Sid Meier’s Pirates – (Open World Pirate Game)

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This is part 5 of the yearly Pirates! playthrough

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  1. I really had to think about that Prince sleeps on the air/heir mattress joke for a couple of seconds 😂

  2. Wow the old version of Sid's pirates 🙂 looks cool

  3. Blackflag was only popular because its the closest thing we got to a modern pirates remake. Games like port Royale and others try and fail to replicate it. Oh how I wish this game would be remade again.

  4. I prefer Cutthroats: terror on the high sea.

  5. You know you have been watching Nook a long time when you remember the original play through

  6. I was overseas for the past month and had many high stress moments of the interpersonal kind. This channel was my lifeline of sanity and calm. And for once my night was on Nook's schedule! 😂

  7. I will never forgive Apple for forcing me to update and be unable to download this game on mobile ever again. it's literally the perfect phone game I am so sad.

  8. Man, I only just noticed that the keys to do things are the 1-9! Are you using the digits, or the numpad, or a combo of both? I can't imagine my left hand being good enough on the keypad, but I certainly don't think two hands trying to get the digits on the top would work either. ;-p (Or do you have some mapped to mouse buttons? lol) Hail to the dancing pirate!

  9. True classic made by an amazing game designer on all steps of game creation

  10. I was about to say you're an absolute menace, attacking everything, but then I remembered the name of the game 😅

    I've been telling everyone that will listen about you and your con descending joke. I thought that was funny af. I have a very specific person in mind that I think will enjoy your heir mattress joke. That was also very good.

    Never change, Nook.

  11. I love this game. I have definitely played hundreds of hours of it on various difficulties and RPs XD

  12. Still salty we didn't get a version during the 2010s. First decade without one since the original came out.

  13. Pirates doesn't need explanation 🙂 I think everyone I knew back then also knew the game .. well, yes: I chose my friends by only allowing those owning home computers exclusively, because all the others are plebs xD.

  14. This is such an awesome game. It doesnt even need a remake..

  15. C. LYONS // THE WOODCHIPPER. ウッドチッパー says:

    Heir mattress got you a thumbs up instantly

  16. best casual romance and dancing simulator with the occasional chillout phase with sailing, fencing, looting and plundering ^^

  17. There are tons of remakes of this game, aren’t there? I played this back in the day and I played a few I thought at the time were remakes, or updated versions of this game. Sea Dogs was my favourite I think. Am I not remembering correctly? Was that not a remake, unofficially or not, of this game?

  18. hahahah! puts the pirate hat on "Now we can play pirates"

  19. If I may make a few suggestions. Taunting slows down the enemy captain, so if you can, use it to make super fast opponents slower. To avoid losing to superior numbers while dueling, use grapeshot ahead of time in the ship to ship battle, it decimated their pirate population. Finally, the fastest attack for either of you is thrust. Learn to block just that one and you'll be far better off.

  20. …..I loved this game…but hated the dancing minigame….

  21. it's all worth it for the tricorn baby

  22. Interesting fact, pirates loved puppy dogs. If your ship is flying the banner of a puppy dog they might simply shed a tear of joy and then decide not to shoot at you.

  23. Personally what I like to do is stop at Taino villages and Pirate towns every time I pass them by to set as many loose on Spanish towns as possible just so they are less of a threat when I eventually attack said towns.

    By the end of my game the Caribbean over all has a small population.

  24. Looks fun but idk if it's the one I played from long ago. I don't remember an open world. I remember really simplistic controls and moving your ship was pretty easy and combat was pretty simple.

    Super old game, definitely not n64 or anything. Had to be playstation.

    Any ideas random people?

  25. I would always kill all of their sailors and that way was easier to take ships on the hardest difficulty

  26. In sword fighting look at your opponent's animation. If their arm swing is high, duck. If their arm swing is low jump. And if their swing is just back, thrust. After a jump or duck counter with a heavy attack or thrust.

  27. The plain, average and beautiful daughters effect items, information and final scores.

  28. Also your crew happiness is tied to the amount of gold you have…if you can get the lost treasures by saving your family members you will never have to divid the plunder.

  29. In the early game you can gain favor by finding a pirate haven. Tell the pirate Captain to attack a city then attack the ships that are sent. Then turn in at that city's Governor.

  30. Also check out Tortuga a Pirate's Tail…it's on Steam…

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