The FUTURE of Pirate Games.

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  1. Must be doing something right.
    Big Head Quinn tends to be played by a seven year old on his sloop “So What.”
    It’s all about PVE and hopefully catching up with a crew to play music with.
    Adventure, stacking and grind, trying to make a million gold in a day.
    Driving the lot off the map in the Red Sea so Pirates don’t get a thing, his treasure and he owes you nothing, not into PVP.
    But I do feel sorry for the effort he puts in.

    He loves S O T and listens to the stories every night.

  2. I swear my google mini dinged at 1:14. Did yours go off? @Captain Falcore

  3. Honestly a sci-fi (possibly based on the expanse universe) version of this game would be my wet dream.

  4. I'd hope for a SoT like game that is more of a standard rpg which has npcs that you could recruit as crewmates and whatnot.

  5. SoT has a fairly small playerbase and it's slowly diminishing. Seems like pirate games are not that popular after all.

  6. Sequel should be set in space like Treasure Planet 😀

  7. The only nautical game that would probably be considered better than SoT is Subnautica because it’s just gorgeous and the exploration is amazing. But SoT still has the multiplayer on its side

  8. cloud computing from Microsoft gives SoT the upper edge, and always will. EA nor Nintendo will never have that speciality nor the budget Microsoft does to make the game and upkeep costs

  9. I play because its a sandbox not for the pvp or pve you can do what ever you want in a sandbox common…. Before sea of thieves it was star wars galaxies and pirates of the Caribbean online for me… the those games closed and then Sea of thieves came along. It will be a cold day in hell when sea of thieves shits down for me.

  10. Only if you could do anything with the gold in sot anything that cosmetics. Something like gta online

  11. Honestly, one thing I'd like to see is an updated version of Age of Pirates 2. That game has everything a pirate game needs and more, except that it's clunky as hell and there are all sorts of pesky loading screens. If it were remade today with smoother controls and an updated visual and leveling experience, it would be a massive hit, I'm certain.

  12. I'll admit it fallout 76 isn't perfect but it's still fun

  13. I do wish Disney hadn't pulled the plug on Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned. Imagine Fable but with a pirate fantasy skin. Would've been a good time!

  14. I never want SoT 2 but gimme SoT on Unreal 5 with better servers no Xbox One support 10 or more galleons on servers

  15. We need to be able to switch which shanties go on the first page

  16. SALT 2 CAME OUT?
    Damn, I played the first one for ages. I gotta check that out.

  17. Atlas would be a decent pick, buts i wouldn’t say it’s seamless though.

  18. I've been saying this entire video for years

  19. Those are some pretty good ahem physics * cough cough

  20. I have to believe there will be a Sea of Thieves 2 that eventually releases that solves all of these things. Rare has the best chance to make the next great open world pirate adventure.

  21. I’m not throwing shade I love your channel, but that was kind of clickbait; you said nothing about a SoT 2 release.

  22. I have been itching for a good pirate game to play. Sea of Thieves is fun, but I just about hit everything. All that is left is the grind however it would be nice to start new in a different game. If I start new in Sea of Thieves I have every strategy figured out, but in a new game I could learn the mechanics of that game and be a true new player.

  23. Being able to have loot and get chased and fight other players still gives me the shakes. Two years in and it still gives me a thrill like no other game out there!!

  24. The one thing Rare did right is the monetization. No paid expansions, most things unlocked with game achievements or progress, and the shop not outperforming the progression rewards. The other thing is the equal playing ground. I honestly think if any other developer tried to make a SoT competitor they would fumble it with excessive weapon and ship systems and aggressive micro transactions to improve your pirate or boat. (Pay2win). At this point it’s kind of shocking that Rare hasn’t stooped to that level and hopefully more developers realize their players don’t want to feel like they’re a rat in a maze pressing a bar for cheese.

  25. Im an Elite Dangerous Commander and currently playing Sea of thieves

  26. StarCitizen quit good for alpha its great for imersion

  27. Dose no one remember Atlas it had potential if they kept up on it

  28. If they make a sea of thieves 2 they better transfer all my reputation

  29. For me the best pirate game of all time is Fisher Price Great Adventures: Pirate Ship

  30. Black Flag was a mediocer Assassins Creed… but a great Pirat game 😀

  31. This is mostly why I my favorite Zelda game is WindWaker, absolutely vast ocean and almost no loading screens unless heading into dungeon or building, oh and music as well, may not be a pirate game, but that sense of exploration even after getting the “fast travel” song is just amazing

  32. i hope some day we have sea of thives 2 where we have like a really big jump of tech improve

  33. Captain Falcore made this Video cause he´s tired of rubberbanding and hitreg in sea of thieves 😀

  34. Well in that point, you might take a look onto "Pirate's Dynasty" by Toplitz Productions which will be a single-/coop-player PvE pirate themed game like their most succesful title "Medieval Dynasty"

  35. Probably few people will see this but… I recommend you try Sea Dogs: To each his own. While yes, it has some.. aged animations and textures, I believe it is one of the best pirate games out there. It has a lot of things present in sot, and provides even more possibilities to feel yourself a sea dog.

  36. Nobody has mentioned Atlas, which was supposed to rival sea of thieves in terms of pirate exploration. Unfortunately it was hugely hyped up only to be a buggy Ark clone, yet it showed the potential a game like that could have

  37. Pirates of the Burning Sea was also a fantastic game that didn't get a mention here.

  38. Interaction with other people is fun, wether it is pvp or just hanging out. But sometimes its just annoying when im on a tall tale solo and get railed by a 2 people team.

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