The FGTeeV Museum! (Our New Scary Escape Game)

FGTeeV has it’s own museum! Today we are going to check it out for the 1st time!
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#1 FGTeev Into the Game ➡
#2 FGTeeV Saves the World ➡
#3 FGTeeV The Switcheroo Rescue ➡
& FGTeeV Game Break➡

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  1. Hey Feasey is a new game that is hello neighbor that is like Kind of hard but it’s not that hard

  2. Can you play fNAF help wanted 2 pls day 1 of asking

  3. Can you play let’s find Larry please

  4. 1:00 this makes me ded bru 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  5. I love your videos so much I’ve been a family for so long I don’t even remember❤ ❤❤❤❤

  6. I’m gonna play that game, but I like this video

  7. Hey, do u still make vids with @Kessel_Nathan?, Also i love ur videos!, Ur really funny to me and make me feel better when im down!❤

  8. You are the best contact creator in the world

  9. I thought the game couldn’t get funnier But you’re editing makes it 10 times better

  10. I am in love with your vids and i got your books Out of time
    And the blue book

  11. You should play fnaf pizza party on Roblox it's so fun

  12. Duddy said that he's a failure so do you mean duds a failure

    Hay duddy your not a failure your perfect love you duds❤❤

  13. When are you gonna play ice cream seven and eight you missed it

  14. Hi am a big fan l love your videos and l friend you and you used star code fvgeet what is it again?

  15. FGTeeV duds you should play this with your family and see their reaction😂😂 it's going to be so funny please❤😊

  16. Go find the creepy game you could ever find in history🎄

  17. Member wen maick omos los is vision

  18. Bro, I literally got scared like 14 times

  19. I love the mozem❤😊🎉gojo luffy animal

  20. bro when u sike mrbeast that was so epic

  21. Here’s a theory about why chase laughs when you pick up a book. You’re playing as chase and he laughs at how good the book is!!! Love u feegee,you made my childhood

  22. Can you tell chase to get on my singing monster

  23. Fgteev listen to me call the 2 building at 1450 young street that you tracked for the iPads and see if there’s security cameras there in the hallway so you can check them if you did you can see where the robbers go and find the apartment that there on so you can check there they might give you a hint please listen to me I’m trying to help you.

  24. I want the game to get scared like you

  25. The real question is does he have nightmares

  26. What's the game ? Please I wanna play it bc it looks fun

  27. GTV get on problem I just saw your skin if they're if you're hacking me I'm unsubscribing to your channel you better get on prop Hunt I'll be here if you see something somebody with brown hair a motorcycle

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