The greatest space pirate game is out! But you can’t play it!

🦄 Star Citizen 3.18 is live but the launch has been less than stellar. So join me in an also less than steller epic space adventure.

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0:00 Intro
0:24 3.18 First Steps
2:31 Smuggling in Star Citizen 3.18 Live!
3:37 Looting in Star Citizen 3.18 Live!
7:11 Piracy in Star Citizen 3.18 Live!
11:38 The Golden Age of Piracy has begun!
12:48 Ending

Star Citizen is an in-development multiplayer space trading and combat simulation game. The game is being developed and published by Cloud Imperium Games for Microsoft Windows. Star Citizen is being led by director Chris Roberts.

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  1. Isn't PES a technology no other game has ever managed to deliver?IE a history game-changer for gaming?

  2. Ran for a few hours last night and managed 700k in drug trades. Only issue was stuck in seat once.

  3. Best vid on 3:18. Good man for the examples of game patch release trainwrecks by other titles.

  4. Ahahaha good fights! Fk I walked right past you and didn't see you!

  5. Mongrel squad…. more like Monger Squod…. They are some of the crappiest pilots around….

  6. Laughing so hard at the intro. This might arguably be my worst patch launch in my SC playing. Yet I’m handling it better than any other patch. Like literally 3.18 is the best patch yet. I think CIG needed this to lean what they couldn’t in PTU.

  7. So…the Ludicrous Space Game is become Eve Online? Think I'll skip it.

  8. Honestly, it's fair game except for freshly summoned ships on pads. Cause that's just inhibiting gameplay at that point.

  9. Throwing shi* to a studio that is making new tech and expecting to be perfect on alpha state is the most stupid thing i ever hear! Those game that you put for example was on launch finish game! Persistent entity streaming is something that even a AAA STUDIO have not even trying to do!

  10. Dude, your content is amazing! Great seeing such amazing content from a fellow South African. I am new to SC, hopefully one day can make this quality content 😲🔥

  11. Great video! star citizen has been silly lately!

  12. Aah, i remember a time where i spent anough money to buy food for 4 days on a game that worked.

  13. You got to love how some people pay over a thousand for this game and can’t get in

  14. How do you not have a million subs? The content, quality and commentary is absolutely mint. Keep it up!!

  15. The good news about sacrificing voidy Jr. You can make another one. Thanks man. It was fun as usual 🪐

  16. 8:13, smoothest transition to a commercial on record. Linus Tech Tips would be proud.

  17. As someone that has lived in nulsec his entire eve career this still makes me want to put on my eye patch and go full pirate.

  18. Fun fact: the more money you spend on star shartezin the better your game runs 💯

  19. When we get 1000 players in a instance, well, then we will see how chaotic it will be 🙂

  20. Since 3.18 released, not only have i lost every loot i gathered to 30k´s but the amount of new errorcodes is outragous.
    Every system ingame, is broken.
    That some Fanboys still sugarcoat this release, is beyond me

    New Gameplay-elements allways seems so lackluster, like, what good is Server-persistence if i can´t select a certain server?
    It´s like trading, or medic-gamplay, Dead on arrival.

    Soon, we will have Servers to save the data of the Servers that are backing up our char-data in case of errors, when a Server crashes.

    Let´s re-inforce that Skyscraper-foundation with more cotton-wool..too soft? MORE COTTON WOOL

    Considerinng every consecutive patch has gotten worse, then, for next years, we´re in for a treat.
    and i became a "citizen" 8 Years ago..

  21. Spaceborne and Spaceborne 2, enough said. made by a single guy. You can be whatever you want. Why not just go give that a try for the price of two cheese burger meals?

  22. Space pirate game? It's a space rpg sim. Not pirate game.

  23. the devs are already pirating its backers for half a billion dollars

  24. I’ve never played star citizen and maybe never will but these videos are too entertaining. If I could I’d recommend turning the music down a little bit, I can still understand you very well but the music is a little overbearing.

  25. the 3.18 first steps part made me laugh and honestly encapsulates my whole thinking on the situation, we after 10 years and them stating as such knew things were going to probably not be good or great in live. This also shows that this is not a star citizen unique thing and that some of those games and if you look at them update wise are not that big a cange compared to sc 3.18 patch.

  26. You know that mugre squadron is far from a good PVP squad dont you? 😅😂

  27. How is this with SA ping? i tried a freefly weekend once and couldnt even get out the 1st elevator, just kept dropping me through the world. Is persistence economy in yet?

  28. Top notch quality, shame SC is such a niche game.

    Been lookin at piracy lately, cuz my dream for SC is to get a kinda Mando-style org of mercs, pirates, and bounty hunters going once those systems are better. So far, merc shit is fun but it’s a dice roll for success or failure against people, bounty hunting can be fun but often isn’t because I spent the day suffering under people logging when I tried to hunt them down, and piracy… well my friends idea of piracy is to do it the safe way and not attack other players, so I haven’t gotten the full experience there yet.

    Still such a fun game. Can’t wait for the wipes so me and my FL Max can go out and start fuckin folks up.

  29. You're definintely my favourite SC creator and I'm quickly binging all your content, keep it up VoidyMcDude!

  30. You are hilarious, I love your videos. Your accent sounds like I'm listening to Trevor Noah.

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