The Disturbing World of Anti-Piracy..

Today we take a look at interesting video game piracy measures and debunk the fake ones.

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0:00 intro
1:31 clearing up the rumors
2:17 earthbound
3:23 goldrush
4:26 mirror’s edge
5:36 the secret of monkey island
6:21 arma II
6:57 alan wake
7:29 garry’s mod
8:25 spyro: year of the dragon
11:53 the legend of zelda: spirit tracks
12:53 sorry about the earl glitch
14:18 game dev tycoon
15:31 final fantasy crystal chronicles: ring of fates
16:32 grand theft auto 4
18:03 the sims 4
18:40 batman arkam asylum
19:03 the witcher 2
19:29 crysis: warhead
20:00 serious sam 3
20:25 outro

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  1. maybe pausing at 19:26 wasn't a good idea
    hey google, where's the nearest store that sells bleach

  2. Return to Zork has 2 Anti-piracy features that are really unique and creepy:

    1. Get the pop quiz wrong 3 times with the Teacher, Mrs. Peepers, and you pay the price. She flat out kills you, game over. The answer's in the manual.

    2. After breaking into Rebecca Snoot's house, you will eventually find Rebecca in the bathroom, she punches you, arms herself with a shotgun, and she will kill you if you don't answer her copy protection question right in 3 attempts which can be found inthe manual. What's even creepier is that you cannot break out of her house with any items needed to progress with the game because if you do, then the game's Guardian will come along like a police detective, take everything in your inventory, and the words "The Path to Victory is now Blocked." is shown in dark red letters with no background and you hear the wind howling and after hearing that music that plays, you know you broke the law.

  3. Executioner:any last words
    Person being hung:no really I'm Jesus

  4. Earthbound just messing with the hackers lol I feel like pirated games are to common

  5. Sorry to comment twice but I was online playing Pokémon blue online it was glitchy so I blocked the sight because this happened I was fighting a trainer then they said this “you stupid idoit” and killed me that site was glitchy and hacked I blocked that site

  6. on the gold rush one, its real, but you got a detail wrong. the game wont detect if the game is pirated and give you a trivia question if it is, instead, it will always give you a trivia question and if you get it right you can play the game, if you get it wrong your character is hanged

  7. I buy physical copies of games I like having a tangible physical copy of something I own I’m not end of the digital stuff at least with my consul but when it comes to my iPad obviously I have to have digital stuff so I deal with it but also I don’t spend money I just get free apps that’s what I do

  8. We still use physical copies over here

  9. Piracy is the only true way to own video games

  10. Bro, you have a bf, stop the cap. Your bf made you in Sims, you're a liberal beta

  11. Mirrors edge was a literal mind f cause like I’ve seen people dress like the Mc and run in buildings shit was hyped

  12. Does tuv put the ocarina of time title screen music underneath all his videos? I swear I can hear it

  13. I love getting physical copies. Idk ig the feeling of actually having a game in my possession feels better to me. And spending 70$ on a game and getting to crack open the case is just a surreal feeling

  14. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO TUV!!!!!!!!!!! Subscribe to Turv😄👍

  15. Regarding Crysis Warhead: That is one way to deal with fowl play. ZING!

  16. Bro I love goin to local video game stores and buying physical copies in order to support the community

  17. I think rockstar has the best Piracy stuff

  18. An underrated anti-piracy measurement is in Stormworks. If you pirate the game, fish keep jumping on your boat, and eventually your boat sinks due to the amount of fish on your fish.

  19. Nintendo should have done that and they should still make anti piracy that is creepy. I wish they done that

  20. nahh they done turned tuv into a sim😭😭😭

  21. I played mirrors edge and arma 2 on pirated version recently and never had these problems i wonder how that works?

  22. Been watching your vids lately, you’re pretty handsome 😬

  23. Honestly I think disturbing is a bit of an overstatement

  24. its February 11th, 2024 and i still buy physical copies of games for my Nintendo switch at game stop.

  25. 7:31 is that not literally william overbeck and meg from dbd ???

  26. me on sims4 . . . guilty as charged . its also occuring on Sims3 . where you have to saved every hour and restart the game or else the game kick you out and delete the save files . but sims3 got these worst progress , when ever your sims is going to reach successfull event . the game just error even saving them wont help . you had to restart it again and again .

  27. They will never stop us! 😈🏴‍☠️

  28. of course the moment i turn up my volume it was at 2:28 😢

  29. well i downloaded a cracked version of mirrors edge and it worked like sweet honey, that anti piracy of slowing down before edges doesnt happen at all

  30. Physical copies are good for collection purposes. Also, sometimes digital games get revoked by any major console. They can't take away a physical copy from you.

  31. Earthbound's anti-piracy sounds like a fun challenge

  32. Yeah that sim definitely looks like you😂😂

  33. Sheer perfection per usual 👌 ❤️ 😊

  34. Per usual sheer perfection.👌 👍 😊

  35. *Arma II logo*
    ‘A L A N W A K E’

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