SKULL AND BONES Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 (Full Game) This series includes the full game story walkthrough of Skull and Bones from beginning to ending. Skull and Bones full game story first impressions, all cutscenes, weapons, upgrades, gear upgrades, ship upgrades, review, impressions,reaction and more.

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  1. Bro, If you can’t explore the islands on foot and if there is no sword combat.. what a shame

  2. Obviously not better than SOT. Your a Matrix ad forsure buddy. Lost alot of respect for you doing this game.

  3. All these people on Saint Anne are so antagonistic.

  4. Will there ever be a good historical ship combat game? Like what War of Rights is to civil war games?

  5. Just discovered your channel bro! Your content is amazing! Keep up the wonderful work my friend!

  6. WoW has a better combat than this quadruple sh*t game lmao.

  7. This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Hollow!

  8. So the black guy just looks like he a be a pirate 😒that’s what you said

  9. @HollowPoiint not gonna lie this games bogus I love your content though I think they tried to like make a good pirate game but black flag and sea of Thieves got em beat I hoped this game was good but thanks for showing it off!!!

  10. this game is a pile of soulless rotting hot garbage 😂😂

  11. I was hoping this would be a better version of atlas but atlas has better gameplay

  12. Was thinking about getting it but I saw that Ubisoft was making it

  13. lmao! graphcis look crappier than Assassins creed 4 😭

  14. I came here to see this "4 star quadruple game". Nothing bad, but nothing new here.
    A quadruple game should be a Star Citizen fully finalised.

  15. Ship physics look horrid. Like kinda corny.. sea of thieves had better…

  16. Truly the AAAA experience.

    Game looks very mid ngl

  17. Never shill on the game and that company lol

  18. LMFAO…AAAA Game? Looks pretty for sure, game play looks pretty sad though. Harvesting trees etc whilst in the boat lol

  19. You can only disembark on certain islands, I quite enjoyed it but I can see why a lot of people don't, I like the crafting part and the ship combat, the gathering mini games are a bit meh but its fine, I have Ubisoft+ so I'll play in, not sure it's worth £70! Although look at SoT, at the start there was hardly any content, now it's done a huge turnaround so I have hopes for Skull and Bones.

  20. So hollow has a choice to pick a character that looks a-bit like him but chooses the black guy because he looks like a pirate… not sure how to feel about that ngl.

  21. I am not happy about the game only being online. I prefer to play offline on my own. Damn that really sucks… cause when I'm working offshore, in tue middle of the ocean, I won't be able to play it. Total disappointment. 😞

  22. most like assassin's creed black flag

  23. cant wait to explore and see my country depicted in this game – mauritius island -part of the mascarene islands

  24. Skull and bones is what’s gonna be left of this game soon.

  25. For those that don't know, it's strictly a sailing game. Can't do anything else but sail around and fight sea battles. No pirate stuff like swimming or checking out islands for treasure. No attacking bases by leaving your ship. Also, you can't physically board other ships. You can walk around your own bases to buy/sell things and change ship, but that's it. It's just sailing and ship cannon play…

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