Skull and Bones – Official Gameplay Overview Trailer

Get a deep dive into some brand new Skull and Bones gameplay, including a look at its dangerous world, player progression, naval combat, and gameplay systems like perks, ship customization options, and more from this upcoming co-op open-world pirate action RPG.

Skull and Bones will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna, and Windows PC through the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store on February 16, 2024.

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  1. No, thanks, I'd better go and play Sea of Thieves instead

  2. I'm sorry, but no matter what this game will always be in the shadow of Sea Of Thieves. The only difference that could make it more appealing, is a non-toxic player base.

  3. Sea of thieves kinda better looking

  4. Just give me Assassins Creed Black Flag 2….

  5. According to comments this game is World of Pirate Ships and people are upset its not Black Flag 2.

    Black Flag 2 is confirmed for a remake boys

  6. We literally asked for black flag without the assassin stuff how did you guys mess this up?

  7. funny how they use the Baldur Gate 3 narrators voice. Makes me wanna play BD3 again.

  8. Every Ubisoft game plays exactly the same but with a new skin on it.

  9. Crazy how it doesn't look much better than AC4

  10. Throw some one piece characters and story and this game would be world breaking . I'd buy it in a heart beat ❤

  11. so its basically the better world of warships

  12. Avoid every game with the subtitle: "A Ubisoft Original"

  13. No sword combat in a pirate game is actually baffling.

  14. Literally just play AC Black Flag, it’s cheaper and you get more gameplay than this disappointing product.

  15. This game could have been amazing, if it was made by anyone other than ubisoft.

  16. Wait so if this doesn't have pirating ships, boarding, sword/gun combat then what do you even do in this game besides build and customize ships? This seems more like a naval combat game than a piracy game.

  17. This game just made me want to play Sea Of Thieves lmao

  18. Going to be another overrated money grab for sure

  19. a pirate game but its not actually about being a pirate, but about being a ship, but the ship moves as if you have an engine and your cannons shoot as if the cannon barrel direction didn't matter, this game has been in development for seven years and looked better after two

  20. That old pirates of the Caribbean pc game won’t be beat

  21. In most ways better than black flag in some ways not. First of all, no story of pirates can ever come close to that of Edward Kenway. Second, no hand to hand combat? Seriously? Yes, we know Black flag had its set backs yet, still it was a great game at its time. This game corrects the flaws of AC BF but, now it has its own flaws. Hopefully they update it with some patches and address those issues. In short, it looks amazing

  22. Meh Black Flag & Sea of Thieves did it better

  23. It was great to have a little gameplay footage in between ads!

  24. It’s a pirate game without boarding, hand to hand combat or any swordplay, where ships can only be bought from merchants, and it isn’t even set in Caribbean. So basically it’s a naval game set to a loose pirate theme.

  25. I’ll catch it on sale 😂especially if there no hand to hand fighting in a pirate game I’m trying to be on my one piece stuff lol

  26. is this upgrade version of sea of thieves?

  27. Or… Save £70 and play Black Flag for immersion and Sea of Thieves for Coop Fuckery 🤷🏻‍♂️

  28. For honor hand to hand combat. That would make it epic!

  29. all these and blackflag still better, make acbf online fr

  30. Naval battles ..and nothing more? All you had to do was make Sea of Thieves with an adult tone and you'd be atleast decent. Guess I'll check it out when it flops and they're selling it for dirt cheap next year.

  31. If they want focusing on the ship battle they should remove walking around fort mechanic, it's waste of time. Take a look at Dredge for example.

  32. Its Sid Meirs Pirates but in today graphics and different perspective. Boarding is a cutscene, no fighting.

  33. So AC Blackflag got its own mini game AAAA game.


  35. Are there more customizing options for ship than black flag?

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