The Biggest Great White Shark in Stranded Deep #shorts

Lets Play Stranded Deep on hard mode with permadeath. This series will feature hard custom islands, permadeath active. We only get one shot, can we make it this time?



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  1. "Omaygodd!! hes BIG!!!, anyway hey look i can lift him."

  2. My hair stood on end when you faced off with it.😱

  3. That ain’t no great white shark that’s a

  4. When your Thalassophobia says hi with a punch to the face

  5. Yo jugando a este juego con miedo al océano 😢😢😢

  6. Thats an accurate size white sharks are betwen 6-7 meters

  7. i got this game specifically to scare the fuxk outta myself

  8. Nah i think the biggest great white shark is the meg in the game 😂😂

  9. Is this a mod or is it console friendly

  10. That is more of a meg than the boss fight one.

  11. Showing your age with that movie reference lol I respect it

  12. Is this a mod? Been playing for a while and have not come across a big shark that isn’t a “boss”.

  13. That ant no great white a megalodon 💀

  14. Is this just a mod or is this the base game?

  15. That just triggered the SHIT out of my thalassophobia.

  16. thalassophobia HIT ME! 😅😅😭😭

  17. That aint a great white that a whole goddam mega😭

  18. Love the forest , love the GH and love the SD 😍😍 Hope they ll create more games like that 🤩🤩

  19. how did this happen or is somebodies worldseed…

  20. People who know what the forest is the game

  21. Shame STRANDED DEEP sucks now I wanted to live in the Pacifica indefinitely but since I am now limited on resources on console what the point it’s just garbage PC Always gets the good content I know I’m not buying a console again there’s no point

  22. god i remember being absolutely OBSESSED with stranded deep as a kid. Legitimately watched it every night when i had phone time from every popular creator at the time ie jacksepticeye, markiplier, pewdipie, even another really small creator although i forgot his name. I loved this game, watched when it first came out and barely had ANYTHING but exploring. Seeing all the new and improved gameplay honestly brings a tear to my eye. Havent thought of this game in forever

  23. And ' The forest ' easter egg is just so awesome. Wonderful evolution of this game

  24. human pov in maneater when it is a lvl 40 near your boat

  25. Soo is that not Stranded Deep? I'm playing stranded deep right now and that looks all new

  26. i like how you just try and attack it

  27. Playing a shark game while having surfshark as a sponsor interesting

  28. The forest or stranded deep ?…what game you talking about..because you are saying forest and saying stranded but showing gameplay from both games .
    I'm confused

  29. We are detecting a leviathan class creature proceed whit caution length 55km

  30. I think I heard something a part of story about this. Somewhere that animals that are how many times bigger than usual.

  31. 0:11 I had a dream in that same place with very large sea creatures and they were an electric species, it was a dream I had since I was little.😮😮

  32. that shark should have been the meg, the meg dont look like a meg lol

  33. That’s not an enormous Great White. That’s a tiny Megalodon.

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