SocksFor1 Makes This Dumb Pirate game 2000% Funnier

SocksFor1 Makes This Dumb Pirate game 2000% Funnier

Today we played dread hunger and it was the funniest thing ever

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  1. You are a jerk to socks but I'll be nice to him and probably give him a couple thousand dollars

  2. Meme's laugh though!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. me seeing the thumbnail: YES SPTHEY FINALLY DID SEA OF THIEV-
    Me after clicking: bull crap.

  4. This is definitely bois messing with guns and betrayal….

    Also TbhDrippy. Heh, what

  5. 10:58 tbh: shoots socksfor1 even though he’s already dead
    Also tbh: dies “aight this is a good time to end the video. Nobody can see me die.”

  6. Noo…TBH he made this dumb pirate game even dumber Btw love your videos ❤️

  7. Laff: finds light object “Nadwe!” Throws him

  8. Nobody:
    Not a single soul:
    Ssundee after seeing this:
    I suddenly have a new idea.


  9. Socks: "He was a very fine lady."
    Also Socks: "So we all prefer the opposite sex?!"

  10. Nadwe getting killed in the starting.I feel sorry for him.

  11. Did Socks say "HE was a very fine LADY"?

  12. Why Is all of them Killinf Those other Guys Or seals

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