Skull and Bones: The Game Awards Trailer

Skull and Bones will be released on February 16th, 2024!
Pre-order available now:
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Music by 2WEI
© Copyright: 2023 Ubisoft Music
℗ Production: 2023 Ubisoft Music

About Skull and Bones:
Enter the perilous world of Skull and Bones, where you play by your own rules to rise from a nobody to become the most fearsome pirate kingpin. Craft a variety of unique ships, forge unlikely alliances, and take part in thrilling naval battles as you overcome the odds and bring mayhem on the seas. Be part of an immersive world that introduces new challenges and features every season.

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  1. This looks like Ubisoft is trying to rip off sea of thieves

  2. Why is this Wellerman better than the original?

  3. Are people really excited about this game after 10 years. If it's not perfect, that will suck and wasted everyone's time and money

  4. Not going to lie, gives me sea of thieves vibes XD but if they focus on the pvp part more

  5. Is ubisoft trying to say that black people are pirates/thieves??

  6. where can I find the full version of the Wellerman cover, it is the most epic creation in existence, and I do not say that lightly.

  7. I see this game takes place in a dystopian setting where everyone in the world suffers from facial paralysis. interesting choice

  8. Hmm I’ll probably watch clips or. Cutscenes of this on YouTube I don’t think I could spend a lot of money for mainly just driving a ship

  9. Loved the betas , can't wait for this badboy!

  10. Ubisoft knew that if they put a killer song in the trailer people would just watch the video on repeat….and they were right.

  11. Really hope we get to fight the Kraken and perhaps a ship like the Flying Dutchman that sinks at will, those would be amazing ngl.

  12. I've been so hyped ever since Ubisoft first showed it. That was at E3 in 2018

  13. Hey ubisoft fans want full version of this song. In this variant.

  14. While I am afraid this will just fall over and flail on the floor, the naval combat still has me hooked, I loved the AC naval combat system to death and considering this feels like a spiritual successor, I will fight and die on this ocean if I have to.

  15. They've been working on this since 2015 or 2016 theres not going to be any middle ground on this game.

  16. This game looks amazing, but I am only watching this for the song.

  17. Ubisoft, I must say, as someone who loves pirate theme games and being able to sail across the seven seas and everything, you really screwed this game up by adding semi auto weapons, no hand to hand combat, not being able to go board other ships and explore their shipwreck and take over that way, or even being able to walk around your own ship. I mean what have you guys done in the 10 years ya'll worked on this? Nothing as far as I'm concerned. We're able to somehow farm resources from our ship without leaving, have semi auto weapons in the 1700's and not even be able to walk around. Sea of thieves is a way better game than this because you can do everything I just listed and way better than this. I really hope that if I pay $60 dollars for this game, that you guys do some major updates and changes. One of them being able to walk around your boat and get on and off and go on land and farm resources that way. OR even being able to walk around others ships when boarding them. We know you can do better than this Ubisoft so please, please, PLEASE! Do better than this.

  18. HYPED FOR PC RELEASE… epic games store exclusive

  19. f u Ubisoft fo teasing me 10 years with this game. The fact that you have the GUTS to make this a preorder is a insult to the fanbase.

  20. Nathan evans better step up his game for this video game trailer song

  21. Just cross fingers of what to hype in quality of this ad so much

  22. Looks pretty ight but is there gory well designed melee combat or they just jerkin me off here

  23. It says made by 2wei but i looked it up and this is the only place to find this version of this song

  24. Ngl this looks great….BUT it’s Ubisoft so it will probably be just like the mobile pirate ship games

  25. We were really hoping for a first person blackflag with less assassins and more pirating.
    This is like the pirates of the Caribbean movies but all the actors just stood on a ship.

  26. Anyone know who did this cover for Wellerman? It slaps pretty good!

  27. Just another one boring mobile grinding trash with microtransaction

  28. So you make a pirate game and leave out 50% of what it is to be a pirate… cool

  29. Now let's get away from the game, just give me the soundtrack.

  30. They are still just a bunch of pirates. No matter jow they present themselves.
    They are and forever Low Lives.

  31. Can I just say that this version of Wellerman is… wow… love it!!

  32. 10 years of work and it's still garbage don't even bother releasing it so it can fail

  33. Je veux la version longue de la musique ❤❤❤

  34. This video is longer than people playtime on this game

  35. If it looks and smells like 💩. IT IS 💩!!

  36. 2WEL needs to make a full version of this song! This song is sick!


  38. Black flag was better 10 years ago. Hope you like the music trailer its probably the best part of the game.

  39. Guess I’m the only one excited for this

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