Skull and Bones: The Game Awards Trailer

Skull and Bones will be released on February 16th, 2024!
Pre-order available now:
Play up to 3 days early with the Premium Edition, or by subscribing to Ubisoft+.

Music by 2WEI
© Copyright: 2023 Ubisoft Music
℗ Production: 2023 Ubisoft Music

About Skull and Bones:
Enter the perilous world of Skull and Bones, where you play by your own rules to rise from a nobody to become the most fearsome pirate kingpin. Craft a variety of unique ships, forge unlikely alliances, and take part in thrilling naval battles as you overcome the odds and bring mayhem on the seas. Be part of an immersive world that introduces new challenges and features every season.

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  1. Guess I’m the only one excited for this

  2. Reeks cash grab after many many delays. The Six hours limit is pretty much the game loop. The pre orders to play early pretty much suckered FOMO! Game mechanics is lame and mobile like.. shame..

  3. For those who didnt play the beta, this is like World of Warships, but in pirate and wooden sailing ships cosmetics with lots of micro transactions.

  4. This is like a cheap copy of assassin's Creed Rogue

  5. Idk Ubisoft, I don’t trust you anymore. Maybe, after full investigation of the reviews I’ll buy your game, but not sure. Game looks less interesting that ac4 bf

  6. This game looks like a dream for me. There is just one big problem that has me nervous and it starts with Ubi…

  7. Skull and bones is literally sea of thieves on steroids and better graphics and I love it

  8. They will f*** this up. It's inevitable. It is already so far from the game that was promised. Completely disappointed in ubisoft yet again

  9. I'm so afraid that my love for sea shanties will exclude any reasoning in case of this game… please make it at least mediocre and add lots of sea shanties

  10. ill never forget the day when everyone talked trash about this game 😂

  11. So, no sword fighting? like ac black flag? nuh!

  12. February can’t get here fast enough. I’m really looking forward to sailing the open sea again! 🏴‍☠️

  13. I dont give two shits about the game but that rendition of Wellerman? Phenominal

  14. Going to be the BIGGEST flop in Ubisoft history.

  15. Can you guys add ship boarding literally everyone wants it at least give us that

  16. the song is gonna be the only thing successful about this game

  17. Great game to buy in Summer sales for 30-50% discount

  18. Is this game only releasing on andriod ? or is it on apple as well ?

  19. This music OMG!!!! plz tell me the real title! 😀

  20. Whats the name of the creator that did this remix?

  21. Hahahhaha 70€ for this 😂
    I cant even control my avatar use the blade or a gun this game sucks and its not even on playstore 10 years to launch it

  22. 80 euros c'est trop cher pour un jeu moyen. Faut revoir vos prix les mecs.

  23. it will be cool if somehow you can find a sunken going merry or thousand sunny as a collaboration between Skull and Bones and One Piece.

  24. Absolute trash, before any of you make a purchase or pre-order I highly recommend you quickly YouTube some reviews on this game, at first when I got wind of this game I was thinking “I’m going to buy this game RIGHT NOW!” And once I dug a bit deeper I learned quite fast that there’s absolutely no way I’m wasting my hard earned money and most importantly my time on this game, please look into the details of this game everyone, I recommend you look into (Dune Awakening) and (Under a Rock), those are two games I’m really looking forward to playing.

  25. Yo-ho…
    Thieves and beggars…

  26. This game looks great. I'm a little bummed about the lack of actual ship boarding, but if they nail the ship combat i don't really care. Ship variety and open world oceans with multiplayer is what im hoping for.

  27. FIRE IN THE HOLE❗❗🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥🔥💥

  28. this is probably the best gametrailer i have ever seen

  29. I'm hoping against hope that this game will be great. I've been wanting a realistic pirate game for a long time.

  30. Best pirate game of the year lol this game my rate is a 4.5/10

  31. I played a lot of Seafight when i was a child.
    So i wish ubisoft made amazing pve and pvp mmo rpg game with skull and bones like Division so i can sail again.

  32. I’ve watched this trailer 80 times already, help! Please release the song!

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