That time Disney cancelled an AMAZING Pirate game…

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Intro: 0:00
Turok: 2:50
Earning Disney’s Trust: 4:54
Gameplay And Systems: 6:48
Cancellation: 11:21
Conclusion: 17:00
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  1. The 08 torok demo was so much fun and I wanted that game so bad. Still never got to play it

  2. Wtf how does Luke not know what Turok is?????

  3. One Disney games IP I’d love to see again is split/second game was a great racing game

  4. Imagine it’s announced we’re finally getting a Pirates of the Caribbean game…

    And it turns out Disney handed development to Ubisoft.

  5. Don't know when it was…but i think it was on the PS1 there was a pirates of the Caribbean game…. God I'm getting old…

  6. I wouldn't have played it because it's Disney. Never cared for that company and wouldn't mind if it disappeared forever. I watched a lot of videos lately about the strikes going on and woke Hollywood and what Disney did to IP's they purchased. I said from the start that they only use them up and throw them away when they're not profitable anymore and sadly, seems like I was right.
    Anyhow, I too would love to see an interesting pirate game so let us hope we get it one day. Love you Luke and your content. Keep on being great and stay healthy <3

  7. I didn't think it was possible, given all the trash movies being released in recent years by this company, but I'm disliking Disney even more after watching this video!😂 What a shame! This game looked great!😭

  8. I wish we could have got this game 🤩

  9. Micky is criminally under utilized in KH. He only shows up in the last cut scene of the first game.

  10. I mean , u can do this in Black desert online where u can build ur own ship and also have sea bosses or pirates and they even have a pirate / mermaid class along with crew combat on that.
    Along with ghost ships when u go sailing , they also opened up a underwater area in recent patches I believe.

  11. There was also Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) from Bethesda and Ubisoft.

  12. This guy can be so cringe at times 🙄

  13. I loved this it was pretty amazing to listen to and makes me feel sad we don't have a video game like this. Do love Black Flag but it sucks we don't have more gems like this in the world.

  14. What is Turok? Holy shit. Play the remasters. Please.

  15. This game sounds tremendously tremendous in the most tremendous way, if I'm gonna be tremendously honest.

  16. "What is Turok?"

    "I'm a gamer like you I'm totally not only pretending to be interested in videogames for the obscene money and attention i get"


  17. Big shame it didn't happen. I never knew about it.
    But at least we have Black Flag, and a remake on the way! There's comfort in that for sure. 😊

  18. This guy aint know what Turok was? The only game Ive EVER played that made me vomit from motion sickness

  19. I'd say propaganda aligns much better with left wing news outlets

  20. This game looks like if Fable 2/3 decided to have a love child with Black Flag and I'm all for it

  21. It's almost like… Disney should just stop trying to milk money out of the public through virtue signaling garbage, listen to the consumers they're trying to swindle, and maybe, just maybe focus on making quality content? AGHAST

  22. Man it was fun playing it. Childhood memories unlocked.

  23. Doesn’t know Turok on N64 because baby

    plays Zelda N64 music

  24. Sea of Thieves is pretty great honestly

  25. Can someone please tell me what the outro song in this video is? It’s going to bug the crap out of me if I don’t figure it out!

  26. Videos like that are the only chance to preserve memories of games brutally butchered by greedy companies

  27. It feels like pirate games are cursed. Which is said cuz pirates are sick AF and I love pirate history.

  28. there is an older game with both land and sea combat and a story. an old pirates of the carribean game from the early 2000s that didnt really have much to do with movies as far as i can remember but gave you great freedom at the time and i think even was an rpg. sort of like morrowind with pirates

  29. like star wars 1313. thanks disney. you c**ts..

  30. let's be honest, the game probably would've been really mid. every game always sounds super fun and great based off the marketing and what devs say they want in their game. We don't know what was happening behind the doors with this game, and based on their prior games it would've taken a miracle for this to end up great.

  31. big corporations are the reason AAA and AA games get released. Sure it sucks when they're canceled, but that business is the only reason they went from an idea to something tangible in the first place.

  32. If Disney failed in a way that saw all their IPs go open-license, it may just start a golden age renaissance of tolerable to enjoyable media again.

  33. Funny how your parents where so strict yet they named you after a Star Wars character

  34. It’s like, Sea of Thieves is trying to kinda fill the hole of this game but we’ll never get something along the lines of Armada of the Damned yet, or maybe ever 🙁

  35. If you cant take Micky Mous serious you have never seen South Park

  36. If you didnt know this game has since been revived under the title " The Legend Of Pirates Online" it is a complete reproduction of the original gane along with white a bit if new content that disney started but didnt finish, along with some new content as well

  37. Did you ever play Pirates of the Caribbean Online? Not the most high quality, but it was a good pirate game. The Legend of Pirates Online (TLOPO) is a fan made remake of this game and it’s still going strong today.

  38. I think they should make a brand new Pirates of the Caribbean Online game, and making another Pirates of the Caribbean with the similar gameplay from The Last Of Us, Detroit Become Human, & Resident Evil.

  39. This and Split/Second 2 were the reasons I've hated Disney for the last dozen years.

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