The 7 Best Pirate Games of All Time


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  1. I had buyed assasians creed black flag cd by watching this videoi loved that game that game was awesome.and plz make more videos like this.

  2. why age of pirates captain blood is not on the top

  3. 'The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt' is my personal favorite.

  4. how did pirates of the carribean for xbox by Bethesda not make this list?

  5. Do a re-issue so sea of thieves can take #1 and or 2

  6. I skipped every number until number 1. Black Flag is really the only pirate game 4 me.And if "Skull and Bones" will be dissapointing it will stay that way.

  7. The inclusion of a pirate "themed" DLC, and the exclusion of any game in the Sea Dogs/Age of Pirates series made this list a bit weird.

  8. what a fucking garbage list, guess this guy making it isnt gamer at all… how the fuck there's no Age of Pirates I & II, Sea Dogs, Pirates of Caribbean on the list?! but fuck, lets put Kingdom of amalur , galeon and monkey island here xD

  9. SKULL AND BONES…..if its avaible to pre-order I'm doing it !!!

  10. You pronounce Galleon weird…more emphasis on "un" and less on the "on"…this isn't anime..

  11. thanks you, men of gameranx for your all video ( so many of them, publish every day), for all your hard work to made very good content videos and entertaining to watch. really thank you so much, and happy new year xD

  12. potc with the latest mods blows all of them out of the water. AC:4 is fun and shit but it doesn't even come close. The prime example of graphics<gameplay

  13. No Skies of Arcadia? Technically not seafaring as it's about air pirates, but it's by a really fun Dreamcast/GameCube JRPG where you open up by robbing an imperial warship, which transitions into a story very much reminiscent of Final Fantasy 7, if the cast was generally more emotionally stable and the world was significantly better designed from a thematic and exploration point of view, with a good chunk of the mostly optional sidequests being based around things like discovering lost landmarks, hunting down pirate bounties, engaging in ship combat with other airships and giant monsters, finding crew members (who affect your abilities in the aforementioned ship combat and can be summoned for a super attack in regular battle) for the warship that you eventually steal from the evil empire, and building/customizing your own brand new pirate base.

  14. Pirates of the burning sea was a good game. Its old tho, releases 2008.

  15. Black flag is and will always be the best pirate game.

  16. The Pirate Caribbean Hunt is pretty awesome.

  17. Black Flag is the best looking pirate game of (so far) all time, but not THE best pirate game, IMO

  18. If Corsairs IV had come out and not canceled, it would be the best pirate game experience ever.

  19. Monkey Island was my childhood game! Even tho I’m only 21 😂 but my mum introduced to it! Best game ever especially “The Curse Of Monkey Island”

  20. I agree with number one and don't forget the shanty fish in the sea it's a good song

  21. AC4BF IS my favorite free open world pirate game 🙂

  22. Legend of Black Kat was also good, it was in the Xbox, and of course my all time favorite is still Legendary Waters: New Horizons by Koei (on the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo)

  23. I liked that imaginext pirate raiders game years ago and the assassin's Creed 4 Black flag… But I also like Sea of thieves… But the pirates of the Caribbean games seem interesting… I've never tried them… But I have played kingdom hearts and the part that comes to mind is when I fought Barbossas skeletal crew as the one and only Sora. It was fun. Lol but I think the pirates of the Caribbean game/s and sea of thieves are the only things that might have otherwise made it on a list like this.

  24. Why the fuck is triss in the thumbnail? The witcher isn't a pirate based title.

  25. I came here expecting assassin's creed black flag at #1

  26. U missed Pirates of the Carribbean games … But they are worth missing 😐😂

  27. shiver me timbers ! nobody played tropico 2. 🏴‍☠️

  28. the moment you started singing i joined lol

  29. Bethesdas one not mentioned wtf? This dude knows jack

  30. Why didn't i see sea of thieves on this list?

  31. Sea of thrives blew most of these out of the water

  32. I want skull and bones to appear on one of these lists one day

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