We’re setting sail in the best pirate game in the world called Sea of Thieves! It looks incredible and I can’t wait until the full release! For more Sea of Thieves gameplay, be sure to drop a like.

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  1. I am the 700 hundredth viewer and 70 liked person

  2. Please do more of this olli. Its amazing. Also you are the inspiration of my channel. Im just trying to get a capture card and it'll be complete

  3. George's character looks like an ape, and not a few minutes later, Olli is rocking a banana. Just about lost it laughing so hard.
    Edit: I wasn't a fan of the toony graphics at first, but they grew on me. Someone put some work into this game!
    Damn it, this was looking so fun, then it turned into every looter game ever made where you do the work and some lazy scum ambushes you when you're about to score.

  4. You two are without doubt the worst pirates I've ever heard of, but….

  5. Awesome looking game. Would love to see more!

  6. JOKE:

    Why are pirates are pirates….

    ANS: Because they arrrrrrrrrrrrr/are.

  7. Instant like, I cherish every vid by one of my fav youtubers, keep it up!

  8. Really hope there is an open beta at some point

  9. Ac4 black flag, best pirate game, but this looks awesome

  10. Would love to see more of this game! Keep up the great work olli

  11. Well that's just rude, Olli didn't say bye. I'm guessing there was a problem with the editing

  12. Ollie …you shit the barrel, not the guy. aimed for him but it went bent.

  13. Nah, AC4 is probably the best pirate game, let's be honest.

  14. Looks pretty awesome! Will it be available on PS4?

  15. You should really say when youre playing with george in the title because i almost skipped this gem

  16. Glad to see you are doing sea of thieves

  17. When you're at sea, it's not left and right. It's port and starboard 😉

  18. ROFL.
    AC: Black Flag murders, rapes and has a smoke before going back for seconds on Sea of Theives.

    Not even a comparison.

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