Skull and Bones – Part 1 – The Beginning

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  1. crew boarding works when u basically hit the other boat

  2. Seems very good so far, but I'm afraid it will get very repetitive at an early stage. I hope not

  3. Probably not a good idea to crew board a ship that's about to BLOW UP. I image it's best to crew board if you only take out the other ship's sails so they can't get away. Seems really fun! Please keep showing us your game play.

  4. When i 1st hear Asnah yatim voice, it sounds like malaysian or singaporean english 😅🤣 its weird but nice to hear

  5. I love this guys MLB the Show gameplays…A few months!!!

  6. This reminds me of the pirate of the caribbean games. I miss it

  7. 15:44 trev remember when you played that VR Shark tank game and you pissed your pants

  8. All bot comments that are postive, only video on youtube like this. He was paid to say good things as well.

  9. Have y’all connected to Ubisoft to get your free rewards? You get some starter loot right off bat.

  10. Love this game play dude!! Keep em comin Trev

  11. Actually try not to like this comment please

  12. Looking forward to this series! Keep up the grind love the videos.

  13. Dude please lower your mic volume and raise in game volume.. nobody wants to hear your Stuart little voice drowning out the audio

  14. Definitely going to stay tuned for this series 🙂
    wish you an amazing day everyone 😁

  15. that fight in the beginning is scripted so the story part off the game is better

  16. This looks a impressive game I hope the whole game can be played single player offline this looks to be closest to pirates of the Caribbean you can get

  17. Assuming the campaign story can be played offline single player can you explore the other countries single player after completing the campaign story

  18. The crew of the ship singing takes me personally back to the Assassin Creed Rogue ship sailing

  19. When you are harpooning hold the trigger for more power and accuracy.

  20. Disney pirates of the Caribbean online is still the best game ever made for pirates. Ship battles, land battles, guns, swords, knives, grenades, and voodoo magic items. No game has come close to that one. It’s a shame they cancelled it and won’t remake it. There’s a fan made version now days. It’s in desperate need of a big development and remaster, bring it to consoles.

  21. 23:10 these look like miniature boats- ive have rarely been excited for ubisoft games… this is not one of them

  22. this game will NEVER compete with sea of thieves……

  23. I don't really understand why the two people who rescues the main character immediately make him their captain.

  24. Can’t even swim yet it’s a sea pirate game ? No thanks

  25. This game has actually been so much more fun than I thought it would be, people were honestly just so quick to hate on it. There is quite a lot to do in it and I've had a lot of fun so far despite some bugs here and there (it's a new game, bugs are to be expected so I'm not too worried about it). I'm excited to see what's added in the future, I'm hoping we even get Large ships like a Galleon sometime soon

  26. I heard this game can't swim is that true?

  27. The would Acacia – "A-Kay-Sha" lol Stoked to see Part 2 Trev!

  28. Yes I am I just got this game and I see some resemblance to sea of thieves

  29. Blacksmith: "A pirates life requires you to swim with sharks".
    No it doesn't you cant swim in this game.

  30. Honestly surprised you don’t play or haven’t tried monster hunter! I think you’ll like it if you like this

  31. this game reminds me of black flags. but black flags is my 2nd favorite ubisoft game of all time with only siege beating it

  32. Just started playing this today. Not entirely sure how i feel about it. The pacing is slow and the early combat was pretty lackluster.

  33. The graphics are better than Sea of Thieves . . . But the gameplay is disapointing , SoT is far from perfect so its a shame they could not do something better or at the minimum the same

  34. I know this is late but its said as akasha even though its spelt Acacia

  35. 42:49 If you were wondering this is the song lyrics
    Yo ho yo ho
    The seas forever roll
    Yo ho yo ho
    The winds forever blow
    Long after I’ve met Davy Jones
    Till I’m naught skull and bones
    Yo ho

  36. yeah i think you need to slow down and stop to crew board.

    common sense Tmar, common sense.

  37. Heard a lot of people slam this game, I for one am having a blast with it. There is room for improvement, but its fun.

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