The Disturbing World of Anti-Piracy..

Today we take a look at interesting video game piracy measures and debunk the fake ones.

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tags: anti-piracy screens

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0:00 intro
1:31 clearing up the rumors
2:17 earthbound
3:23 goldrush
4:26 mirror’s edge
5:36 the secret of monkey island
6:21 arma II
6:57 alan wake
7:29 garry’s mod
8:25 spyro: year of the dragon
11:53 the legend of zelda: spirit tracks
12:53 sorry about the earl glitch
14:18 game dev tycoon
15:31 final fantasy crystal chronicles: ring of fates
16:32 grand theft auto 4
18:03 the sims 4
18:40 batman arkam asylum
19:03 the witcher 2
19:29 crysis: warhead
20:00 serious sam 3
20:25 outro

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  1. I'm 32 and I gotta say I hate buying digital games. The 90s kid in me can't buy a game that I can't physically hold. Idk it just gives be better state of mind when it comes to knowing that I physically own the game.

  2. PC master race people explaining why they pirated an indie game on their PC that costs $1000+:

  3. The reminder that GameStop may have the same fate as blockbuster is just sad bro, when I was a kid my uncle would take me to game stop every once in awhile, it was like a mini vacation for me but yeah fun memories there :,(

  4. I love how they are called "crackers"

  5. This is why I am proud to have committed piracy at least ten times.

  6. When he said “Alan Wake” after the screen went dark it scared me so bad

  7. Yo is it possible that Pokémon mystery dungeons has a second version of the anti-piracy thing? Cuz I'm almost finishing explorers of darkness and the game has become unusable, and I know it's the cartridge because I played for a bit on my cousin's Nintendo 3DS and the same thing happened.

    The thing (lol): I would try to walk pass my partner for whatever reason and the game reacts as if I'm interacting with them. I'm literally about to finish the game if it wasn't for this dungeon and error specifically.
    I'm just becoming aware of it potentially being a pirated version, but I've only seen the screen were the partner and Chatot fight against the player on videos

  8. What’s funny is that the bugs in GTA4 are all on purpose to mess with pirates. But in Skyrim, those are all normal

  9. Good that nintendo is avoiding
    pirates but that it can be so scary i never knew.

  10. Pirate Mode is an feature in Game Dev Tycoon too??

  11. I hate the surface of like people making fake screens because I'm actually really interested in anti piracy screens and the stories behind them but it's so hard to find decent videos now that aren't corny creepypastas

  12. Tuv: Who doesn't physical copy anymore!?
    Meanwhile Me: Looking at my DVD collection and ordering them online

  13. 16:18 I’m from Australia so I don’t have GameStop but yeah, I occasionally go to a EBGames. If me and my siblings ever pass by one, we’ll stop by and buy something if we see something good plus they have have 2 deals.

    1.if the game is already used, it’s discounted 2.if you find another store (like a Jb HiFi) who has the same disc but for a lower price, EB will match the price or normally lower it because they’ll still get a sale out of it, pretty cool

  14. i cant believe bro forgot la abadia del crimen

  15. Obsessed that the devs for Witcher just banned horny

  16. ngl I only go to gamestop to feel the nostalgia of going every weekend with my dad and returning games from the week before so my dad could get his money back, good times

  17. I buy physical games because it's hard for me to set up digital stuff 😂I promise I'm not old just confused

  18. funny thing, ive pirated mirrors edge and never had that speed problem 🙂

  19. Depending on the game I will buy a physical copy…but it has to be something I really want!

  20. Physical copies are better than digital copies. Say, you have a Nintendo Switch that you buy digital games for. The Nintendo Switch breaks down and doesn't work anymore. You have rebuy those same games when you buy a new Nintendo Switch. With Physical versions, you don't do that. You buy a new Nintendo Switch and you'll have the game from the start so Physical versions are better than digital versions

  21. Gold rush is dark….how did they allow that🤔

  22. I buy physical copies for my Nintendo switch & my old Nintendo DS Lite

  23. The 1st game (earthbound) is named after one of your songs. Interesting.

  24. I actually prefer physical copies of games over virtual and have a collection of the physical version of the game.

  25. Can someone explain how anti-piracy works? How can a game company change things on a pirated game?

  26. I still buy physical copies of games, kinda sad that now instead of getting to play instantly I have to wait for the game to download.


  28. I go to game stop for other things like game merch I would only buy gtaV copy because I love it

  29. I’ve never downloaded a digital game besides fortnight & Apex

  30. i get the "game dev tycoon" the creator or owner or whatever uploaded the modified gay himself, sure. But the other games how?

  31. Considering I live in latin america, have parents with a pretty good amount of money, I barely buy anything, and my computer still can't play video games from 2016, I think it's shitty from the developers to put anti-piracy easter eggs in their games, especially when they're creepy. It's specifically underage people that have the least amount of money to put into getting a console and PC and games for them, they're very easily influenced. I know people like sanism, but at least treat kids decently instead of trying to make them develop trauma.
    Personally, I don't mind it much when it's funny and not game breaking, especially because now I'm able to buy games more than once every multiple months. I prefer when games either don't check at all if you're pirating the game, or if they do check and find out, they simply make the game not launch. It's much less suffering for everyone.
    And let's hope I don't have to explain that people with less access to forms of art, like video games, have much worse lives. Just think about it, having a group of friends that is severely uncultured, never playing video game masterpieces that teach you life lessons, never playing video games with art that you would find nowhere else. It's dystopian, don't contribute to it. Instead of thinking "this will probably help to some degree", you should be thinking "what's the worst damage this could cause?".

  32. physical copies are sm better imo, if smth happens to the storage, it means i dont lose my save data among other things

  33. I play guitar hero so I have to go to gamestops to get it

  34. Bruh something i think is creepy asf about these old video games is when it goes silent, the game freezes and then the screen just blacks out.. am i the only one who thinks that shit is creepy?

  35. Dodi repacks,fitgirl:Oh shit im sorry for removing those measures :trollface:

  36. alot of people like having a physical copy of games

  37. gmod is the smartest to me, knowing alot of crackers are stupid and will willingly just put out some shit to get an answer on why their cracked game isnt working

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