo one of the guys he's playing with sounds EXACTLY like Falcon from Gameranx….

  16. Despite some of the mixes reviews I've heard about this game, I want to play it.
    Cause goddammit I want to be a pirate, and modded Skyrim only gets you so far in that regard.

  17. Vertigo make video on rust

  18. I had high hopes for sea of thieves. Nautical anything gives me a Willy but sea of thieves disappointed me.

  19. “We’re gonna pass by it.”
    – Vertiigo, responding to his crew’s worries about a nearby storm

    “We’re in the middle of the fucking storm right now!”
    – Vertiigo, not five minutes later

  20. More of these videos plz. And this game is fucking amazing by the way.

  21. Your fucking amazing vert you n Sarah and fucking funny asf love y'all's videos when are you gonna do 7days to die again??? Y'all should make a another video again called "the new beginning of life" and I have some cool badass details on how it could start I'm hug fan of you n her amazing job bud #america #florida #bowgator

  22. Lost my shit when that guy fell out of crows nest

  23. You should have gone half mast to avoid the storm winds, also when in a storm you pull up all sails and let the water take you it slows your direction

  24. Nope. Best Pirate game is AC Black FLag. Period!

  25. Sea of thieves. Best pirate game ever?

    *laughs in Black Flag* lol

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