The Disturbing World of Anti-Piracy..

Today we take a look at interesting video game piracy measures and debunk the fake ones.

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tags: anti-piracy screens

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0:00 intro
1:31 clearing up the rumors
2:17 earthbound
3:23 goldrush
4:26 mirror’s edge
5:36 the secret of monkey island
6:21 arma II
6:57 alan wake
7:29 garry’s mod
8:25 spyro: year of the dragon
11:53 the legend of zelda: spirit tracks
12:53 sorry about the earl glitch
14:18 game dev tycoon
15:31 final fantasy crystal chronicles: ring of fates
16:32 grand theft auto 4
18:03 the sims 4
18:40 batman arkam asylum
19:03 the witcher 2
19:29 crysis: warhead
20:00 serious sam 3
20:25 outro

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  1. I like pokemon Black/White 2's anti piracy. It's so frustrating because it just stops you from gaining Exp. That's it. It doesn't actually tell you the games pirated, it just does it.

  2. Tell your mom and dad to delete there channel please

    Like we're does creepy creature Luka live at

  3. i pirated mirror's edge on ps3 and never got any easter egg or something

  4. As a guy who pirated over $1000 USD worth of video games, i approve this

  5. What I love about TUV videos is that he almost never brings the most known topics, even his top 10 videos have topics that I say "where the fuk do you find this things?"

  6. Yo tuv I’mma need you to post more vids lmao I just subbed like 2 days ago and I’m almost done with literally every video

  7. Intresting how you didn’t mention any rate games it’s almost as if there modern main game now is a pirate game

  8. Go sub to jk i will not do it tuv

  9. Bro you forgot just shapes and beats very good anti piracy.

  10. Hey tuv i think the .. Trick is back but its different

  11. Honestly digital is cool but physical games are better in my opinion sure digital is convenient but you can’t buy a pre owned digital like you can physical and digital doesn’t have deals nearly as much as physical games because of that

  12. The sim looks so good! Your gf is so creative I’m so happy for you Tuv your so awesome I’ve been watching you ever since I got Covid you made me laugh and made me feel better

  13. pirates in the 1700's: gigachad
    pirates now: angry kid in forums

  14. One I've encountered on emulators is Pokemon Snap. You have to take pictures of various non-pokemon items like a sign or a mountain, in order to proceed. But in the emulator version I was playing it just straight up wouldn't register the objects you were supposed to take pictures of.

  15. the fact that he put his face on the thumbnail 💀

  16. So cool to see what the devs came up with. That's exactly my type of humor

  17. honestly if i were a game developer, i’d put some shit in there that blows up your console/pc if you have a pirated copy. like the good ole days of limewire and ares.

  18. I was gonna go on and say yeah I like a good old copy but seeing that the digital user are toxic af for just hearing an opinion makes me not want to Engage with this community and that’s a shame trying to support the YouTuber he’s doing great videos

  19. Bertie! Do you remember typing a period in youtube unlocked a bunch of gore and bad things? The bug still works

  20. i thought u said new video every week motherhecker

  21. Apparently GTA IV's drunk camera mode had a glitch and very rarely did actually occur on legitimate copies of the game. That said, I have a genuine Xbox 360 release and never saw it happen at random.

    Wonder if TLAD and TBoGT also have the same protections?

  22. The animal crossing anti-piracy message is fantastic, I'm surprised that it's not on the list.

  23. "we have earl with his di- in a box" – tuv

  24. Hey turv, I just wanted to compliment you on how well your channel is doing, I watched some of your old vids where you were so excited to have a few thousand subscribers but look at you now!! You are doing great, man keep up the good work❤

  25. Tuv:”I’m back to regular post schedule “

    2 weeks later no post

  26. i thought for the sims one the anti piracy method would be to have no blur so it would just show everything 💀

  27. The among us one literally uses the scratch game engine's pixel font (the red text) the white text uses the scratch game engine's sans serif font How do I know this? I use scratch

  28. Hi I'm new and I enjoy your content keep it up!

  29. "im gonna make a video every week now!"
    Two weeks later
    Me: 👁️👄👁️

    Btw im not hating hes probably busy (i mean like its Christmas sooo) im just making a joke.

  30. I literally collect physical media… that's kinda my thing. Movies, games, music, etc. I just love having a physical copy in my hands.

  31. I like this influx of youtubers like tuv and Sunnyv2

  32. Cant believe i Didn't see this on my recommended. smh youtube.

  33. um… I had a project I did till 5 AM. I watched your videos so I wasn’t bored and let’s just say last night I watched 4 hours and 42 minutes worth of your videos 💀

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