Skull and Bones | Gameplay Overview Trailer

Skull and Bones will be available November 8 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, Luna, Epic Games Store, and Ubisoft Connect.


Enter the perilous paradise of Skull and Bones, inspired by the Indian Ocean during the Golden Age of Piracy, as you overcome the odds and rise from an outcast to an infamous pirate. Craft a variety of unique ships to survive, thrive, and rule in an immersive world that introduces new challenges and features every season.

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  1. I disliked this as soon as I realized it wasn't single-player. I'm so tired of every game trying to be like Fortnite.

  2. no boarding other ships, or on foot combat and exploration? 2/10

  3. I can’t wait to look like a disorganized savage instead of a actual pirate. We don’t need armors and spikes on our ships Ubi we need good balancing.

  4. it would probably be better single player or co op mode

  5. Do not ever expect me to buy this without you making melee combat and fighting on ships you board instead of your lazy cutscenes

  6. They should remove any fancy splinter cell extras and microtransactions and just go with dlc over time like Elden Ring did and keep it savey. I don't mind it being multilayer as long as its not a constant barrage of annoying trolls constsntly harassing you. Otherwise this game actually looks pretty good and interesting. Sailing through them storms will be epic though.

  7. I was looking forward to this, the ship building and ship battles, very similar to Black flags, but Ubisoft has changed the characteristics and playstyle, doesn't look great anymore, well done, it was simple, build on Black Flags, people loved it, add base building like forts etc. add sea monsters, wars between countries where you can mingle in,.

    PVP is not fun anymore because most spaghetti code can be hacked and cheaters try to be at the top. So PVE is better and more fun. Creating world seeds could be a idea as well where you can choose who plays with you. Add mythological creature battles, some story lines, it can be updated every now and then, having different storylines to follow, meaning not linked to a specific playstyle.

    This game had tons of potential, I might as well save up and hire a team to try and start on something the community wants, cause I REALLY was looking forward to this and I still want a game like this, but not what it is now.

  8. I'd rather play Sea of Thieves…. this is not what we wanted

  9. Aww man why ubi why i loved Ac4 amd rogue and freedom cry but like cmon the open world could be better give us more freedom be able to use our swords and guns maan im sure it would be fun but like ahh man I better be able to customize my crew as well and not have them look all raggedy all the time haha I can only hope I've been waiting for ever forthis

  10. Si no puedo luchar ni abordar no me interesa

  11. Была в детстве русская игра Корсары… Все слизали… 🐸

  12. It better have an assassins creed clothes or weapons idk i just want a ac black flag game

  13. This is gonna be so bad! Give us real gameplay freedom this is a real bad gameplay design AC Odyssey water look the same stop copy pasting and then saying its a new game.

  14. I don't even want to have it as a gift.This Ubisoft engine is lame. Everything looks like AC Odyssey and the MMO character is very disappointing. I wanted a pirate simulator. No HUD, no jumping DMG numbers, good ship update and repair and crew micromanagement. A sluggish ship in the wind. If no wind then no ride. Real Physics, Nailing holes with wooden boards. Go on a treasure hunt. Sword fights,When lack of discipline keel hauling, Decide if you are good or evil, maybe selection of historical persons from the Caribbean. , Historical Ships etc.

  15. It’s so funny that you can do sword fighting as a pirate in for honor but you can’t in an actual pirate game made by the same studio.

  16. I'll be a pirate even if it wont be by playing this game. 1337X, HERE I COME!
    We're counting on you, empress!

  17. Thank you but I’ll be returning to the Sea of Thieves

  18. if there is no hit reg ill give it a go im a wait for the ratings and reviews

  19. Why lock combat behind JUST ship mechanics though? Like it’s just port royale with the ability to customize ur person. Sea Of Thieves is still doing this type of stuff the best.

  20. Everyone complaining yet they’re all still going to buy the game💀

  21. Ah yes golden age of piracy where they used missile launchers

  22. My name is gorilla D muffy
    And I'll be the pirate king

  23. Calling it an ubisoft original is a lie. Its just a remake of Black Flag.

  24. A game we’re you compete to navigate the grand line in search of the legendary one piece and build a 10 person crew along the way with bounties and raid fights. Find devil fruits to augment yourself or your crew and develop unique hoki. Too much to ask I know.

  25. Cool, another trashy and quickly thrown out "open world" pirate game that's totally not going to be forgotten two weeks after launch!

  26. i cant get this to launch on ubisoft connect launcher

  27. Another nail in the coffin, vivendi is so lucky to not own ubisoft… imagine working almost 10 years on a game that already released 10 years ago but better, great job guys👍

  28. 4:43 micro-transaction Pay $0.99 for a bullet to roll a lootcrete you looted.🤔 another $14.99 for equip epic gear🤣

  29. How to 101 series
    2:39 chop down a tree on a boat, and the tree pass through ground like object in other ubi game.
    2:55 mining ore on a boat
    3:00 harvest coconuts on a boat, (of course pass through ground)
    3:17 how to load cargos like people hanging arround on train in india.

  30. Wait? Is this going to be a pay to win game where you can buy your ship with real money?? I hope those comments are not true. Pay to win games take no skill..

  31. Ubisoft can you please make the next triple A game like watch dogs, far cry, and assassins creed in modern Japan. we're only on the 6th far cry game and we're already back to an island setting. not to mention Primals map was a reskin of 4 and new dawns map was a reskin of 5. and I know far cry sounds weird but it could be like the Hangover movies, the protagonist could get stranded in a foreign country in a city they know nothing about. and for watch dogs apparently you already have a story as a comic or something.

  32. Wow gotta love those palm trees collapsing when you sail nearby

  33. is this not just SoT but ubisoft desolate open world style?

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