Skull and Bones Official Release Date Trailer | The Game Awards 2023

Skull and Bones will be released on February 16th, 2024!

Enter the perilous world of Skull and Bones, where you play by your own rules to rise from a nobody to become the most fearsome pirate kingpin. Craft a variety of unique ships, forge unlikely alliances, and take part in thrilling naval battles as you overcome the odds and bring mayhem on the seas. Be part of an immersive world that introduces new challenges and features every season.

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  1. The game still looks like it's coming out in 2017.

  2. Didn’t the beta expose how bad it actually is?? I pre ordered ages ago

  3. Is there hand to hand combat or just ship to ship?

  4. is this jus a more graphically inclined sea of theives

  5. Just give me a galleon or 2 decked ship or a ship of the line then ill play

  6. hopefully the game goes as hard as the trailer song

  7. The trailer they released years ago is nothing like the gameplay is now. I'd watch the gameplay trailers from recent gaming conventions before purchasing. The ship to ship combat looks arcadey and very unrealistic. Not like the immersive trailer they initially launched with which hyped the whole gaming world and anyone in it who loves pirates. My prediction. D. O. A

  8. These sorts of trailers are dog poo.
    They give you no indication of what the game will actually look/play like.

  9. This version of Wellerman is incredible, I hope they release a full version

  10. Where can we get a full version of if the trailer song?

  11. Looking forward to it I just got my invite to participate in the beta on PS5.🥂😎

  12. Looking forward to this, black flag naval but coop RPG sounds a dream for me, loved uncharted waters, hoping this scratches the itch sea of thieves missed

  13. Really appreciate having a female player character shown even though it's a co op game! Love to see it!

  14. It would be so funny if it got delayed again 😂

  15. This game better be amazing when it releases finally. If it ever does.

  16. Ahoy, where is the Full version of this song?! IT BE THEE MOST BLESSED SEA SHANTY THIS PIRATE EVER HEARD ON THEE 7 SEAS

  17. Full version of the traler song is needed !

  18. What is this version of wellerman bro i need it and i need it now

  19. This is going to be a total failure this game

  20. I added this video to my music video playlist. 😅

  21. I wanted the this Weller man version to be released too, it's so chilling hearing it.

  22. The graphics look so nice and I’m excited because from the Lore.

  23. I like the concept… But how are they going to keep it interesting? What do you do in this game?

  24. I still want the full version of this wellerman and its been over a month already

  25. Im actually excited for the game 😅

  26. Honestly, I had a fun time with the beta when it was live and I'm looking forward to release now because of it. Not game of the year by any stretch, but a fun Pirate game in a market where they're stretched thin.

  27. All they had to do is to take base ac black flag and add multiplayer to it

  28. Don't want the game just wanna listen to that song. Anyone knows what it's called?

  29. The younger kid in me remembers that Ubisoft smashed black flag out of the park. So surely pirates is their thing

  30. Ladies and gentlemen pirates of the Caribbean 🏴‍☠️raise the flag says I

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