The First AAAA Game

This game is gonna put me in A.A.

donkey store
donkey publishing company

with flup
and ben
and dane


  1. Arcane Odyssey on roblox is better tbh

  2. lord of the rings war in the north actually slaps they should remaster

  3. I like that Blindwave is the generic reaction group lol

  4. This game looks so boring and mid, watching hamnplan of it just makes me wanna play sea of thieves instead.

  5. Remember to "Play nice and fair".
    Also: we've got random NPC ennemies around to shoot fucking rockets at your low level boat.

  6. hows ubisoft even alive? flop after flop after flop… the only thing they're not failling at is each new game is worse than the previous one.

  7. "We hope your enjoying the full price game you bought, do you want to buy the rest of it with the platinum edition?"….What the actual fuck Ubisoft.

  8. damn bro, we were like "we want more black flag!" and 11 years later they were like "you wanna run into the shore and harvest trees? we got you"

  9. Oh hey they took a defining feature from Black Flag, made it a whole game, then put paywalls behind it

  10. Sea of Thieves is better than this garbage.

  11. This game's core gimmick is being sea of thieves and it can't even do that well

  12. did you get hit with fucking homing missiles at the end. . .?

    this game is AAAAss

  13. For me it looks like this, the more AAAA the game has the more simple gameplay mechanics it has xD this is all what makes those AAA and AAAA games.
    Now only smaller games like A or AA makes new and innovative gameplay.

  14. What a stupi dmechanics.

    Stamina Boat

    You can only cut some of the trees, so we give you a pole of light so you can see which ones, but if someone cut the tree the pole of light doesn't go away, so it will be annoying for players to swim and find out the tree was already cut, so they came here for nothing xD

  15. Quadruple A titles stand for

    A: Awful
    A: Abysmal
    A: Atrocious
    A: A waste of time

  16. I knew this game was boutta be trash as soon as they decided to set it in the Indian Ocean, rather than the Caribbean

  17. I can’t believe people paid money for this dumpster fire

  18. “Don’t play if your under the influence of drugs”
    Little kids are crying right now

  19. All the sails ingame should have Mc Donalds and Intel Ads unless you pay a subscription

  20. Ubisoft openly and unapologetically still plundering people's booty

  21. he said “I don’t play single A” 🤣

  22. With AI we're gonna have a 12 step program game with all the Az

  23. Well I was driving home from work to see how this game feels before I buy it but my car… my car ran out of stamina. I have to wait 1 full minute before I can speed it up again. Goddamnit! -Ubisoft world maybe.

  24. i think fluppy meant to say "northright" not this "northeast" direction

  25. It shows how out of touch Ubisoft is when they think 7 different studios working on one game is a flex.

  26. Never buying another Ubisoft game after they tried making me sign into uplay to play AC2 on steam

  27. The "AAAA" is actually screaming, not a mark of quality.

  28. This… weird CREATION (I just can't call it a game) that supposed to be about PIRATES is literally telling you at the very beginning… that you have to play NICE, FAIR and SAFE! XDD Are they fckn sick on their minds?
    Thank you for this movie, now I'm gonna download Black Flag and have fun with a REAL GAME about REAL PIRATES. Btw. plot twist: in my opinion that garbage of a qudrauupapleA sheit exists just to bump AC 4: Black Flag earnings again after 10 years. Black Flag was so weak Assassins-themed game and so awesome pirates-themed game but man… Now I really appreciate it even more!

  29. I knew the game was going to be pants but I was not ready for it to be this bad haha.

  30. ubisoft are the real pirates here robbing people of their money for that shit

  31. 1:01 “A good pirate never takes other people’s property!” – Jake, the pirate, Disney channel

  32. AAAA is a bit overkilled. You might want to use the small batteries, else your toy boat is going to explode

    Jokes aside, these people are always the same :
    *new games pops out : omgg best AAA game of all times

    Best games of all times (in my opinion DRG by far and need for speed mw 2012) : it's been years

  33. The pirate game pirates don't want to pirate… Only Ubisoft could screw this up so bad.

  34. How did anyone actually think this would beat Sea Of Thieves? Its just war of ships + assassins creed black flag

  35. Did he say north-east? Did he mean North-Right?

  36. "Mum can I have Black Flag"
    "We have Black Flag at home"
    Black Flag at home

  37. It's called diminishing returns – the more A's you slap on your title, the worse it gets.

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