The Disturbing World of Anti-Piracy..

Today we take a look at interesting video game piracy measures and debunk the fake ones.

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tags: anti-piracy screens

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0:00 intro
1:31 clearing up the rumors
2:17 earthbound
3:23 goldrush
4:26 mirror’s edge
5:36 the secret of monkey island
6:21 arma II
6:57 alan wake
7:29 garry’s mod
8:25 spyro: year of the dragon
11:53 the legend of zelda: spirit tracks
12:53 sorry about the earl glitch
14:18 game dev tycoon
15:31 final fantasy crystal chronicles: ring of fates
16:32 grand theft auto 4
18:03 the sims 4
18:40 batman arkam asylum
19:03 the witcher 2
19:29 crysis: warhead
20:00 serious sam 3
20:25 outro

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  1. It depends on the system for me. If it's the switch, I usually buy my games digitally, but if it's the xbox or the Playstation, I get them physically

  2. Maybe this happened when it first came out and with physical discs? I've been pirating them for years. Almost since it first released 😅

  3. Buying a physical copy gives me the same comfort I had when I was a child Ik it’s more convenient buying online but I still buy discs for some games

  4. bro I still buy physical games to this very day though not at gamestop, I mostly buy them from Amazon, best buy, and Walmart.

    Physical > Digital

  5. People will class still buy Disc, to answer ur dumb ignorant question

  6. i bought the physical copy of final fantasy 7 remake just to have it, i also own the digital version

  7. just install the mod "No Mosaic Blur"

  8. I’m glad there’s not lot of anti piracy measures in most games, I love stealing shit

  9. You forgot about the game Micheal Jackson The experience for the ds, a game in which, similiar to osu, u have to hit notes at the right time to complete songs: a pirated copy of the game wouldn't show any notes when playing, every time you pause the game freezes and all of the background songs are replaced by the sounds of Vuvuzuelas.

    This one is truly my favourite 😂

  10. "Slowing down the crackers as much as possible." 💀💀

  11. I used to make on my old channel anti-piracy screens… of TV channels. I have since stopped making them apart from a 2023 April Fools joke due to the hate I received in early 2022, causing me to move to another channel.

  12. i hope physical copies of games have a comeback like vinyls. i just like having them for a display. plus, if any damage were to occur to my console i could use the games on a new one if needed

  13. funny how sims 4 piracy screen doesnt exist anymore because it was made free in november lmao

  14. I was in the car with my phone at full volume when you said "We have earl with his dick in a box!"

  15. The sims 4 “anti-piracy screen” is just a bug. Bought copies of the game had the same bug. It got patched after it was discovered.

  16. in batman arkham asylum, there are also popups to grapple in random areas and when you do grapple you just get taken out of bounds into the abyss forever 💀

  17. Nah iv played cracked gta iv and never got this

  18. Back when i was 10 i played Serious sam 3 and was scarred for life because of scorpion guy.

  19. i only buy physical copies when its a big game that i am extremely excited for that way i can put the case on my shelf for display

  20. Tuv literally predicted gamestop's closing

  21. 16:20 the only reason i go to gamestop is to get pokemon cards lol

  22. Can't believe he didn't mention Skull Girls anti piracy
    What is the square root of a fish? Now I'm sad.

  23. If I can't find physical games, I'll get it free. No point in giving game developers money if the game was not worth playing in the first place. End of.

  24. The best anti-piracy methods will always be the sillier, goofy methods and not the shitty new methods they employ that end up affecting the paying customers a whole lot more. Great video, tuv!

  25. Hi bertie! I'm juda! I really like your channel I was just wondering is you p.o box still open!

  26. Among us anti piracy 😂, it’s free

  27. I tried to use steam unlocked to play fnaf, turns out they REALLY don't like it. sorrry for being 6 months late

  28. ik im 6 months late but i would implement a boss that is only available in pirated versions, but is canon to the games lore

  29. Way better than SunnyV2 and all the other knockoffs.


    (If you don’t know the song Google it)

  31. not tuv calling me out because while i do buy games digitally, i very much still buy physical copies🧍🏻‍♀️

  32. Don't buy digital, always buy physical‼️‼️ So many good games from the past have been completely erased from the internet/digital stores with the only way to play them being physical copies.

  33. The Alan Wake one was adorable. The developers didn't even care 😭

  34. I buy physical copies, i just bought a disc version PS5

  35. The guy who commented this is really cool and handsome btw 1 like if u like big mom

  36. That's what happened to me at Garry's mod XD shouldn't do that, don't recommand

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