The First AAAA Game

This game is gonna put me in A.A.

donkey store
donkey publishing company

with flup
and ben
and dane


  1. This game makes all AAAs look like they jumped out of a pirate's ass

  2. i'm sick of those idiot youtubers flattering and getting excited about unipoop's trailers

  3. If this was more of a strand type of game, you could use a zipline to go from waypoint to waypoiint

    That's why Strand games are the futuer

  4. This game sucks ass, you will be bored of it after 1h.

  5. Its been 3 months since Dunkey made a funny video, quality control no more..

  6. Ubisoft: The dawn of Capitalism brought exploitation and oppression to our seas, play as the renegade resistance against the menace by leading the black market on slave trade long passed its abolition across the Atlantic.

  7. Bruh, even Pirate Storm has better structure than this…xddd

  8. The absolute irony of ubisoft saying LOVE LIVE PIRACY on the advert is crazy

  9. Wait, is this a real game? It looks like something you would play on your phone during class in school when you`re 14. I remember that there was an Assassins Creed pirate mobile game and even that looked better than this shit.

  10. Get ac black flag instead. Even odyssey has nice sailing and sea battles and looting ships and exploring.

  11. Any game developer who claims their newest game is the best thing since sliced bread is winding you up for not only a letdown, but the biggest free fall let down you’ve ever experienced.

  12. Treat the the extra A in AAAA as an extra chromosome.

  13. You mean ubisoft KIEV. Tf is Kyiv? 🇷🇺

  14. There's A LOT of things this game dropped the ball on but honestly, the stamina didnt bother me because its supposed to be from the crew, not the ship

  15. If this is a AAAA pirate game then Sea of Thieves has been a AAAAA game for years and it’s been in a rough state for a long time.

  16. The fucking capitalism line kills me. As if pirates weren’t super capitalist, like participating in the trans-Atlantic slave trade capitalist

  17. This is like Sid Meier's Pirates! Except not even close to as good

  18. Skull and bones is a secret society of luciferians

  19. For anyone feeling a void in pirate games, please play Sea of Thieves. It's significantly better.

  20. The fact that you used Cervantes' original Soul Blade(Edge) makes you as epic as you can get in the gaming culture world. ❤

  21. "we'd hope your enjoying your time" guess the playtests have the same concerns…

  22. Black Flag fr revolutionized pirate games, all Ubisoft had to do is expand off of what they already had

  23. « The Premium Edition gets you access to the full game ». ´nuff said.

  24. What’s the “aaa” game with the jumping ship?? (I heard that entire ship jumped out of a pirates ass)

  25. This game should be for Android or for Iphone at best

  26. 4:32 Wait so you're telling me that you paid 70$ only to not unlock the full game?

  27. Dont play under the influence of drugs so then i should just never play video games caues with my adhd i cant play them sober

  28. The Caribbean world in Kingdom Hearts 3 is better.

  29. All they had to do was take open world boating from AC4 and make it multiplayer, sea shanties and all.

  30. the kind of pirate they want you to be is the neverland pirate kind

  31. Premium edition gives you access to trees 😆

  32. This feels like someone gave a 2 minute elevator pitch for a game to the Ubisoft higher ups during lunch and instead of making it a real project, they just made the game verbatim and fired the guy who suggested it

  33. Imagine playing new games. Fuck that shit! I'm very happy and satisfied still playing PS2, PS3, xbox OG, and GBC/A games.

  34. lol the first single lowercase “a” game

  35. Ok you have to enter into a pirates code of conduct 💀

  36. The game is so realistic you have to wait for the trees to grow back in real time to harvest them

  37. Well that why people playing hell diver instead 😅

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