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Are you ready for some scary sonic.exe games?
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Outro Song
Track: The Hipsta – Shaken Soda
Music provided by Ninety9Lives
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  1. The game Just glitch bro 🤔??
    Hmmm bro is still glitch in the ground

  2. This is the next ever Sonic.exe game that is scarier than any other Sonic.exe game and video horror series or something cuz it makes sure you poop your pants

  3. Lol not pretty much most of the comments saying first 😂

  4. Hubby uhh ugh bbq ink exe

  5. I was actually thinking about doing that but thanks for letting me know so sonic doesn't crash my PC.

  6. due to the epicness i wanna pirate more

  7. Amy Rose & Archie Sonic Play & Poems YT & More says:

    Excellent video linx 4.

  8. MSMPREDICTIONMEME,7.7B views,joined 3 seconds ago says:

    What if you have to go through the floor to continue?

  9. Based off the thumbnail it looks like sonic.exe but 2 times scarier.

  10. I’m suprised the owner of this didn’t get copy righted by sega 😐

  11. Tails.exe: I'lL kill yOur pC!!!1!!

  12. Linx 4 do i roll down in the deep when my brain goes numb

  13. Sonic.ERR: ”Ah yes. A worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary.”

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