Skull and Bones | Official Gameplay Overview Trailer

Enter the perilous paradise of Skull and Bones, inspired by the Indian Ocean during the Golden Age of Piracy, as you overcome the odds and rise from an outcast to an infamous pirate. Craft a variety of unique ships to survive, thrive, and rule in an immersive world that introduces new challenges and features every season.

Skull and Bones will be available November 8 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, Luna, Epic Games Store, and Ubisoft Connect.


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  1. All this in 10 years I get programing and creating concepts is hard but holy fuck a team of interns could have had the same sad results if mot a tad bit better

  2. This is basically the better version of sea of theives

  3. Won't be buying as I don't do MMO. Too many weirdos and I rather play Black Flag again

  4. Yeah this is definitely gonna be dead on release

  5. Sadly the servers have already been shut down

  6. So…. they took everybody's complaints about the game only being confined to the ship, when it was 1st announced…………………….And didn't address that at all…

  7. So no hand to hand combat… i a pirate game? No boarding and fighting… in a pirate game? Such a huge part missing lol

  8. This company is litterally the creator of Assassin's Creed and For Honor. I'm 100% sure they could've created a beautiful and smooth combat/stealth system, but instead we litterally don't get any hand to hand combat?? Such a waste

  9. Lmao, this is like GTA online for Black Flag. How the fuck do they have the audacity to release a game based on assets that were relevant like 8 years ago.

  10. Could you imagine a sea of thieves like game where you start off solo or with friends running a small ship (sort out storage adjust sails etc) then recruit ai or players then expand your fleet with more ships like merchant ships and combat focussed ships then take part in merchant missions where you have to use multiple ships to protect your merchant ship. Then maybe a alliance system where big groups of players can join and rule certain areas of the ocean which other alliances can fight for. Honestly I’d play that

  11. Skull and Bones? More like Snore and Bore.

    I've never played much of the Pirate genre but I've seen enough from AC:BF and SoT to know this is going to be DOA when it releases right before Ragnarok


  12. All they had to do was use SoT as a base with its core mechanics like walking around your ship and sword to sword combat. Instead they are making a worse Ac black flag

  13. this looks fucking horrible its like a black flag reskin thats just worse

  14. As a mainly Sea of Thieves player, I don't see this as a contester, there's way too many differences, however it looks like an awesome game to go along side it! I'm super excited!!

  15. "Can all be played solo".

    All right, I'll try it for sure now.

  16. Hopefully I can play with friends in a PvE server or something. I quit Sea of Thieves because of PvP nonsense, it's not fun when you're getting chase by bored players who are looking for action while you're trying to enjoy the game.

  17. Sea of theives just needed to stop being lazy and make new items to earn. Ubisoft can smell the weakness!

  18. Rocket launchers on a pirate ship? You have to be kidding me

  19. That’s cool and all, but I want to be able to board a ship and get all close-quarters with my sword, maybe with a more polished version of the AC Unity combat system. It’s too late now 🤷‍♂️

  20. Le personnage principal a aucun style j'espère qu'il ne sera pas obligatoire

  21. The fact it look like you stay on ship allways its very disapointing

  22. Everything described in this trailer sounds so generic. Oh look, you can play with friends, explore, trade, socialize, blah blah blah. Literally every other multiplayer game out there does the same thing. I won't be wasting my time with something that's been done 100 times already.

  23. So… Sea of Thieves mixed with Assassin's Creed Black Flag

  24. Game had potential sadly it was waisted

  25. I think I’ll stick to Sea of Thieves. Maybe even pick up AC: Black Flag just so I can see how badly Ubisoft messed up on development of this game

  26. IS THIS SOMALIA PIRATES, BRITTISH OR CARRIBIEN PIRATES? cmon man Im getting confused here!
    Or do they all just live in a diversity world were they like eachother like chickens without head? Cmon man…
    You are not even genuine anymore..

  27. This makes Sea of Thieves look even better. SoT is so criminally underrated, if you haven’t played it get some friends and hop on it’s such a good game with a lot more content than you would expect.

  28. I’m not a historian but I’m pretty sure they didn’t have rocket pods back then?

  29. I loved black flag and always wanted them to turn it into its own franchise, but part of that enjoyment was the story and also being able to experience a world off of the ship. It felt like a true pirate simulation. Rogue felt a little stale, as though the small pointless collectables, like the Viking sword fragments and other shallow tasks that were there to pad the game from 10 hours to 30 were from an earlier era of gaming that no longer held up. Watching this now, as something that I was so excited about, brings back those stale moments, the padding, rather than the pure immersion, just bigger, that I was hoping for.

  30. it look like PvE for one person playing in singleplayer mode. ROFL i thought its gonna be muittiplayer online .wtf

  31. This is much worse than the first trailer's gameplay was in 2018 😠
    Shame on you Ubisoft.

  32. Black flag looked better than this and it was made in 2014

  33. Sea of thieves with better graphics but worse servers and ironically Africa is in the game but they wont even get a server

  34. So Ubisofts version of Sea of thieves? That’s what I’m seeing 😂 I’ll pass but I’m sure some people will enjoy it. Tho if you try it and find it lacking, try SOT. You will probably enjoy it more.

  35. A realistic pirate game, with rocket launchers, sounds legit to me

  36. Why can't we have a nice game. With a good story, with some trading from port to port and some ship boarding.. Ya know.. Some rpg elemen.. Why do we need far cry 5 the pirate game.. Rocket launchers… Gtfo

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