Skull and Bones is a pirate game full of BOOTY

Get more information about Skull & Bones on Ubisoft’s website #ad

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  1. Talk aboute grilled crockodile there are a Youtube Chanel called BBQ pit boys & there life is to just grill al around the year! & wat The thing that stod oute for me, was them grillning a f alligator !
    & yes I know you dont trust me!, bur trust me & look it up!

  2. Ubi listening to the community and world peace have the same odds to come true.

  3. How does AC4 from 2013!! 10 YEARS ago, hold up better than this

  4. Personal opinion, play sea of thieves
    I’ve played both SOT and this game and SOT is that much better

  5. “Submissive and boardable” 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣💀

  6. The Lemur is the only reason why I would play this

  7. i thought this was assasins creed black flag xD

  8. Love how the YouTube notifications says “made for kids” lmao

  9. Oh all the poor buns amd dad jokes

  10. If Caleb Pressley and Glennie Balls had a child that would be your character.

  11. Tyler should do voice over work for Rick and morty

  12. Damn the graphics are pretty bad for an Ubisoft game excluding the water

  13. I'm surprised they didn't call toast "grilled bread" 😂

  14. I don’t understand how people can judge a game they only see 1/4th of and haven’t even played

  15. I had tried to preorder this game over a year ago and they refunded my purchase (I think some time later they released more information on the game). I am waiting for it to be available for preorder on Epic Games just because the Ubisoft dumbass store platform/program is broken (I couldn’t access the store through it for days so I gave up). I just don’t trust buying something and having to trust a broken thing to start the game from.

    I was excited for this because I loved the pirate parts of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag (I kinda hate the Assassin’s Creed series since it’s lets take this interesting place/story and throw modern/futuristic crap in it and then throw in the same assassin tools in every game). Also I love Sea of Thieves except the always pvp aspect basically became people bullying solo players (at least that’s my experience having people climb on your ship and blow it up or having a 3 or 4 person team constantly chasing you and blowing your ship up).

    I really just want a good single player pirate game with open world exploration and stuff.

  16. I love the booty & it's my birthday brothers ❤🎉

  17. Tyler discovers the West Country acccent.

  18. Have ye anything to trade after yere charter was stolen me boy

  19. "ATTACHMENTS? Let me put a red dot on this thing…" 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Ubisoft made black flag but couldn't do a proper pirate game 😭

  21. I'm just wondering if they'll invite a buddy from they're division 2 video to play with them…

  22. any chance you both can play again? I loved this video

  23. its funny, i will probably never play this game, but no matter what content you put on your channel.. its always great, and well worth the watch

  24. Wildcat unintentionally made Timthetatman with hair

  25. I mean, you were almost ironically correct in what you said. Most high end fragrances in the US use ambergris to stabilize the scent in their fragrances. It is a waxy buildup from sperm whale intestines though, not their piss. Just the poo.

  26. All they literally had to do was make AC4s ship gameplay, more shanties, larger map, make it MP

  27. Assassin creed black flag multiplayer

  28. It sucks that there isn’t much combat besides navel combat

  29. Bro you are so funny 😂 and I can’t wait for the game to come out

  30. Wasn’t Ubisoft that made sea of thieves ☠️ Ik there completely different but this game does look fun af if ur with friends

  31. i love the game, i dont see why people hate on it

  32. 5 months game just dropped how much did they pay you 👁️🫦👁️

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