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Skull & Bones (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S) is Ubisoft’s long-awaited online pirate game. How is it? Let’s talk.
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  1. If this would’ve came out 7 years ago it’d be fine

  2. Games are more expensive than they've been in my lifetime, and it isn't excusable that for many of these games since the last generation from star wars battlefront to nba 2k to this that there is always an older game made by the same studio or by the same IP that has miles more byway of features and actual game to play

  3. We got skull and bones before gta 6😭😭

  4. So it's Sid Meier's Pirates! but it's first person now an not strategy based, more resource collection and no fun. And no real Piracy were you board a ship take on the captain and sometimes you storm a port and can take it for yourself or gain favor with the faction that is helping you reach your true potential As the Infamous Pirate: Anonymous Incognito!

  5. It is 100 percent fair to compare this to black flag. The reasons: this was made by the same dev team, and it began as a DLC to black flag and they decided it was good enough to be its own game. So these people know how to do it and even had the framework in place when development began. There is NO EXCUSE to be missing features.

  6. Puzzle Pirates is the goat of pirate games

  7. Funny how the first aaaa game is a mobile game wanna be

  8. This and Suicide squad is an example of developers being lazy and slapping paying customers on the face whilst begging for money.

  9. This game looks so boring and bland. They had everything they needed to make a great pirate game in AC4 Black Flag. Instead, they gut it and we are left with this trash. You said somewhere in the video "devoid of a soul and life" something like that anyway. I feel like that pretty much sums up most modern games. It's easy to tell when publishers are only interested in sucking as much money out of us as possible. When that is the priority over a great player experience, the quality always suffers. The fact that they are trying to call this a AAAA game is ridiculous! I've seen indie games look and play so much better. Do better Ubisoft. You will get none of my money.

  10. A really good pirate game is that Treasure Planet one for PC

  11. As soon he said ubisoft i knew it will be mostly a bad game

  12. I feel like even a game that simply dabbles in pirate activities, like Kingdom Hearts 3, has a better idea of what its pirate “identity” wants to be than this game. It was only for one world, and the ship upgrades were pretty rudimentary, but damn it if I didn’t have a blast sailing the Carribbean with Donal, Goofy, and Jack Sparrow. There was even underwater exploration and ship boarding, and at least eight small to mid size islands to find secrets on. One of my more enjoyable video game sections to be sure.

  13. tbh I just don't want to play a game with bl@ck pirates, sue me

  14. Sounds like a game to wait for the 50% off sale. Thanks for the review.

  15. "dumbed down version of black flag" just broke my heart. I've been wanting a game emulating black flags sea combat for sooooooo longgggg. I loved that game. But the sea combat didn't need to be "dumbed down"…it was perfect.

  16. What is it with game development releasing half the game for full price these days?

  17. ubisoft's game always good, but it's such a wasted potential, it can be better, but they don't want it or something

  18. it seems like a way worse sid meiers pirates but with fancy graphics….

  19. I just wish their was normal combat as well and not just naval

  20. its not a pirate game. Its a pirate SHIP game. Don't confuse that.

    Its a ship game with pirate decals.

  21. Majority of gamers have real lives, I feel disrespected when I have to clock into a game to play it and grind for resources and loot in such a linear boring manner.

  22. I want a modern version of pirates of the burning sea with sword combate similar to black flag

  23. Pirates have sword fights and not just ship fights. If I wanted to play a ship only combat I would play War Thunder. If they add sword fighting I'll be interested. I mean he'll they made For Honor. Add that combat style to the game as well as ship combat. Also I like the idea as all my friends in ship instead of everyone getting their own ship. Everyone having their own ship has no sense of camaraderie. That is why I like Sea of Thieves. Everyone has a job to do or not. I will say I hate the hand to hand combat in sea of thieves but it's better than no having one.

  24. Bro this is the most lenient review of a game I've seen like I will outright say this game is TRASH like I played Black Flag which was released 11 YEARS AGO !!! by the way and its a better pirate game then this how on earth does a company downgrade so much if I was a shareholder I would be piss as hell.

  25. I never thought in a million years gameranx would release a "before you buy" for skull & bones. But even at the end of the day, i see no protagonists to care about….

  26. Ubi-Schwab: "You'll own nothing and be happy"

    Anyone that buys this game is clinically brain-dead.

  27. They said it would be like AC4BF but they changed it still a ship combat game but still

  28. My understanding, people wanted Sea of Theives PVE instead of the toxic pvp mess it is. I dont think skull and bones ever said it was that, so the main issue is the price really and players putting their wrong expectations on it.

  29. Sounds like I should stick to Far Cry and Assassins Creed for now…

  30. They absolutely sent this out to die because of the Singapore thing.

  31. This game completely lost me at the comment "a dumbed down version of Black Flag" in relation to sea combat as, though fairly enjoyable, Black Flag's naval combat was already incredibly simplistic… And who the hell thought boarding actions being nothing more than a cutscene was a good idea?! Even Sid Meier's pirates at least turned this into a mini-game and that's decades old!

  32. I almost bought this watching this until you said boarding is just a cutscene. Lost my money.

  33. AC Black flag remaster is going to be awesome!

  34. i playe a pirate MMORPG like 15 years ago that was pretty muchthis game but better…. it lever lasted… the fact those days of MMOs are more or less gone makes me sad.

  35. I agree with Jake, I am personally having fun with it but it is indeed lacking in a lot of aspects. It can potentially become better, I will stay for whenever that happens.

  36. Crazy idea take red dead redemption and make it into a pirate game that would be insane

  37. So 10 years later they release a dumb down version of Black Flag 🏴‍☠️ whats wrong with game makers? I dont get it can someone explain

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