The FUTURE of Pirate Games.

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  1. If only rare would drop last gen consoles and convert Sea of Thieves to Unreal Engine 5.1, it would be a fantasy. But Microsoft is too strict to let that happen…

  2. We need more competition for Rare, just look at DBD for example. BHVR were sitting on their ass for years until some serious alternatives hit the market and then they made some of the best updates they have ever made.

  3. could Rare eventually shutdown the game servers on old gen so they can advance to new things later on with the new engine and newer consoles?

  4. SoT is fun, a touch more cartoon rather than realism to keep the mood light… yet also enough realism to give you feelings at seeing the sunset, an island in fog, Glitterbeard, etc. And a generous helping of adventure that give you the Goonies/Indiana Jones vibes.

    Others may try, but I'm not sure they could replicate it. They could make one with more realism, or one that was more cartoonish, but SoT seems to hit the right spot, the right balance.

  5. No way elite dangerous actually got mentioned

  6. I love PVP. But I play either solo or with another friend on a sloop. Got tired of exclusively running into Galleons. I'm not gonna spend hours gathering loot to lose it to a ship twice my size.

  7. surprised you didn't mention ARK:SE half baked and more broken cousin, Atlas
    a pirate survival MMO. you would think that would be a hit, then the Chinese ruined it with their hoards, (still find it funny that it got so bad that the devs killed their fleets with fleets of npc ships so other players would have a chance)
    on a serious note, i think atlas shows us that pirate games just won't work in survival scenarios, pirating from other players is fun and all, but if you risk losing all progress since you first starting playing, people won't even bother risking pirating from other players.

  8. I know that if Skull and Bones actually allowed us to walk around our ship, play music, board and fight other pirates, and explore islands to look for treasure, Skull and Bones would have been probably the top tier pirate game. Then Ubisoft pulled a Ubisoft and completely gutted the experience that players wanted in order to make another basic af game

  9. sea of thieves is NOT limited by technology… The servers dying once actually interesting stuff happens where multiple crews all fight at the same spot isnt a technological limitation, its a money and development one. People having to sell one item at a time wasnt a problem at the start cause you rarely had many items on board, but now? Selling is one of the worst parts of the game, and thats not because of technoligy. its because of bad design. instead of rewarding people with fewer items that are higher value than the rest they just give you 20 chests. Not having a completely seperate game mode for 1v1 PvP isnt a technological limitation. Its either by design or money.

  10. FINALLY! Some one mentioned black flag!

  11. Black flag is when I stopped liking AC games. Ezio forever

  12. I wish Sea of Thieves would be reskinned to be more "piratey" and historical, and less "cartoony" and disney like. The colors and art feel like WoW sometimes. I love playing SOT but if it was a little more realistic/historical then it would be PERFECT.

  13. pirates of the burning sea is still running. and we could use more players

  14. You forgot mentioning The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt <3
    Also there is another epic sea game called Sea Dogs: City of Abandoned Ships
    and Sea Dogs: Legendary Edition is gonna release sometime also!

  15. Would love a survival version of Sea Of Thieves, similar to Rust. Gather resources, build bases on different islands, upgrade your ship, fight other players. Outposts could be a friendly island where players could park their boats, and hang out and engage with other players.

  16. Atlas kind is similar to what you're talking about. Open world sand box pirate game that is multiplayer. Is it good… eh… last I played it had potential but there was a lot to be desired. I haven't played since it launched so its probably changed a lot. I'd try it again if I had people to play with…. but SoT is kinda the same for me. I only play with I have friends to play with, which isn't as often as I'd like because none of my friends like it.

  17. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
    That's all i'm gonna say.

    Also the PotC section of Disney Infinity was pretty good…..

  18. There will never be a singleplayer pirate game like AC: black flag and a multiplayer pirate game like SoT

  19. It would be nice if they added making your own flags and sails

  20. The first pirate pvp experience I had was with Ark on an official "no taming" server. Everyone had their rafts. I remember the feeling in my gut when I heard the sound of a sword being unsheathed while I was crafting stuff in the middle of the ocean. Very tense and fun game.

  21. FYI Star Citizen is extremely sketch because they have like half a billion dollars in crowdfunded budget and haven't made any significant headway in development despite being in Alpha for 8 years. Tread very carefully if anyone reading this either plays or has interest in playing. A lot of players are beginning to suspect it might be a scam game.

  22. Pirate game set in the 1700/1600s would be a w

  23. Lmao blaming old gen for talentless developers at rare. I upgraded to series x and I still get long loading screens. And the game failing to load. They haven’t updated this game too your examples in this video because they don’t know how. And even if they did know how they would break the entire game doing so.

  24. Funny you use RDR2 as an example but it ran perfectly on old gen…huh? That’s weird ain’t it?

  25. Pirates of the Burning Sea (Potbs) was IMO the best pirate MMO, focus was all on ships, PvP could be avoided at all times unless you enter in a warzone or flag yourself for PvP and etc…
    There was not much in terms of "exploration" was more avatar quests, very outdated select enemy and click on skill bar to do an attack, but overall, pretty awesome experience, especially the fleet battles with huge ships and Manowars, economy for traders, many classes and factions like French, Spanish, British and Pirates who could "steal" enemy ships (although if you sunk you lose the ship).
    Having something similar to POTBS with better graphics and better avatar combat would be awesome.

  26. no mention of pirates of the burning sea, the first pirate mmo, that just had a re-release this past weekend?

  27. Sea of Theives is one of the funnest games I've ever played, when I had friends to play with.

    Random/Open crews are an absolute nightmare with a 99.9% probability I'll join in a mic-less crew with absolutely no direction or attention span, still anchored at port. I'm talking one guy customizing the ship, another standing afk, and another raising the anchor and dropping sails with no one else onboard, just to crash into the nearest rock or island. I'm sick of wasting hours of playtime server hopping in hopes of finding a playable crew. I have better odds of winning a few hundred bucks on scratch-off lottery tickets. My only option to play is solo but that severly limits what I can achieve, being at a mathmatically losing disadvantage.

    What I would love to see implemented is a sortof in-game lobby/server/player hub/port where you can meet and vet other players before forming a crew and joining a main game server.

  28. What about Atlas that is a pirate game it’s more you have to build your own ship and you can conquer your own island with the game like all it needs is a few more healthy updates

  29. I’m sure atlas was meant to be the huge game changer but that just never happened

  30. me: sees the swedish flag

  31. Black Flag was my shit when it first came out, but recently I've started to play again because it was on sale and it's no where near to how good Sea of Thieves is. It's just clunky; despite that I still love the exploration in it. I've been telling people for years that we need more pirate games, I'm glad you made this video.

  32. More pirate games would be awesome, but honestly I just want more sea of thieves.

  33. There is a wonderful book titled "Why We Love Pirates" by Rebecca Simon that truly captures why Sea of Thieves works and many others don't. See pirates in the Golden Age were legends among common folk. They were flashy, would walk around town all dressed up and in swagger, typically enjoyed better food, healthcare, and wages than the working man and perhaps most importantly: were free. The idea of going where you want, doing whatever your heart fancies, and risking life and limb. For the poor saps on merchant vessels and on land who were constantly unable to get ahead, it is a wonderous life, and one many would choose when a pirate vessel boarded you. In the book The Republic of Pirates there is a story of a, I want to say, eight year old kid on a passage ship who joined some attacking pirates, who was DESPERATE to join them, to the point of abandoning his own mother. During those times the newspapers would sensationalize pirates, ramping up their deeds and lore because people loved hearing about how viscous, brutal, and ferocious pirates were. It is because of this sensationalism that we associate buried treasure with pirates! William Kidd buried a small amount of silver before his execution, word got out, and the boring truth became wild fantasy. Most of the romance of pirates originates in story, because people loved less the truth, and more the idea.

    We love pirate large in part because of what they represent and the way they were told to us: larger than life figures doing amazing things and swimming in riches, not a care in the world except for what they want to do. Sea of Thieves gives us this larger than life reality, and the freedom to, as Stormfrun says, be the pirate you want to be. Most games fail this. They are afraid of the opportunity to let us be free, which takes away a fundamental truth of pirates and one of the major reasons they were such a force that an era in history is named after them. To be a good pirate you needed to fight well and sail well; to be a good pirate game, you need to embrace the myth of pirates well and the truth of pirates well. Larger than life tales in a world of free choices, where we can find adventure or make it ourselves.

  34. there is a VR game in development called SAIL and it is REALLY good they are adding multiplayer soon

  35. Puzzle pirates in it's prime time was when I got into the whole open world pirates, and wanted something more, Sea of Thieves delivered that want.

  36. me: why did i buy sea of thieves and i see this on youtube "Sea of Thieves 2 when" 🫥

  37. Most game companies switching from focusing on making money to making good games? Yeah… we can dream

  38. You should check out Sea Dogs To Each His Own! Its SP though and the graphics might be a bit outdated

  39. one thing iv always said i would love is like a vr version of sea of thieves i hope when vr becomes more main steam there will be a sot vr cuz it would be so cool yet terrifying

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