The 7 Best Pirate Games of All Time


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  1. Assassins Creed on 1? Now I have not played it myself, i have to admit. It looks nice enough, so that even for an Assasins Creed title i might be tempted to try it out, it certainly gets the feeling on the docks right, as far as i can tell in the videos.. but as soon as it goes to the seas… boy oh boy… I'd like to steer age of sails ships, not freaking moter boats. have a look at some Naval Action Gameplay or even Pirates of the burning seas, and you know what i'm talking about. THOSE are great pirate games… though they are more age of sail games… I have to admit.

  2. So it is essentially Black Flag or games from the stone age. Great…


  4. black flags is the best pirate game ever on console but it was also a poison apple for the AC franchise and the game in general.
    After this game people just wanted more AC games like this but AC doesn't stand for this type of genre more like the older games because the assassination part of this game was just a letdown.
    on the other hand this is one of the best AC games ever for multiple reasons: great character, story, gameplay, exploration,…
    if ubisoft saw the potential of this game before they stomped the AC brand on it and made it a seperate game this may have being the genre defining game ever to be released by ubisoft. They still can make this possible it's just a shame they stopped doing this after AC: Rogue because now they have it on that shitty marketplace on mobile so they don't give a shit anymore.

  5. One that i always liked was" pirates of the burning sea"

  6. You sound like Kermit the frog doing a pirate impression 😀

  7. Sea Dogs: City of abandoned ship/Age of pirates ll: City of abandoned ships is quiet a good game aswell for being so old

  8. if i remember correctly….. there was a Pirate the Caribbean online game…. really good game…. wonder if its still there

  9. I feel like "Age of Booty" might also be the name of a porn video.

  10. My favorite pirate game is "Pirates od Dark Water"

  11. I found Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End in my basement perfectly sealed. Should I open it or sell it?

  12. one of the best is "unter schwarzer flagge "

  13. "overboard" on psx was a pirategame that should be on the list

  14. Dude I'd really love to see one pirate video game where the prot is a girl.

  15. They need to make a great pireat game. Not the one thats comming out thats just ship battling.

  16. Omg and Age of pirates/Sea Dogs ? They are so much better…

  17. Ok, Black Flag is the best from this list. But the best ever pirate game is Sea Dogs. It has all! It should be on the list!

  18. A Rockstar's Pirate themed open world game , now that ! it's something i would lose hours on O.O

  19. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. The Legend of Pirates online is pretty good, too.

  20. It's so sad that one of the best Pirate Games is Assassin's Creed… Lol.

  21. Go fuck yourself gameranx. Places 1-7 Akella games.

  22. Every one seems to have forgotten about pirates legend of black kat

  23. i pretty sure a lot of people would look at whale hunting as a bad thing

  24. Can't believe sea dogs is not un the list!!!!

  25. Vendetta Curse of Raven's Cry is an awesome pirate game

  26. Garbage list. the original seadogs along with sequels are some of the best ship simulators made

  27. Black Flag is great, but it's not the best pirate game of all time.

  28. what about the best pirate game ever made, Cutthroats: Terror on the High Seas?

  29. Pirates of the Caribbean 2003, Age of Pirates 2 city of abandoned ships, and one old but very good pirate game (Corsairs)

  30. Pirates of the Caribbean released in 2003 was lovely, boarding an enemy vessel and claiming it as your own or add it to your fleet.

  31. Of course ac4 black flag is the best pirate game ever made

  32. I just want a Sid Meier's Pirates with modern controls and the presentation values of Black Flag. Black Flag is fun, but the sailing is like driving a motor boat and there's too much Assassin's Creed BS getting in the way of my pirating.

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