Sea of Thieves vs Skull and Bones: 5 Ways the Pirate Games Stack Up Against Each Other

E3 revealed the first Skull and Bones trailer, unveiling its pirate multiplayer gameplay – which was awkward for pirate-themed multiplayer game Sea of Thieves. How do these two contrasting pirate games stack up against each other? Join us as we find out, with Sea of Thieves and Skull and Bones gameplay, and subscribe for more on both on Outside Xbox, me hearties:

The most immediately obvious difference between the two games is the tone. Sea of Thieves is a going for a fun, silly vibe – it’s a game where you replenish your health by eating bananas and, if you want to, you can get drunk on grog and fall in the ocean.

Skull and Bones, meanwhile is a lot darker in tone – it’s set in the Indian Ocean of 1721, and takes a more realistic approach to the pirating you’ll be doing in the game.

Added to that, the game’s look is a lot more realistic, with some incredible detail on the ships, and some beautiful looking corners of the west indies for you to wreck up with your cannons.

Sea of Thieves is a lot more about exploration. Following treasure maps, seeking out overheard legends or just going where the wind takes you, Sea of Thieves is about sailing places, going ashore and exploring, while trying not to be killed by angry skeletons.

This isn’t the case in Skull and Bones. As far as we can tell, there’s no out-of-ship gameplay whatsoever, and while you are playing in an open world, it’s only the ocean part that you’ll be able to explore. I mean, might be for the best, what with all those skellies around on dry land, I guess.

Sea of Thieves is out on Xbox One and PC on a release date in “early 2018”. Skull and Bones is out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in “Fall 2018”.

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  1. I don’t think you can compare two games that aren’t from the same genre. One is an MMO Lite RPG sort of game, whilst Skull and Bones seems to be a pirate based World of Tanks type of game; also one of the isn’t even out yet.

  2. fuck skull and bones you gonna get bored of it after couple of hours, Sea of thieves here i come!

  3. It's gonna be like fortnite and pubg.
    They're both the same genre and that's about it.

  4. I trust Microsoft to delver a WAY better product than EA …. also fuck loot boxes.

  5. So Skull and Bones is basicly just Blackwake

  6. Not happy about skull and bones having no of ship exploration or sword play.

  7. I want both games as they are different. Keep up the good work

  8. So Skull and Bones is just AC: Black Flag with half the gameplay removed, yes?

  9. Skull and Bones is published or made by EA, therefore I'm 100% convinced it'll be trash.
    Beautiful trash (since 99% of production money goes into graphics), but still a trash.

  10. Skull an bones looks like slightly upgraded assassin's creed black flag lol I did just buy sea of thieves last night and yeah I worry about future content (having enough of) but will say looks the better choice.

  11. Sea of thieves is an actual pirate game. Skull and Bomes looks like a ship combat type game

  12. Sea of Thieves already failing with reviews coming in. Let's home Skulls and Bones deliver the fun.

  13. Idk I mean as much as Sea of Thieves looks fun to me, but as far as of what I have seen the missions are repetitive, end game content is not that special that it is something worth working towards, it isn't fun to play on your own which means you are forced to do it with friends at all time and that is a recepy for the game dying out and it is a game that easily can be abused by dick players who will just join the game to annoy other players rather than to play the actual game. For Skull and Bones I can't say much either not much has been released of what it truly will entail, since there hasn't been any content released since at least since february 2018, the beta hasn't even been opened yet and the release is set in fall 2018. For Sea of Thieves I will have to wait and see if it will be interesting and same goes for Skull and Bones. At least with Skull and Bones there is a reasonable chance I get to play it before release to test it out. Only time will tell if any of these games are worth it, to me and to others. My suggestion either get a chance to play these games for free in either the beta or when there is a free weekend (If there will ever be one for these games) or wait till both are released (Sea of Thieves has been released by now so yeh) and then wait a few months to see if the player count stays up and if the games are truly interesting.

  14. Sea of thieves graphics will not get old. just like borderlands and telltale games

    Skull & Bones will be a money grabber just like Battlefront 2

  15. I wish sea of thieves was for The Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch but alas it is for the xbox and PC … The 2 platforms I don't have

  16. Well let’s hope there’s more to do in Skull and Bones than SoT. That game becomes boring quickly

  17. It is not a real pirate game if you can't leave your ship.

  18. Well I'm with sea of thieves because knowing goobisoft people will start their complaining because they are good and the player that dies dosnt like that so they say the gear or weapons are to overpowered then everything becomes needed and useless

  19. I heard that skull and bones takes place in the east indies not the west

  20. Skull & Bones is just copy paste and reskin Black flag parts… Sad Ubisoft. Then again didn't expect anything else.

  21. Well if sea of shit is considered shit now then skull and bones has a good chance at being better considering it has the same mechanics as the best pirate game out there

  22. Both look cool but I'm hyped more for sea of thieves, now I just need go find friends to play with

  23. i like sea of thieves and skull and bones (i only have sea of thieves tho) like pubg and fortnite, one is cartoonish and the other one is realistic but i still play both.

  24. I’m really wishing and praying that they will add land exploration

  25. Skull and bones looks way better then sea of thieves

  26. How do you that there won’t be a campaign in skull and bones

  27. I'm still gonna play Black flag more than either of these.

  28. I would get sea of thieves but of course it’s an Xbox exclusive and there ain’t no way I’m buying another console for one game

  29. Plz dont kill me… But am i the only one who loves skull and bones more idk but i like the feel of a realistic pirate game… I think AC black flag is still diffrent… i know that it looks the same but S A B is all about pirate ships … Remember this is the S A B Beta! They can put alot more into the full game!!! (Dont kill me sea of theves fans XD)

  30. So pretty much PUBG and fortnite all over again lol accept different style lol battle royal and pirates

  31. Honestly in my opinion it just comes down to sea of thieves is just a better game over all

  32. Ugh, another shared world. Wake me when there's a single-player pirate game, until then I'll be playing the much-dated Sid Meier's Pirates Gold.

  33. I'd rather play as a member of a crew than a ship

  34. It's actually in the Indian ocean

  35. The biggest thing I want from skull and bones is the ability to board a ship and actually take the ship. Take out their sails, board the ship, kill the crew, and bam. You have a new ship. Great risk but also great reward.

  36. Hope skull and bones get’s a good customization system, i wanna feel like my ship is MY ship

  37. eating bananas to regain life? what kind of nonsense bs is that? Skull and Bones is for grown ups. the rest of the children can play their sea of sucks bananas

  38. SKull and Bones is basiclly World of Warships way way back, sooooo if youa re into that sort of thing its probably your type of game. but if you want a bit more You'll probably better of with Sea of Thieves.

  39. what the point of comparing skull and bones to any game when its not released yet

  40. i dont like skull and bones its so boring.Sea of Thieves is the king of the pirate and coop games.

  41. I dont understand why ubisoft miss wath we really want in skulls and bones that was not obvious in black flags enough ? If i was them i knew that getting out of the ship on land woulnd be really important but … faaa they misssssss they missss to exited to make money … "Oh everybody like AC4 lets do a pirate game" Pffff
    I really exited and scared at the same time to diacover this game

  42. I know that Sea of Thieves seems more appealing, but it gets boring pretty fast. That’s not to say it’s a bad game. It still features amazing art/scenery and music, but the overall missions are repetitive and get mundane quickly. If you prefer fast paced action, Sea of Thieves is not for. Additionally, ship combat is awful in game. The cannons work perfectly, but everything is unmatched. If you just started the game and are on a sloop, you could get ambushed by a galleon of pros. I know this is just ‘part’ of the game, but this can detour you from continuing to want to attempt to battle. Everything you can buy is cosmetic (no in game benefits besides design). You can’t buy a more power sword or gun, you can’t buy better and stronger cannons, you can’t upgrade the resistance of your hull, and you can’t buy armor. In the end, Sea of Thieves is a slow paced pirate game.

    On the other hand, Skull and Bones looks to be an action-packed, multiplayer, pirate themed game. The graphics are stunningly realistic, and the inclusion of many Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag attributes realign adds a sense of nostalgia and fun. Though you can’t explore islands, you can destroy more ships in an hour, than in a week in Sea of Thieves. Unfortunately, the game seems to lack a true story. In Sea of Thieves, there are currently 10 Tall Tales as of 12/4/19, but Skull and Bones looks much more revolves around functionality than enjoyment of a good story/plot. They might add something about a story, but as of now: Nothing.

    Honestly, both games are great, but Skull and Bones seems to be a better game in my opinion. If you enjoy relaxing and going on quests, you should by Sea of Thieves, but if you like to plunder ships and take over the West Indies (like in AC4BF) wait till mid 2020 and buy Skull and Bones, or buy Sea of Thieves while you wait.

  43. I prefer sea of thieves. so much more effort there should be a fist person mode in skull and bones

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