The FUTURE of Pirate Games.

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  1. tempest pirate action rpg is prob the best other pirate game other than the assassin one

  2. This “captain falcore” guy is always first. Starting to tick me off, man. 😪👋

  3. Captin falcore I implore you to try the first salt game and the second one they are both hidden gems and are worth the play I have spent hours in both and with more updates coming to the second game I thing salt 2 has the potential of being a game that could fill in many gaps within the pirate gaming world

  4. sea of thieves just needs bug fixes and more ships per server for it to be fun

  5. I could see in the future a time when Rare decides to create a "current gen" branch that continues to get updates, while the last-gen version is left as-is. Maybe then they could expand the world or add more features. I'm not sure what a SoT 2 would look like, but I'd be happy with that option as well.

  6. Lets hope " Sea of Thieves 2 " will never have an allegiance grind. 👍

  7. SoT is great, but we need it shared across ALL platforms instead of just Xbox and PC. If they did a second one and it's still an exclusive I'd refuse to touch it

  8. Pirates of the Caribbean Online was a good time

  9. I have to disagree with you here, in my oppinion competition does not drive this stuff, a hot take I know but let me explain myself. Dailymotion has existed as long as Youtube but have you ever used it? Put simply merely existing in the same space isn't competition, you need to actually rival and challenge to compete, and larger companies have gotten really good at existing in the same space and not stepping on each other toes. At this point competition in of itself is a pipe dream big companies ignore because they can profit just fine regardless, nothing will change in that regard until we call them out for this, but instead we keep parroting the idea of "competition" they clearly no longer abide by giving them a pass.

  10. Am i the only one who would like a game like pirates of the caribbean with super big oceans and ai fortress like Port royal from pirates of the caribbean 1 u can invade, And more events like a tsunami and a super big crab. Like a new sea of thieves but with maybe less pvp because the oceans ( I am talking like 100 Miles from island to island).

  11. Really good! I love Salt 2, can't wait for Skull n Bones, ,and really feel like there could be a grand pirate game secretly brewing in some Dev company. I has been 5 years for Sea of thieves, doesn't make sense no one found the right answer to another grand pirate game. Hopefully, one day.

  12. I think if a Sea of Thieves 2 came out, it’d go the Overwatch 2 route. New feel, but nothing changes

  13. i dont think people actually dislike the PVP when they want to PVE, they like the tension of the danger, they just dislike it when they get sunk. They will only realise how boring the game is without the pvp threat when they would enter a pve server.

  14. Need the second team to make a space pirates sea of thieves in space. Docking ships steal loot scuttle in the escape pod

  15. The best pirate game was Voyage Century Online, but that was what 2007, port battles to take over cities, all the golden age of piracy things, being a merchant trading goods, exploring, pretending your indiana jones, become a incredible captain of your ship and fighter when it's time to board, or just get down to it and farm some exotic carribean stuff, or visit the chinese from crazy tech like explosive cannonballs, find highly valuable and rare cannons, pvp potentially anyway but kept in check with a harsh police system so you go hunting innocents and go to jail you could be there a while and being a pirate meant putting your ship at risk, those valuable parts could be destroyed, but you could be smart and hunt merchants and only bring out the big guns and rare commodities for a big alliance battle.

    Damn you could specialize in just about anything even shipbuilding. Probably the most profitable thing was crafting high end figureheads, sort of gambling though, but if you win you have probably the most valuable thing in the game, I recall getting a 2nd hand high end figurehead and damn it was so powerful, like taking a 6/10 ship to a 9/10, I could tackle any normal threat with ease. All good things come to an end though, game ended up becoming a p2w mess, games still online but has like maybe 50 players, probably all super whales.

  16. This game concept is the only one made "well", but I would love a space/cowboy bebop style thrown onto it.

  17. I don't think they need to make a second game, they need to continue to update the game with more things and then proceed to the next gen of consoles. I think SoT being one of a few pirate games is what it makes special, there is no need to others companies trying to make another pirate games like SoT. They should make it available to others consoles, but that is just me saying

  18. Sea of thieves doesn’t need a sequel it just needs to cut off old gen consoles so better content can be implemented

  19. If the brains behind RDR2 did a pirate game… I think it could be a potential game of year. If the time, craft and love were taken. Especially story wise.

  20. I know right! Just imagine Rockstar Games making a pirate game similar to GTA and RDR with a cool story and open world!

  21. Would be sick to have SoT 2 with optional just pvp or survival aproach to it.. Keep up the great vids Cap. Fal!

  22. If we get a Sea Of Thieves 2 I want my progress to carry over.

  23. I don't know maybe five six years they have a 10-year plan for sea of thieves

  24. Why would there ever be a 2 when this game is the only one we need 😂

  25. Nah I won´t play until I can play at my own pace without any PvP this really makes the game for me a lot worse.

    Nice Video as always 🙂

  26. Before Assassin's Creed Black Flag, there was Sly Racoon 3's pirate ship mini-game. While a minigame, it allowed exploration of a sea and ship vs ship combat akin to Sea of Thieves but running on a PS2. The chain of appeal in pirate games for me went Sly 3 -> AC:BF -> SoT.
    Now all I want is someone to make a Fallout/Skyrim style RPG but it's set in a fantastical pirate world as crazy as One Piece's. Until then, SoT is as close as I can get.

  27. It can't be a pirate game without PVP or at least the threat of PVP

  28. I wish it has an actual actual anchor that drops from the side of your boat. That can be customizable for cosmetics.

  29. Watching this made me nostalgic for a game that I never played or was never released for that matter. Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned had it all, exploration, roll-playing, story-driven content, a massive open world. Why that game never made it still amazes me, or why no other company has tried to achieve the same.

    Also Pirates of the Caribbean Online was a great game, shame Disney killed it and we never got anything in return (as with most things Disney does)

  30. I have said it before. If Rockstar ever made a pirate game then it would be the best pirate game to date. But Rare has the potential to achieve this with a next gen game like SOT. Old gen is starting to really hold the game back and as much as we love SOT, there will become a point in the next two or three years where it will really become dated. I hope that Rare have planned for this in some way. A SOT 2 would be absolutely what the pirate games genre needs. Many people I get involved with the game say they enjoy it a lot but it feels clunky and ask is there a better game like it.

  31. I would very much like the same game made by a less "fuck around and find out" kind of a company. I can't believe how the designers of such a big studio are so bad.

  32. "You think with Sea of Thieves being so popular…." Lol what? SoT is many good things, but popular I would not say is one of em.

  33. Any Game is a pirate game if you get it a certain way

  34. Im an indie dev working on a pirate RPG. stay tuned.

  35. For purely naval gameplay SoT is the only top notch, and fairly polished live service game. Elite dangerous is more for space, though it's definitely more of a sim, but the fps expansion is only for PC.

    For me, SoT still could add a bit more polish, especially when in a Tall Tale(needs a passive mode similar to GTA, just during the tale, and protection of tale-specific items from being "borked" by griefers, all other treasures would not be granted such protections)

  36. I've been telling people this from day 1 of Sea of Thieves, there is nothing on the market that even comes close to SoT gameplay. People dont want Need for Sea. People want GTA, Star Citizen, CSGO type of Pirate games, where you are the pirate, not the vessel.

  37. In my opinion they should NEVER change the graphics I like them

  38. Would love to see a Manowar on the water, as a world boss or added to our fleets

  39. You missed mentioning one of the greatest ocean exploration games ever

  40. Yes I think that Sunday if you help the good guy Fartcore maybe the pirate Lord will give us some freedom give us the ability to go out of the shroud and pillage plunder and burn up the cities and pull our weaselly blackguts out

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