Single player, multiplayer & survival mode! AMAZING Open World Pirate VR Game With Amazing Combat!

– Single player, multiplayer & survival mode! AMAZING Open World Pirate VR Game With Amazing Combat! –

Furious Seas is an open world pirate VR game full of unique bosses, boats and sea shanty’s. Sail freely with your crew collecting bounty’s on the pirates that have done you wrong, seek your revenge with your choice of boats, weapons and tactics, this is someone pretty rare for VR as pirate virtual reality game isn’t something you see everyday so lets see what its all about!

Time Stamps:
00:00 – Intro
02:25 – Graphics
04:12 – Adding my own menu sound
04:29 – Sound
07:00 – Weapons
8:47 – Boats & Wind System
9:59 – Multiplayer
10:39 – Story – Unique Bosses
12:41 – Gameplay & Open world
14:57 – Is It Worth The Money – Outro

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  1. 4:34 the ocean here is hypnotising, the boat rocking is so calming too. and the SOUND i need this game immediately

  2. It seems very interesting! I'll keep an eye on it to see how it develops! Nice video, by the way!!!

  3. Reminds me of BattleWake. Excellent pirate game I really enjoyed. Gonna pick this one up tomorrow, Thanks Rex.

  4. Great review. Thanks! Gonna try and grab it.

  5. This is what ATLAS could've been, if only it didn't fail. RIP.

  6. I was looking at this game 2 weeks ago. Glad I waited for your review. Thanks again.

  7. is this a sponsored video…. very old game….

  8. be honest, how many pirate shanties did you sing on your own

  9. it's a wave shooter, Budum tshh, lolol not really much of a pirate game if all ya can do is shoot at other ships tho, that'll get old fast, where's the boarding, swash buckling, burying/finding treasure and all that jazz?, not really open world either since you're confined to the ship most of the time, water reminds me of the kayak game you were showing before, that was decent water even if it was the wrong colour lol, your reviews are always fair tho bud, I wouldn't be so forgiving I fear 🙂 you're welocome XD

  10. Definitely gotta grab this I loved black flag

  11. honestly if they add the ability to board enemy ships an hit land from tiem to time, i might get this, but right now, while it does look like an amazing naval combat game, my favorite aspect fo pirates is swashbuckling, so i'll pass on it, but good review and i'll keep my eye on it

  12. If i don't get sea sick ill be wanting a refund.

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