Shanks’s Conqueror Haki – One Piece Pirate Warriors 4

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  1. Why doesn’t this game get more traction? Just off the clips I’ve seen, it looks like one of (if not the best) anime games out there.

  2. Awesome. I really rather this be shanks power or something cooler.

  3. Bruh when u made shank's bad and he is on your door step you know your gonna suffer something worse than death

  4. Any reason why my gameplay be ¹ cause sometimes i gotta deal with that

  5. I like one piece, but the pw series is kinda meh imo

  6. It crazy how they pretty much spoiled his technique here

  7. rip to the people who got spoiled

  8. Wait how did you unlock shanks

  9. Treated that whole army of marines like they was Kidd or some

  10. Pirate warrior games showed off conquer's coating and shank's abilities years before the manga

  11. Maybe its just me, but i feel like Conqueror's Haki (along with a lot of moves) lacks impact in Pirate Warriors 4 compared to Pirate Warriors 3. Doflamingo for example has a combo where he restricts his targets and then uses Conqueror's Haki. In PW3, its a big burst of energy that leaves targets knocked out on their feet. In PW4, its like a soft gust of wind accompanied by a loud noise

  12. I want to try this because i love dynasty warriors and i love one piece

  13. He got two observation Btw one in combo and the this one u can equip

  14. Pirate Warrior is good game but no PVE online 😭hope next game release with PVE Online

  15. Il fallait que la zone du haki des roi était plus grande et avec les couleur de leur utilisateurs de haki

  16. Krasse combo . Du hast das Spiel richtig drauf

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