SHADOW GAMBIT | NEW Pirate Stealth-Tactics Fantasy Game – Gameplay & Features

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is the next game from the folks at Mimimi Games (Desperados 3), pushing the stealth-tactics genre once more with a fantasy approach set in an alternate history Caribbean adventure during the Golden Age of Piracy. In today’s video we’re going to take a look at the first gameplay footage of Shadow Gambit: The Cursed crew and highlighting key gameplay features that will make it stand out from the crowd – we’ll see how gameplay is impacted by the varied crew members you can take on your missions, and we’ll also see how the sandbox approach to non-linear storytelling impacts gameplay for a story-driven stealth-tactics game like this.

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00:00 – Intro
00:57 – The Core Gameplay Mechanics
05:47 – Non-Linear Caribbean Adventure
10:24 – Picking Your Crew
16:49 – Outro

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  1. These guys really went ninjas => cowboys => pirates in back to back games. Amazing. If you're looking for more games to look forward to this year, don't forget to check this video out – ! Enjoy!

  2. Great video, I like the game's art style. Next, I really want them to do a WW2 game. Come on, we all want a Commandos successor!

  3. Ah the least fun version of turn based games.

  4. Samurai, Cowboys, and now Pirates. These people are really hitting all the right notes!

  5. I actually had no idea this is coming! Desperados 3 and Shadow Tactics are among my favorite games. So excited!

  6. Now i have to replay Shadow Tactics and Desperado 3.

  7. The future is female. No male protagonists allowed!

  8. Can you choose any 3 characters to play as or does the game force you to play as a crafted protagonist?

  9. I love the art style. I'm not particularly good at these stealth games. Even though there is pause, I become so stressed out. 🙂 I own Shadow Tactics, but it's so difficult. Turn-based is more my jam.

  10. I bought Desperados 3 at a discount thanks to your recommendation, I had never tried a game like this, but after a few missions I fell in love with the game. This game is in my desired site for this year 100%

  11. This is quite exciting, probably my only complaint of Desperados is that on later missions, there were so many enemies with interlocking vision cones it felt like there was only one or two specific ways to proceed, rather than being able to experiment and try out different methods. Hope there is more flexibility in this game, but pretty excited for it.

  12. Looks good. Makes me wanna go back and finish Eldorado. Got a bit fatigued late game

  13. Seeing how Desperados 3 is just a skin over Shogun with characters having the exact same abikities, I'm not sure if this is just a new skin or a worthy evolution of the formula. Worthy beyond a Humble Choice lead title I mean.

  14. Mimimi has become one of my favorite game devs because you can really see they have a passion for the craft. They truly revived the stealth strategy genre that Commandos and the original Desperados created. I absolutely adore Shadow Tactics and Desperados III and I honestly can't wait to play Shadow Gambit. They keep spicing up the stealth strategy genre and this game looks very promising! I loved the artstyle (very reminiscent of the League of Legends' Arcane series) and adding the supernatural into the characters' kits seems like a really cool choice!

  15. They nailed Ninja, Cowboy, and pirates. Time to hit the future and make cyberpunk.

  16. Seeing what Mimimi is doing with these new skills that are kind of magical and supernatural, I'm wondering if the same kind of game based on a cyberpunk theme would be possible, I'm thinking something like Ghost in the Shell. Anybody thinking of that too ?

  17. Does anyone know if this game will have a multiplayer 2-4 co-op feature?

  18. 12:40 I'm no dev, I just wanna see if people have guesses for abilities each crew member will have.

    I'm gonna call it now, I feel Quentin is going to be our Sake/Doc Bag Lure unit with the treasure chest on his back. On top of that, if I'm thinking right, his other ability will to cast his head out as a different form of bait that can be dragged around like Kate's ability sort of. I'm hoping I'm right on this

    Next, I'm hopefully going to call that Pinkfus is going to be a specter/ghost unit that can terrify certain units like basic grunts, but obviously can't spook the stronger units like the ones who use Maiden's Fire to stun our units. Not sure what the other ability could be, but I'll take a guess with the pipe he has that he can make a smoke cloud.

  19. Did anyone else happen to catch they have sniper units who see at longer ranges, even in dark stages?

    0:34 is the proof – there's a point where you can see his range goes to even across the other little island

  20. I can't wait to play it myself. Recently finished Desperados 3 and while some parts of it were a bit frustrating for me, overall I absoultely loved the game. Monroe was my favorite out of five so I'm hyped to see that everyone in this game has access to magic. Hope it will release it soon enough.

  21. Is it me or is 2023 shaping up to be an outstanding game year

  22. I have been a fan of the genre ever since i played commandos in the early nineties. I've been waiting a long time for suskartoffel. Can't wait till it's released. I tried other games like War Mongrels and the likes but basically desperados and Shadow tactics are the only games that really deliver. And now a third one to add to the gaming experience. Thanks Mimimi

  23. "I am a great fan of previous game? Desperados III" – hey man who isn't.

  24. Ooh hypeee i remember old times commandos 😊 love this stealth teamwork playstyle

  25. GdybyKózkaKwiecieńPlecień ToByŚlimakTakBógKubie says:


  26. day one buy for me, desperados and shadow tactics were a blast

  27. where to download demo? I searched on steam app and there is no link to download.

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