SEA OF THIEVES | The Best Pirate Game Ever? – Episode 1

This game is bloody fun! search for treasure…Explore islands.. Sail the seas… pvp with other pirates or kick up your feet and share a drink with your mates!

Game: Sea Of Thieves
Sea of Thieves is an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.



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  2. That's why I love playing with my friends bc there's some dumpass shooters in this game

  3. This game is so good and this is only the beta

  4. This is actually amazing. Its like a guns of icarus on water

  5. I could have swore he said "I want you to Singapore me", which depending if you're a frog man or not, could be veritably kinky!

  6. You need to turn the sails into the wind to get faster

  7. 2:07 Nothing instills confidence in a crew like a captain standing on the beach flipping the map over and over again. lol

  8. This is going to be the Number 1 Top selling PC / Xbox game of 2018 !!!!!

  9. Made my way here looking for SoT vids, and now I think I'm gonna have to stick around! Love the commitment to the in-game roles! Makes it so entertaining!!

  10. Great editing, great music, and great content

  11. Lol I don't no which way north west is, yeah there's always that one useless crew member you should throw him over board 😀

  12. That music is the worst rendition of ride of the valkyries ever

  13. Jesus you make such great videos! Keep up the good entertainment!

  14. You should rlly use the anchor to do a handbrake turn

  15. ITS not the best pirate game ever? Its THE BEST PIRATE GAME EVER!!!

  16. insta sub!! gotta love role playing pirate games <3

  17. Never seen this guy before (shame i really like him) but holy shit the comments are really positive

  18. you should angle the sails more. but great video. dramatic music fits perfectly

  19. try putting the main sail up just a little so you can see under it to Steer when your crew is busy with repairs and etc .

  20. I love this game wanna See more of this Vertigo!

  21. This looks just like Pirates of the Caribbean online, just 2018.

  22. This is the first video I've seen from you and I'm glad to have found you. The editing is simply fantastic. Very well done!

  23. this is a perfect game for vertiigo. it's a gods send!

  24. As soon as they t into the storm they all started yelling and freaxking out

  25. Making it Win10 only for PC users was a huge mistake…….

  26. Best game ever
    -You can do one fetch quest a million times
    -The progression consists of changing the color of your sail and your hat

  27. Vertiigo if you’re ever looking for an editor, hit me up. 🙂

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