Skull & Bones VS. Sea of Thieves: Two VERY DIFFERENT Pirate Games | Polygon @ E3 2018

Simone got a chance to go hands-on with Skull & Bones this E3 and while the inevitable comparisons to Sea of Thieves will be drawn, one thing IS certain: these are two very different pirate games.

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  1. “Game play is static… you don’t really run into enemy npc.” That’s funny because every time I am trying to get stuff done I get Skelly gally , megladon, kraken trifecta out of nowhere.

  2. The best pirate game? One piece burning blood…

  3. is skull and bones just ubisoft takin the best elements from ac black flag??

  4. Not trying to hate, Sea of Thieves came out this year. Mar 20, 2018.

  5. Okay but Skull and Bones is literally just a modded version of AC black flag. :/

  6. Well, you know what they say…Sea sails……..

  7. Actually, Sea Of Thieves wasn't launched last year, but this one, on march 20th, 2018.

  8. Everyone knows the best pirate game is Wind Waker

  9. If Skull & Bones has content, it is already a better game.

  10. Yeah we get it. This lady likes skull and Bones better than SOT. Great.

  11. Dont forget to mention that you cant walk around on your ship or anywhere else in skull and bones.

  12. She would not like to mention that sea of thieves is not a game not to include upgrades. The games combat is pretty balanced and fun because it is more about skill and teamwork than upgrades and ships with different abilities. With the two ships in sea of thieves, you and your friends could come up with new and interesting strategies because the ships are so simple to take care if you have a good crew, it also feels so good when you sink an enemy ship after a hard fought battle, which is great because a player would know that they didn't sink them because they had a stronger ship or better abilities than the other player, but because their skill and teamwork outmatched the enemy which shows the player that they are a better pirate than their foes.

  13. So…. Skull & Bones is basically Assassin’s Creed Black Flag made into a MMO.

  14. i don't get what's all this comparison fuss about – if there are hundreds of world war FPSs, i think we can have two or three similar pirate games, don't we?

  15. I'm probably all alone in this, but I'd love to see a mainstream sail-combat game about anything other than "golden age" pirate stuff. I know that's what the culture has an easy existing language for but there's so much more out there that could be super interesting.

  16. Thank god for Skull and Bones, Sea of thieves is such a dead game… wide like the ocean, deep as a puddle just like no man's sky

  17. Oh. S&B’s gameplay is nothing at all like SoT’s; I did not expect that! Looks like you play as… the ship. I don’t think that’s what I want, but, that’s cool. Seems like it’s chock-full of high-octane action, albeit totally unrealistic (Other than the “gritty” realistic look). Weird that SoT has the (Slightly) more realistic version of pirate battles. I guess I would’ve known this if I’d heard that S&B was just gonna be AC: Black Flag’s ship combat! Seems like that would get stale for me really quickly, but it sure does look cool.

  18. If Sea of Thieves were on Steam, I'd totally play it. But as it is, I'm more likely to go with Skull & Bones.

  19. WTf is even the point of comparing those 2 games ? –'.. Is Polygon aware of what those games (and their gameplay) are about before trying to compare them ?

    It's like comparing Sim City and Starcraft . .

  20. Thanks for doing a vs video that doesn’t simply pit the games against each other😊

  21. Sea of Thieves is sooooooooo much better looking.
    And are those rapid fire cannons? I hope it's not rapid fire cannons, that would just be dumb.

  22. The way he says is that she prefers skulls and bones more

  23. I loved AC4 Black Flag, but a game that is 100% of that game's ship combat, with none of the boarding and so on, seems kinda dull. Sea of Thieves could use more things to do, and it's slowly getting them, but I have to say the core of what SoT is just strikes me as a more compelling "pirate" experience than what S&B is aiming for.

    It feels like Ubisoft kinda misunderstood what people liked about the ship-related stuff in AC4. Yeah the combat was fun enough – but it was having your own hidden base you could wander around in, and being able to swing over with your cutlass to board other ships, etc.

  24. So world of warships pirate edition p2win 😒 vs Sea of no content 😒

  25. Wow she doesnt care that in skull and bones ur ship is npcs in sea of thieves ur ship is full of real people i feel sea of thieves has more freedom

  26. Skull & Bones looks more like a ship steering game. Game physics look nothing compared to Sea of Thieves and you can't even explore and go on land.

  27. Honestly after seeing more about Skull & Bones it looks more like World of Warships or a game like that. Its more of an Arcade game and has very little immersion. Where as Sea of Thieves has a sense of exploration of mystery about it, especially to new players. I doubt you'll ever fight a Kraken or a Megaladon in Skull & Bones, and no matter how good the lore is, I don't think it will create lasting memories like Sea of Thieves can when you get caught by a Kraken while fighting a Skeleton Ship and just before you are about to win, a player Galleon swoops in to sink you. Memories that will make you want to rage and ones that will make you feel so satisfied when you do succeed.

    Sea of Thieves is near impossible to play Solo now. I wish they had Solo servers where the threats were just a little more toned down and more rare.

  28. Yeah; one exist, the other don't. Very different indeed

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