The Disturbing World of Anti-Piracy..

Today we take a look at interesting video game piracy measures and debunk the fake ones.

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tags: anti-piracy screens

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0:00 intro
1:31 clearing up the rumors
2:17 earthbound
3:23 goldrush
4:26 mirror’s edge
5:36 the secret of monkey island
6:21 arma II
6:57 alan wake
7:29 garry’s mod
8:25 spyro: year of the dragon
11:53 the legend of zelda: spirit tracks
12:53 sorry about the earl glitch
14:18 game dev tycoon
15:31 final fantasy crystal chronicles: ring of fates
16:32 grand theft auto 4
18:03 the sims 4
18:40 batman arkam asylum
19:03 the witcher 2
19:29 crysis: warhead
20:00 serious sam 3
20:25 outro

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  1. Damnnnn last time I checked your subscribers you were at 100k I’ve been here since 23k or less I can’t remember but nice!

  2. the sims character actually looks alot like you

  3. If you wonder we do go to gamestop to see what's there for under 20 bucks. Those games you may not be able to find for less than that

  4. I always buy physical copies when I can. I don't trust it being purely digitally downloaded. You never know when it could go awry. That's just me though. I'm paranoid like that lol

  5. Charlie sent me – Stayed for Earthbound. Great vid – looking forward to more!

  6. Physical copies for life. Fuck all the digital shit. Personal opinion.

  7. Game stop needs to go. Like why do they even exist. The workers pester me about my purchases and sales every time I go in. I want games, not your opinion.

  8. I buy physical copies so i can trade them in

  9. tuv, i love u, but the amount of ads on this video is crazy 😃 i support you and im happy for your success, but these videos are almost unwatchable 🙁

  10. i pirated mirrors edge before and garrys mod for a long time and game dev tycoon (i own all now) but never experience anything they mustve bypassed it

  11. Rush rally 2 add a sticker pirate logo sticker in the back of your car

  12. Im waiting for the physical copy of Metroid Prime Remastered to release instead of buying it on the eshop right now. It's just tradition for me to buy physical console games for me and sometimes cheeper. A used copy of Kingdom Hearts 3 with its case costed 7 bucks.

  13. i still buy games physically for my nintendo because why not and sometimes it's cheaper to get it physically (depending on where you buy the games) and even though it took some store visits to get Zelda since it's so popular, i managed to get it, plus i had some trouble using my card in the ingame nintendo shop

  14. I know for a fact TS4 and Game Dev Tycoon is false.


  15. The Alan Wake thing gave me an idea for an even better measure. What if the game gave your character pirate features that made it harder to play. Try and run with a peg leg, or maybe you can’t hold anything because your hands are hooks now or half the screen turns black in first person view from the eyepatch. Or maybe they make all dialogue options Arrrrrr. Lol

  16. Holy shit, YouTube crashed at 2:28 mid scream and it scared my 1am half asleep self shitless.

  17. Basically, if there is scariness in the anti-piracy it’s fake, because you don’t want some innocent kid accidentally getting a pirated version of mario kart, and being scarred by the fact that peach’s head flew off with black eyes and broke the game.

  18. “Since this version of the game is modified,” ad plays “Do you want to learn how to make…”

  19. I hate digital. One reson is that you don't have it in your hand so in the future you don't know what will happen to your copy of the game that you paid for. Second the fucking cost of the game. The reason that physical copies cost as they cost is becausethere are so many things need to be done so that the physical game is in your hand.. and you pay for everything in a way ! What do you pay exacly for digital copies that don't need so many steps as physical ? Why you pay the SAME MONEY for something that is less ! FUCK THAT I will wait for Metroid Prime Physical and so many others just not to buy it Digital !

  20. If I were to make a game the anti piracy screen would be just the character you as would have an eye patch and at the end there would be the meme I’m da biggest bird lol

  21. wait, you can pirate the Sims 4? Why? I know it's free on steam b- oh right, console ports yeah i remember seeing those. NVM IGNIORE My DUM ASS

  22. didnt JSAB have a sorta wholesome(?) anti piracy screen or smth?

  23. I go to GameStop to get more games for my Xbox 360 (I still have one and it's 2023)

  24. weird question but can anyone find the ambience used in this video???

  25. And people thought flappy bird was hard 💀💀

  26. did you really misspell your own yt name in the jumpscare?

  27. its funny how i watched this video with pirated house flipper downloading in the background lmao

  28. Ngl I expected the sims one to not have it pixelated at all LMAO

  29. I think buying physical copies of games is better than online these days. For instance, you want GTA SA, but all you got online is a mobile parody of the classic one.
    So, I would drag my ass to a time capsule and get a physical classic version of it for 5$ than whatever R* is trying to rip me off with

  30. i grew up playing spyro year of the dragon and i didnt expect it to be on this list tbh. i saw it in the thumbail but yknow

  31. Calling the pirates “crackers” make this so much funnier 😭

  32. 2:06 akshowlly, PC version is for sale while mobile version is not. The exit button at the left bottom implies it's mobile not PC. And even for PC, button won't be that far off of the screen, more like towards the center of y axis, beneath the prison pic.

  33. Physical copies of games still exist because they don't take space up on the sd card, or atleast on my switch.

  34. I still love buying physical copies of older games but yea not for modern games

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