Skyrim Mods: Val Serano – Pirate Follower & Romance – Part 5

Well he’s certainly the most well dressed pirate I’ve ever known.

Val Serano – Pirate Custom Voiced Follower and Quest Adventure:

Disclaimer: The following video is suited for a mature audience, and not intended for children. The games played on this channel, and thus the videos uploaded to it, are of a mature nature.

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Hi guys, I’m George from Zero Period Productions. I’m a content creator across YouTube and Twitch. Here on YouTube I’m best known for playing The Elder Scrolls games, most notably Skyrim and its various quest mods. I’ve been playing games since I was 9 and have always wanted to be a part of the games industry. Being a creator is my way of trying to contribute something to it.

Skyrim Mods: Val Serano – Pirate Follower & Quests – Part 4

Zero Period Productions

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  1. "Diddle me timbers" – oh, thank you for that, George. 🀣 That slew me.

  2. As much as I adore this mod I cant get that quest to start. I got the kids option in his dialogue but nothing happens after that and I cant find anything that suggests a solution either so I am not sure on what to do at this point

  3. YES! Jespar. Super! Like the way they talk, sound, and their outlook in life too. Now I may need to play Enderal after watching this. Haha

  4. πŸ‘πŸΌ πŸ‘πŸΌ πŸ‘πŸΌ THIS IS THE ROMANCE I WANT IN SKYRIM. im loving this lil series so far!

  5. 16:02 probably not that much weirder than say, the VAs for the companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 watching people romance the characters they voiced. And that game has sex scenes and full frontal nudity in it sooooo

  6. Idk George, I think you could definitely pull off that outfit πŸ˜„

  7. I like this mod a lot, only complaint (for a personal playthough) is it looks a little too scripted for my taste ;p

  8. That reminds me… I have not done a new Skyrim VR series for a while. I would be very curious to see you play it. If you need ideas on good mods to use, let me know. One thing is for sure… no updates for our version. LOL. (well other than the VR ESL thing anyway)



    I love how you are interpreting all the fade to black to just constant sex lmao. Makes Val a… frisky guy.

    And yeaaaaaaaaaaaa it was just a coincidence you were in Whiterun from what I know πŸ˜› Axarien will leave a comment I'm sure explaining it.

    God all the romance lines are hitting me like a truck hahahaha

    Definitely was proud of the romance line I did when regarding his complicated past with lovers. There are definitely some romance lines I will spoil:

    Be a werewolf and romance him. You won't regret it 🀣

  10. I'm not fan of mods with this much romance, but I'll admit that this mod is rather amusing XD At least this one is voice acted well. Your commentary is great on this one too.

  11. 15:40 Oh Very surreal. It feels weird the fact that I grew up watching you, only to get romancable roleplay with you! πŸ˜† Most other times it is fans that are like "Val is dreamy, here is a fan fiction of him I made" and I think it is wholesome and sweet. I can see often thanks to how VA works, that people are not OBSESSED with ME, they are obsessed with the CHARACTER I voiced. That said I been doing my own playthrough of Val for expansion purposes in helping Ax as well as doing a platonic play and I am also whip lashed by how much that character has a life of it's own. I scarce ever can pick out that his voice is my voice, and I am not saying that to brag. Axarien did an incredible job directing me.

    I think Voice work in this alien field I am in, is pretty flexible. If say, I really did not want more googly eyes on my voice for whatever reason, there is plenty of creative ventures that offer that.

    I also in real life am very opposite on the life spectrum of me when it comes to experiences. So Val was a lot of me going outside my comfort zone. Without spoiling the video I am making on how I did Val, he had me dig deep into life changing events and themes of redemption and guilt so I think a lot of my passion came from an almost therapeutic relationship with him. This is a long and winded way of saying, that this whole project I did was probably the most life changing one I received. No joke.

    Hope you enjoyed reading, and I loved watching this episode!!!!

  12. At least Val can read signs.

    IRL I would've been like, "Oh, that's a nice necklace! Anyways let's kill a dragon!"

  13. Hi, creator of Val here πŸ˜€ Really enjoyed this one. I often describe my mod as having characters that take themselves very seriously, but the mod itself does not take itself seriously! I absolutely cracked up at the jokes about it only being 5 minutes. Poor Val πŸ˜€ I did think about setting the game hour, but everyone playing survival mode would hate that, so there are always trade offs to immersion!
    Without spoiling too much, if you choose to kill Tarek in the mutineers encounter, there is a different "boss" character during the rescue of Fathis and Wicked Game.

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