The First AAAA Game

This game is gonna put me in A.A.

donkey store
donkey publishing company

with flup
and ben
and dane


  1. we need knack 3, now THAT would be a true AAAA game.

  2. All this is against pirates core beliefs lmaooo

  3. Sea of thieves shits all over this crap in every way

  4. Damn not even 5 year old soccer teams have this much code of conduct rules.

  5. 1:02 As a pirate, I can confirm this to be against my religious beliefs.

  6. Fuck this shit, I am going to pirate AC Black Flag and have a laugh at Ubisoft

  7. CANNOT BELIEVE Y'ALL BROUGHT UP WAR IN THE NORTH, that game was my childhood ong. absolute banger

  8. "Buy the premium edition"
    "Long live piracy!"

  9. pealing celery most chinese thing you ever did.

  10. I've gotten a more complete pirate experience at an Alestorm concert

  11. Who is the streamer guy that's about to cry?

  12. Ubisoft really trying their best to destroy their own company

  13. Just play AC black flag. Cheaper and better.

  14. Imagine if Rockstar games made a pirate game 😅.Id stil be miles better than what Ubisoft made

  15. Of all the problems this game has the stamina aspect is actually valid. It's the stamina of your crew (not your ship) who has to work hard on the sails to stay at full speed. AAAA is a crazy overstatement though XD.

  16. This is truly a game a pirate would make

  17. My dumbass coworker was so excited about this game lol

  18. I love YouTube. One thing I always noticed is that certain games have certain player bases yet the ones that couldn’t pick up on the game always put it down because they’re dog shit and can’t play 😂

  19. PUNE in real life does not even has a sea. what are they cooking

  20. You gotta love it when a company manages to shoot itself in the foot this well. It's genuinely like a successful pirate docking at a marine base and saying "Here I am, here's my crew, my treasure that I looted over the course of my career, please arrest me".

  21. "Capitalism is when money" – Comrade Ubisoft

  22. a self-proclaimed AAAA game. But in reality it's just dog shit

  23. It took a decade to make since boats have apparently missiles and torpedoes tech..

    hA-hA-hA-hA game..

  24. "Play Nice, Play Fair, and Play Safe"???

    Who do they think they're they making games for? Toddlers?

  25. Please tell me someone has already made a AA game joke otherwise i claim dibs

  26. – You have to enter the pirate's code of conduct
    – Play nice

    … A Pirate's code of conduct… is to play nice…

  27. Enjoyed the takedown of the surface level anti-captialism for the biggest corporate shitheads in the game lol

  28. Blood Thirsty, Gold-grubbing Pirates! But be nice!

  29. game intro is a critique of capitalism in a game made purely for sales. not to mention this is set like 2 centuries before capitalism was a term. and feudalism isn't capitalism.

  30. A lot of modern games are trash but the graphics look amazing

  31. Not a real pirate game
    If it was a real pirate game
    You would have to get it from some sketchy website or internet archive

  32. For genuine pirate experience, get Black Flag

  33. The genius of quadruple A is that you'd expect it to get better with more A's, right? But then they subvert your expectations with the 4th A by making the game absolute garbage trash.

  34. I wish I was joking, but Warcraft 3 had better custom pirate games than this "AAAA"….

  35. 5:04 That water is acid, note how his boat disintegrates instead of sinking.
    Amazing how resilient coral was in the old days.
    Even more impressive that his boat had enough stamina to push across solid coral that's only 3 ft below the surface!

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