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Are you ready for some scary sonic.exe games?
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Outro Song
Track: The Hipsta – Shaken Soda
Music provided by Ninety9Lives
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  1. Lol not pretty much most of the comments saying first 😂

  2. Hubby uhh ugh bbq ink exe

  3. I was actually thinking about doing that but thanks for letting me know so sonic doesn't crash my PC.

  4. due to the epicness i wanna pirate more

  5. Amy Rose & Archie Sonic Play & Poems YT & More says:

    Excellent video linx 4.

  6. MSMPREDICTIONMEME,7.7B views,joined 3 seconds ago says:

    What if you have to go through the floor to continue?

  7. Based off the thumbnail it looks like sonic.exe but 2 times scarier.

  8. I’m suprised the owner of this didn’t get copy righted by sega 😐

  9. Tails.exe: I'lL kill yOur pC!!!1!!

  10. Linx 4 do i roll down in the deep when my brain goes numb

  11. Sonic.ERR: ”Ah yes. A worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary.”

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