The Anti-Piracy Compilation, Episode 1: Some Super Mario Games

Note: As of March 2021, this is my most viewed video on YouTube.

Welcome to what will probably be a limited series (since trends like these end soon) of the results of what happens when you play a video game illegally. Like the rare TV airings you see on my channel, the piracy videos are fake, but don’t actually pirate a game. You could actually get arrested for that.

Have you seen videos like these pop up in your recommendation feed? Yes, we all have gotten recommendations on videos like these. Now, here are some of them in one video, starting with the Super Mario ones (since this trend started with the Mario Party DS videos).

Anti-piracy in other video games:


  1. "For 9 years Olds under watching this: do not pirate!"

    Me whose over 9: YOU CANT STOP ME HAHAHAHA

  2. Mario bross maaaaAAaamama mama mama mama maaaAaaaa

  3. SMB1 didn't make sense, The NES can't produce screams and things that come from 16-BIT, which thwomp's sprite was from the SNES Super Mario World


  5. ah yes, waiting to tell you about piracy at the end of the game in super mario bros wii

  6. im 9 years old and i get all of this

  7. Nice try intro, I’ll pirate whatever I want

  8. in mario party ds sound bowser brother

  9. I love how people insert the Mario screaming meme and think it’s scary but it’s actually funny

  10. Love the mario scream from metalkingboo LMAOO

  11. Fun Fact: Minecraft Discord Server does not allow talking about pirated games. especially, if you say "TLauncher"
    Talking about piracy in Minecraft Discord could user get banned

  12. as the guy who sat down and streamed himself laughing at bad anti piracy screens for an hour here's my personal rating of all the screens. these ratings are based off of realism.

    Mario Party DS – 7/10
    Super Mario Maker 2 – 9.5/10
    Super Mario Bros. – 0/10
    Mario Kart Wii – 6.5/10
    Super Mario Galaxy – 5.5/10
    NSMBW – 6.5/10
    NSMBU – 6/10 (the screen at the end gets a 2/10)
    Super Paper Mario – would have been a 3/10 but the ending ruined it further
    Super Mario World – 5/10 but its funny
    New Super Mario Bros. – 7/10 but the end ruined it again 0/10
    Superstar Saga – 6/10 but the end screen could have been better
    NSMBW (again) – 4/10





  14. Piracy is no longer wrong if developers want to get rid of games.

  15. Companies can't complain about piracy if most of what THEY do is illegal and/or immoral.

  16. 30:34 when Nintendo says that you are playing a pirated copy of NSMBW but you've already ended the game

  17. SMG casually showing rgb values on the play button's text

  18. 9:35 – Mario Falls into a black hole, which rips him to several quarks and bosons because of the strong gravity present in the singularity

  19. 3:38 How he says mamamamama: MAAAAAAAAAA
    Me:Ok how the heck Mario: MAAAAAAAAAA

  20. real anti-piracy screens: Piracy isn't good! Please buy the real game!
    fake anti-piracy screens: Ị̸̇ ̴̠̒H̸͒ͅA̸̪̓V̵̮̑Ȩ̷̓ ̴̺͊Y̸̛̲O̸̘͐Ù̶͕R̸̙͑ ̵̱͗Ă̶̱Ḏ̵̕D̸͖̊R̷̦̐E̸͙͌S̴̹͛S̸̙̆

  21. erm actually you cant pirate this game 🤓☝

  22. Nintendo just hate his own fans 😂 (irony)

  23. Me:a bit with playing suyu is better than buy a 3000R$ thing in brazil

  24. My brother has a friend that does not pirate nintendo videogames but rather buys second-hand nintentdo games so as to not pay nintendo for being like they are

  25. currently torrenting 20 switch games while watching this

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