SKULL AND BONES PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (FULL GAME)

Skull and Bones Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Full Gameplay Review, Character Creation and Campaign Story Mission 1 of Skull and Bones 2024 Single Player Story Campaign for PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X and PC. Skull and Bones Game Walkthrough Part 1 will include a Review, All Ships, Ship Customization, Cosmetics, Reaction, Max Infamy, Main Missions, Side Missions, Cinematics, Cut Scenes, OST, Story Missions and all Single Player Campaign Missions and the Ending. Thanks Ubisoft for the Full Game of Skull and Bones.


Skull and Bones is an action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Singapore and published by Ubisoft. The game is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Skull and Bones is a tactical action game set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective. Players take control of a customizable pirate ship, and may choose to sail the ocean by themselves and set off on a single-player campaign, or gather up other players to ally in player versus player gameplay in Disputed Waters.


  1. The first time i saw you was a 10+ hour video on transit in bo2 or the survival on the starting area. I think normal transit tho. Saw it and was like this guys insane playing for 10+ hours 😂
    Was years and years ago

  2. I hope this is just a multi-player mode and not the entire game.

  3. I remember watching you play Ryse son of Rome when that came out

  4. You're my favourite gamer I started watching you in 2015 when I was 5 love you 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  5. Bro it won’t even give me the option to disembark, watched this to see if I’m doing something wrong and I’m doing the exact same thing😂

  6. I recommend you play Sea of Thieves! So much stuff to do, lots of customization options, really realistic + nice artstyle. Def the best pirate game there is

  7. Add a comment… dashboard???

  8. Why people spread so much negativity about this game I was curious but only because no exploration.

  9. Thanks for codes and Gameplay Brad

  10. Who picks the game for u to do the video on

  11. They are so dumb. Instead of just polishing the AC4 naval combat…always tryna be special and unique

  12. Shittest thing that if you wanna play this u have to have a ps plus subscription though it's a story mode game

  13. I've watched your videos for 12 years. Wow how time flies. Lol. Still love your content. Nvr stop. 😊

    PS: Hearing your daughters voice is so adorable! Kinda threw me off at first. But she sounds sooo cute.❤

  14. I've literally only just found you in the last 4 or so months, but have watched other gamers for a couple of years (daz games, fisk, fooster, hollow etc) but most of the time they don't play the full games except fooster and fisk playing green hell and sons of the forest! I think daz black played uncharted fully. I absolutely love your content with the story lines esp dead island 2, days gone, resident evil 4.. zombie games are just the best along with horror games! Looks like I'll be watching years of your previous content. Do you think you'll ever play scum? Or mist? You may have done already but scum seems to be getting so much better with all the updates etc I shall browse through your historic content and probably find more juicy stuff. As a 42 year old I was there when spectrum came out and the atari and commodore etc then Nintendo and later the ps1 game into action so I'm familiar with gaming since young age. I desperately want a gaming pc but even half decent ones are at least £1k here but I do currently have xbox series x and tempted to get into something gory.
    Keep up with your content its awesome mate! 😊

  15. Assassin's creed black flag bootleg

  16. 36:27 "Planned maintenance in 1 hour" sorry what? this single player game requires an internet connection just like breakpoint? the one main thing literally everyone hated about breakpoint?

  17. The first issue I see is the boat handling. For a game built around piloting a boat, the mechanics seem wonky and almost too snappy

  18. See if it was like a good open world pirate game that you can actually move around on your own ship and do whatever you want. This game will be good.

  19. infamous second son when it came out 💀

  20. First video I’ve watched of yours but will be back! 🤙🏻

  21. I came across Brad in 2021( aged 23), and I believe I was watching a Spider-Man game at the time. Now it's 2024( aged 26), and I'm watching Brad play this Pirate game….

  22. I started watching you in 2011 when you played Skyrim and I’ve loved your channel ever since. I’m 26 now

  23. always much love to you my friend. I call you that bcuz lets face it, after more than a decade, you've become family to me 😉

  24. Hello Brad my name is shamim I have started seeing your video believe in or not at your first game dead space, you played I believe the second part rather then the first.
    I am not a open person sort of thing i just like your videos, I stay at the sidelines lol
    And happy birthday I know am late but was in hospital.

  25. Found it bout. Tear ago believe it was rdr2 walkthrough

  26. found your channel in 2013 when GTA 5 premiered 🙂 love from india <3

  27. Shipwright: Builds you a boat called “Rammer”

    Also Shipwright: Mocks you for not having cannons and ramming ships.

    Edit: Also, you mention references to other games but I’m pretty sure the legendary pirate set is the clothing of Blackbeard in black flags. The fuses under the hat and multiple flintlocks are major Blackbeard features.

    Also also: my daughters favorite movie was also kung fu panda. We were forced to listen to all the way from New Jersey to Florida and back on repeat. It was very rough. I used to be able to quote the movie without even seeing it. Still a great movie though. Lol.

  28. i find this channel with horizon zero dawn 7 years ago

  29. Came across your YouTube channel my son know that I love Black flag and it hasn't been a awesome new pirate game and he told me to check this out I don't have an Xbox a new one I'm 50 something years old LOL yes I'm old but we're going through some stuff but I want a new Xbox and they have one at the pawn shop and I'm going to try to put it on layaway after we get through what we're going with my wife leukemia and I'm going to try to get it and when I do I'm going to get this game cuz it looks so awesome you got a new subscriber and like I'm going to watch these videos on this game thanks man❤

  30. There was a scroll in the broken ship you got the telescope from. Not sure if anyone else saw it lol. I saw it glowing as you were running out of the ship

  31. It would have been a cool game if it was a little bit more realistic.

  32. Uncharted: A Thief’s End! 6 years ago!

  33. Found you in 2017 when resident evil 7 was popping off thank you for the journey and just being here in general love ya Brad thank you for all the memories

  34. Seems like a cool game. I just wished your character talked. It's so awkward when your character goes to talk to someone and acts mute.

  35. This may be late but I’ve been watching you from the very beginning of your channel. Every game I couldn’t afford or was unsure of, I would watch you play it beforehand.

  36. Just found your channel today just recently got into skull and bones I love sea of thieves. Glad there are pirate games to play. It’s different but not a bad game at all in my opinion. Don’t know if the Xbox copy is gone but if not I could use it I’m on Ubisoft + atm

  37. I found you when AC 3 came out I'm 26 now lol I can't remember what year or how old I was but I've been watching you for a fair while

  38. Appreciate all the likes and support you drop on this one! I don't know how much of a story this game has but I'd love to find out.
    Part 2 is up!

    Had some extra codes for whoever sees this.

    Xbox: 9KV39-DHG3H-JV7W2-DT7FW-WWKMZ
    PS5: QXFE-97XP-5RBC

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