Skull and Bones (Ubisoft Pirates Game) PS4 Reveal Trailer | PlayStation 4 | E3 2017

Ubisoft’s just announced a new pirates game for the PS4 named Skull and Bones. Here’s the cinematic reveal trailer.

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  1. online only bollocks its all the crap bits from assisins creed. man ubi soft are losing it

  2. I was really excited but then they said it's multiplayer only. Man I wanted a nice single player game 🙁

  3. I luved Black Flag. always hoping on an over the top pirate game with sea monsters amd everything. would love that

  4. FINALLY, Ubisoft can keep their boats out of my Assassins Creed games and put them in their own thing… Goddamnit AC Origins is probably going to have boat stuff too lol.

  5. anyone know the version of the songs/song used in this video?

  6. No woman would ever be a captain and no man would find one good enough to be a leader, they'd be used as a sex slave and be left to rot once they got older. I mean, that's from a historian point of view.

  7. I am a huge black flag fan. And was hoping for this game for years!
    I think I'm gonna make my goal to be the best player in the world in this. Hope its on PC too.

  8. According to Youtube, this game is Resident Evil Revelations!

  9. let's survey a bunch of people about there interest in a particular genre and then make a game in that genre, but not the game anybody wanted. then when it fails it's the public's fault. This will fail.

  10. I don't like singleplayer games that much like if you agree

  11. I hope you can actually change your ship into an better ship unlike AC Black Flag

  12. Can't wait for Ubisoft to ruin another good idea

  13. never been that big of a pirates fan, but dang, this game looks so good! 😀

  14. The whole time I was like, “There better be a fucking Kraken!” – BEHOLD! There is one!

  15. Multiplayer only is a bit shit but a pirate game on a console that actually lets you role play as a pirate is pretty cool. I just wish more games like legend of black cat for ps2 where made. Giving you the option of seeking out treasures, plundering other ships, attacking ports. I’ve never seen another game made like legend of black cat, it was a single player game with loads of exploration, you could upgrade your ship, sail the seas, plunder ports and other ships and explore islands seeking out treasures. If they did something along those lines I’d be buying it day of release

  16. so its black flag on crack without Edward kenway

  17. Doesn't look bad at all, but I'm still waiting for a single-player pirate RPG. Sailing around Skellige Isles in The Witcher 3 is one of the most fun parts. The perils of being on sea in a fragile boat, and the discovery of new islands, dangerous as they are beautiful. The promise of treasure at every turn, that is if you can best the challenges that await you. If someone could make a single-player pirate game consisting of those sections, it would be incredible.

  18. it’s coming out in 2018!

  19. Will this ever come out. If it has then I can't find it

  20. Is is still coming out Ps4 or just next Gen systems cause it looks amazing

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