Sid Meiers Pirates | the Best Forgotten Pirate Sim

Today I decided to take a look back at an old and mostly forgotten Pirate simulation game call Sid Meiers Pirates
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  1. try playing on swashbuckler difficulty. its way harder.

  2. 0:04 Remember lads, if she's not STACKED, don't do the dance. 🤣🤣

  3. Also, ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ME MATEYS! @Matters you should look up the total conversion mod East India Trading CO. And also also, the 1987 DOS version is THE BEST VERSION.

  4. The fact that Skull & Bones wont just be a modern version of this is super disappointing. This is also one of my favorite games of all time.

  5. I love this game, so many good memories!

  6. My brother and I stumbled upon this game in a gamestore. We were searching for a Pirates of the Carribean game, but settled for this game when they were out of stock of PoC games. Best childhood life decision ever, core memory unlocked.

  7. Sid Meier's Pirates! was one of the very first games I ever played on the family computer back in the days, and oooh boy, I freaking loved it! I played it a couple of years ago, and it's still as good as I remembered. Why can't we have a game like this made with the technology of today!? Longer, deeper, polished and cartoonish, it could have it all

  8. It's so cartoony. Man, what I wouldn't give for a gritty, single player character-driven story game in a similar vein as Red Dead Redemption 2 but in an open world Caribbean setting. Maybe with today's technology we could even have more of the Atlantic to explore than just the Caribbean, like the coast of Florida and the colonies. If Rockstar ever got into the pirate genre, I feel like they could make something far greater than what Ubisoft did with Black Flag. It seems so strange to me that even after Pirates of the Caribbean, there aren't more pirate games.

    On a seperate note, what a strange and bizarre time period to cartoonize and childize into a kid-friendly game. Pirates were brutal murderers after all 😂

  9. Calling a remake of a really old game old 🙂 Man I feel old hahah I played the original in the late 80's on the Amiga 🙂

  10. Thanks for the nostalgia lol didn’t even realize I’ve played this until the dude you were talking to about going to the americas haha

  11. This game gave me back that feeling I had when I first got to enjoy Settlers 2 (Yes, I am that old and STILL gaming)! I remember rocking this game on my PSP. Since it came out I could never find any game that compares. Only PVP based games in the same genre…
    They dont try anymore…

  12. I feel like anyone whos actually watching this vid are people who loved and still love this game. God, i wish there is an updated version of this and dont say Sea of thieves. Imagine a true open world version ala RDR2 except on the seas

  13. Best game i ever played since the original civilzation…. Women i dated loved playing to… The part i hated most, the dancing😅

  14. I’m really considering buying this game on my Xbox . We really don’t have a lot of games set in the mid 16th century . This is also the golden age of pirates 🏴‍☠️ . This felt like if you was in the world of pirates of the Caribbean movies except without the supernatural stuff .

  15. The game is great though the fencing is broken and you could just always kill the captain and it becomes too easy

  16. ahhhh… one of my favorite games. I played the hell out of this, probably when i was like 9 or 10

  17. this ie easy level. Try it on shwashbuckler level. I play always on it. Its very hard. If you dont defeat marquis montalban in his fort until your late age no way you can win that swordfight

  18. I played the original on a Tandy 1000. 7.6Mghz, 20Mb hard drive.

  19. My god, I didn't even know this game even existed! I gotta try this!

  20. this definitely better and interesting and more fun than ubishit skull and Bones 70$ live service shit

  21. 1:48
    Game Engines have been here around for a while. Sid Meiers Pirates was made in the Gamebryo engine.

  22. My dad gave me his old copy of this game for PC. He said he loved it on NES. I think after the Wind Waker, this is the best pirate game.

  23. Came here, to see what that mentions under all the Skull&Bones videos of this game is all about. Thanks for the great overview video.

  24. Looks like better version of skull and bones

  25. How does this look better than skull and bones

  26. if skulls and bones is a "quadruple" game then sid meiers pirates should be quintuple game? lol

  27. How did we have so many more great video games per year back then with much LESS money than now with HUGE budgets? It's so weird. As if more money makes game studios lazier.

  28. honestly, this game needs a remake or something, legit I wish it had multiplayer.

  29. Came here cause I saw people comparing it to Skull and Bones, now I might have to give it a try. Can't believe I've never heard of this game before just now.

  30. Funny how a game originally designed in 1987 is infinitely more enjoyable than a "quAdRupLe-A" game that costs 60-70€ and took 11 years to develop.

  31. I remember playing this game years ago on the original Xbox defiantly giving this game another go

  32. When this feels more of a pirate game than skull & bones "AAAA" game 💀

  33. I will never forget his accursed name.

    Baron Raymondo…

  34. this shit is 2.50 on steam rn GAS GAS GAS

  35. This game is actually better than skull and bones

  36. Tried playing this again the other day and the thrust "cheat" works til you get to swashbuckler difficulty then the swordfights are hard af all of a sudden =/

  37. This is a Pirate game!! f*cking ubisoft

  38. was my fave psp title for sure, thank you for the flashbacks

  39. My fav c64/Amiga game .. loved this.. I know the Caribbean like the back of my hand bc of this game 🙂 .. This version is great too.

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