The Funny little Pirate Game | Sea of Thieves

If you’re a fan of Sea of Thieves, then you know how addictive and exciting the game can be. But sometimes, you may find yourself stuck or struggling to have fun, That’s where this video comes in! Useless, and worthless. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. I think I ran into this exact crew (well 2/3 of them) the other day trying to chase my sloop down as we had a Gold Hoarder Emissary Quest and a Sea Fort's worth of loot on board… it didn't end well for them.

  2. I feel like your videos are the Seinfeld of SoT. A video about nothing but amazing to watch. Great content

  3. Why do I watch it because like crack your videos are addictive I have to have more 🤣.
    Plus a sea of thieves veterans know that you can spend an entire day and not getting a goddamn thing done and have a blast doing it and that's what sot is

  4. enjoy the little detours in life, its where you find the greatest treasures.

  5. Just came back from my institute on a new phuzzy video you made my day bro

  6. i always watch till the end, never know whats gonna happen lol

  7. 9 minutes and 57 seconds i will never get back

  8. None of this was useless. It was for fun, for the both of you. Socializing and f*cking around with no real goal.

  9. I mean… being streamer sounds cool, but on the other hand is hard to get people entertained to grow, and requiers to be really strong mentally, is not a bad job at all, but is not for everyone

  10. Omagaaaad Ur my favorite youtuber i start watching you when i start playing sea of thieves Ur mega good people Ur chill not toxic that peoples i like the most i want to play with u but Its impossible 😄

  11. I have a feeling the purpose is to brings joy XD wishing you a great one good sir !

  12. There's something about encounters like this, it's just so cute in a way meeting players with personalities that are strangely charming

  13. “A crew who has no idea why they’re attacking…” YES! So many times! You’re minding your own business, nothing to gain by being sunk (you could have just spawned in) but a ship rolls up and decides to start blasting for no other reason than “just because”… 🫥 WHY?!

  14. Not phuzzy questioning his existence and career in this one

  15. Well props to them for not shying away from pvp despite being new

  16. Nothing but some chill vibes and confusion. That is a true SOT experience 😂🤣

  17. Ah yes, the jittery crew of the SS Adderall.

  18. Beautiful video. My life is forever changed.

  19. The other day a sloop kitted out with reaper cosmetics seemed to be attempting a steal of our ashen winds fight so me and my brig crew sunk it immediately. But shortly after it sunk a pirate came on board and asked not to shoot him and we didn’t. He chilled with us for a while. Turns out he was open crew and it was his first session of sea of thieves. We had a lovely convo and I showed him that he could launch himself out of cannons and fun junk like that. Unfortunately he ended up dying but it was an experience I won’t forget.

  20. "Theres an island coming towards you" lmfaooo

  21. thank you man, you taught me how to be friendly on this game

  22. Me: What was the point of that video?
    Phuzzy: Silly pirate game.

  23. My dog eats grass. Then he pukes.

    Dont be like dog.

  24. I literally sail for vibes and lols. I actually have no other aim in my SoT sessions. I hit Pirate Legend, I've got enough money for whatever I might need (which isn't much in either direction), and I don't really care about achievements or commendations.
    So, I might hang out at an outpost filling storage crates with loot for whomever next passes by, sail the seas trying to peddle burnt bananas, go around asking people if they've seen my "lost dog", seek out swabbies to train, etc etc etc. I'm the Legendary Rogue. I live to oppose the meta; to entertain and to troll.
    Everything about this game is fun; except the sweats. I'm not trying to fight and – since I don't do voyages – I rarely have anything to steal anyway. I'm just here to enjoy this wonderful world of Sea of Thieves.

  25. this video is just vibing, thats why I watched 🙂

  26. Me and 2 randos allianced and raided a fort+they didnt betray me

  27. “There’s an island heading towards you”
    “The island has crushed into you”
    Now I’m going to use these more often than I would like😁

  28. David Attenborough of sea of thieves 😂
    I love the video

  29. At this point I'm going to assume that Phuzzy is on every server I'm on

  30. Aye, the fabled one-skull treasure haul of the day one swabbie.

  31. "They were useless and with no purpose"

    I can't imagine playing a game without having SOME idea of a goal in mind.

  32. whatching player get along is never useless it filles me with hope i might have the same experience … but that will soon fade 🙂

  33. Sea of Thieves may be a funny little pirate game, but its our funny little pirate game and we lub the heck out of it 🥺 🏴‍☠

  34. Your videos are so hilarious and informative I love them. I am glad I found you!

  35. there’s an island heading towards you is going to be my new favourite call out

  36. I watched this video… not even close to the quality im used to from you phuzzy. Please, let me invite you to my crew for an adventure in immersive rp. I think once we sail together youll see the sea in a whole new see! 🙃

  37. Phuzzy, did you notice the main guy talking was in your ramming video? At the very start when you sink he says GG to you

  38. To be fair, the average sea of theives player has about 3 hours of game time before they realize "There is like… Nothing to do in this game" Then they quit.

  39. It's like metal gear solid without the metal gears lol

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