SID MEIERS pirates is a fantastic pirate RPG / simulation game released in 2004 which I am sure is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits! Or perhaps there are a few glitches and overpowered tactics in the boarding only challenge which is broken. It certainly can lead to a slight imbalance in the games mechanics. The Spiffing Brit today will be showcasing in a funny montage the strategy of the funny british boarding only challenge.

This video game exploit video will be jam packed with a best bits funny moments montage style of editing similar to that of Valefisk, Robbaz and RTgame. So sit back relax and grab a cup of tea to enjoy with the spiffing brit!

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  1. Yes, it is the best pirate game ever made.

  2. This game doesn't compare to 2003 Bethesda pirates of the Caribbean g

  3. I almost did not play this game because of your superficial and idiotic review; play Swashbuckler difficulty and then make the review (learn about the importance of crew, morale, taunt etc.)

    This game is way deeper than this reviewer understood. Goddam snowflakes playing on beginner level and moaning that the game is not a challenge.

  4. I still play this game. Played it for the first time on Sega back in β€˜95 and was hooked ever since.

  5. If anyone plays on Xbox it’s $2.49 for the next week πŸ™

  6. I also have very fond memories of this game. I found this channel about two weeks ago and have been binge-watching the videos ever since. I recently found this game on Steam and (of course) added it to my library immediately… but haven't played yet because I've been spending my spare time watching these videos.

  7. Thanks.

    I have confronted a problem.

    Having met many governor's daughters, and having many colonel Mendoza clues.

    I have found 3 lost cities.

    Now I met Mendoza and defeated him and freed governor's daughter of Barbados and returned her to Barbados, but nothing happened, no governor's welcoming the daughter and no map given to me.

    After that I left Barbados and met another Mendoza on the sea, and all that above just repeated again.

    What's wrong with that?

  8. Purchased it on Steam and it can't launch due to DirectX, I'm a noob so I'm kind of sad that I can't play the game 😒

  9. found none of his family and the crew is just beginning to mutiny when he decides he's done xD
    I definitely used basically this same strat back in the day. did take a while to decide it was worth capturing that speedy canoe though.

  10. How did I never know there was a spiffingbrit vid for one of my favorite games of all time

  11. Methinks it’s time for another Pirates remake.

  12. This was the first game i iwned on the first generation psp i have such great memories of this game couldnt believe it when i saw it in this video i havent played this game in over a decade but i saw this and now all i want is to play it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. i used to do this all the time and didn't even know these were exploits

  14. cant run it on Win10 anyone can tell me how to ?

  15. The thing with this tactic is it doesn't really apply anymore once you are on a higher difficulty. Playing on second highest or highest difficulty the sword fighting becomes incredibly hard. No more spamming thrust because what you fail to mention is that having your thrust parried opens you up for a counter attack that you basically can't stop. Which t enemy captains will do as their skills are much higher. Their skill levels do vary. though. Like a merchant captain is going to be far less skilled of a swordsmen than say the captain from a pirate hunter ship.

  16. I am desperately looking for a game that has the SAME kind of playing mechanics as the raiding of cities on the ground (I don't see a video of it here in this review) . Any idea what other games uses this kind of battle mechanics? I just love this part of the game!! Thanks

  17. 1988, Apple IIGS – along with Might and Magic II, the best computer game I ever played!

  18. I use to play this game for hours when I was little! This brought back so many memories

  19. 2:26 damn I was so sure spiff as a true Englishman would've chosen the side of evil and gone with the evil Dutch

  20. I think this game is ledgendary, but not as good as the older versions. This is like the 'new reboot' version.

    "Raaah, I surrender"

  21. As a HEMA fencer, rapier fencers spamming the thrust attack is actually pretty accurate. For them, they just get the longest rapier they can find and thrust the hell out of opponents who don't have the same reach. This works well for them until I get fed up with losing and just grab a spear lol

  22. I played 1987 version on my fiend's 32-bit Amiga and it was my gateway drug to computer gaming.

  23. @thespiffingbrit have you ever played PotC At Worlds End?

  24. I always go for the Royal Sloop, small, fast, 20 cannon. I try not to get into sword fights and risk injury. My MO is chain shot and sail around in circles. 99% effective.

  25. resantly went back to this game and got the governor rank at age 40 but i was playing normaly with a brig of war armed with 32 canons. instead of a war cano atmed with one staby boy. i feel its wirth mentioning you need aditional shiws wen aracking the bos fortres you need like 250 guys to win that battle

  26. A bit late, but the "spam Thrust" with the Rapier only works in the early game, when your char is young and quick. Once your char starts to get older and slow down, the Cutlass actually becomes a better option, due to the debuff that is inflicted upon an attacker when they've had multiple attacks foiled in a row, which slows down both their attack speed and defense speed. When old, with the Cutlass, you can slow down a much faster opponent enough to land hits on him, but would get destroyed by that same opponent if you tried to out speed him with a Rapier.

    Your character never dies from age btw, the only thing that can force you into retirement is if you're crew is unhappy and mutinies. So long as you have 2k+ Gold per crew member, you can keep them at max happiness indefinitely, and pirate for as long as you want. I literally had a char that was 130+ years old with a crew of 1,000+ and millions of gold in one of my big playthroughs.

  27. There was a game a lot like this on the Commodore 64 and NES

  28. I missed pirates on PC, but Pirates was one of the games lucky enough to have gotten a mobile port during a time when good premium games were still considered the way to succeed.

    It was so good on mobile as well. Perfect to just pick up and put down for quick sessions.

  29. This is one of my first real PC games, and loved it. I even played the version before this one. Loved raiding the cities, and dancing the night away with the Governors daughtersβ€πŸ˜‚

  30. I thought he would pick the french

  31. Oh wow! i used to play this on my parents iPad. I was so sad when the game disappeared and i couldn't remember what it was called. Now i know i can get it again πŸ˜€

  32. Thank you Mr. Spiffing Brit, you have convinced me to purchase this wonderful little gem to experience it for myself.

  33. royal sloop best ship in game. BTW thrust spam works on first 2 level of difficulty. On hardest level your ass will be kicked in a moment if you thrust spam. Even the hardest battle against marquis Montalban ist almost unbeatable if your health deteriorate to poor when you encounter him in his final fort.

  34. How do you do this. Every time I thrust the other guy does it and it goes back to cinematic fighting or they can parry all the time

  35. My dad gave me his old copy of this game. One Windows XP install later, and I love it!

  36. I thought I played this once before and then the Ngostalgia just hit me like a f*cking train I remember playing this game only when I was 5 and my older brother taught me how to play this game on his PC I remember the boarding animation it's still amazing where my ship ram another ship will make a boarding cutsence ah Good Ol Game

  37. It's 2024 and this is a vastly superior pirate game to Skull and Bones

  38. Im playing it right now, i would like to see you try this on 1600 era on hardest difficulty and see if this is quite so easy.

  39. This game is genuinely better than Skull & Bones

  40. one of the few but good and kinda overlooked pirate games of all times, a flawed gem, still a gem…😌😌

  41. 0:19 better to say ' hello there, ladies and GAMERS'😁😁😝😝😏😏

  42. in the aftermath of the FAILED 'skull and bones ' game, a GOOD pirate game must have (yes im looking
    especially at u ubisoft traitors(!) not in specific order :

    they functions and firing of cannons must be beliable and well made and fun, shooting back and forth between ships, the explosions must be good,
    the screams and chaos and shouting orders must be top notch dammit

    ambient souds must be good and natural for background noise from animals, nature, town noises, etc

    the sfx and music must be of good quality and FIT THE THEME and natural mood of the settings at any given time !!

    some sea monsters

    believable wave looks and physics, nothing crazy but still

    beliveable change of weather functions , not to often but still

    good controls of the ships maneuvers
    (not either slow gran turismo or arcade extremes

    should have confrontations and /or fights w wild animals

    must have sieges of towns and strongholds !

    must have some kind of believable diplomatic options that will influence the game in some degree

    the players CHOICES SHOULD have some kind of consequences

    doesnt have to be a rpg game but SHOULD have rpg ELEMENTS

    must have some kind of supernatural elements or vibe in it somehow

    the possibility of treasure maps and and digging up at least 5 hidden treasures at 5 very different locations Scattered in the game world…

    a decent story, not on a book level but relatable

    good and fun boarding functions ships

    good and fun fighting on those said ships

    having the POSSIBILITY to WALK around freely at least in 30% of the gameworld LAND MASS minimum but not everywhere all the time

    but sailing around EVERYWHERE none the less , no limitations here !!

    building and modifying, customizing and repairs options of ur ship(s)

    must be able to build and maintain at least 3 ships if so wishes at any given time during the first HALF of the game

    must have some kind of romantic and perhaps lewd content, but silly and not to serious or raunchy

    must have character duels,either as a part of the story, sidewuests or both !!

    must have backstabbing story content and side quests

    must have freedom of choice in every aspect of the word…explore, dialogue options etc… the players should feel that they are in a world where things they do matter and whatnot

    the firing of cannons and the aim mechanism must be easy to learn but can be hard to master

    must have different cannonballs

    should have customizable weapons

    recruiting and maintaining and interactions between u and your crew and among the crew members themselves crew SHOULD be a big part of the game

    a suggestion for night and day cycles would be either to have it scripted related (like some quests are days , some are nights) and/OR have them constant , like 3 hour daylight vs 1 hour night IRL…

  43. The Mail Runner is better than the war canoe.

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