The Greatest Video Game Pirate of All Time

EMPRESS is a renowned video game cracker known for their exceptional skills in bypassing digital rights management (DRM) protections. With a reputation for cracking the toughest security measures, EMPRESS has become a prominent figure in the gaming community, enabling players to access and play pirated versions of popular titles. Their contributions have sparked debates around piracy, copyright infringement, and the effectiveness of DRM in the gaming industry.

Although I did do some of my own research, this Reddit threat was my main inspiration/source for this video:




Introduction: (0:00)
Chapter 1: Video Game Cracking Basics: (0:32)
Chapter 2: The Story of EMPRESS (2:27)
Chapter 3: The Law (11:06)

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  1. She actually seems mentally sane, I can't say the same for the internet and her community.

  2. Empress is like that one employee who everyone hates and can get away with anything because the boss can't find anyone to replace them.

  3. what's the big deal..anyone can crack games..empress is a noob..if you are a real cracker..crack paid online mulitplayer games😎

  4. That's why Rockstar is afraid of pc release of gta 6😂

  5. IF Empress truly is a girl. It will be first female in history i will give a level of respect that is normally reserved for great men.

  6. Asking for donations from an audience who want free games seems like a bad idea. They are most likely broke kids. If anyone is a modder who releases free mods and has a donation link you’ll know the audience is the same, people who want free aren’t willing to give. For someone as smart as empress they should of realized that.

  7. I don’t like cracking and usually get the real thing but sometimes I have no choice.

    Steam recently changed in my country, meaning no more price ranges that was made to fit the economy. They recently switched to tl to dollars and everything is basically unaffordable right now. (1 dollar is around 30tl, so let’s say a game is 20 dollars that’s around 611, minimum wage is 17k tl. That’s around 440 euros.

    17k tl is practically nothing, a full pizza is at best 300 tl. I do blame the steam’s community a little for this however (cough exploiting the Turkish version of steam because it was cheaper for them.) but at the end of the day unless you are extremely rich or there is a good deal most games are completely unaffordable.

    I am a middle-high class person saying this by the way, just imagine how bad it is for other people in here

  8. What are you even talking about the greatest cracker of all time one of the greatest teams is razor a lot of these people come from older teams like fairlight codex etc you just turned reality into a comic book making it seem all like it's a female girl power it isn't it's a man trust me I know

  9. i fell like there's no way to block pirates from pirating the game
    and that's good
    cuz game preservation

  10. Take it easy on the "woosh transitions" lol

  11. Did you use ChatGPT to write your script? I can feel that

  12. Well geniuses aren't always right in the head.

  13. Haven't watched the video yet, but a word of warning to anyone who thinks using this person's cracks is safe. Maybe earlier ones were. The crack for RDR2 however installs a root certificate in your registry. Feel free to google what it means if someone installs a root certificate on your machine. There's probably a couple of YT videos about it too. Basically all your passwords may as well be sent in plain-text to whoever installed the certificate.

    Empress is not like the pirates of old. Empress wants paid.

  14. I'd like the video but why the big subtitles in the middle of the screen? I can hear you, and if people need subs they can always use the subtitles

  15. Plot twist. Empress doesn't really exist; the persona was powered by prototype AI all along.

  16. It’s not that women can’t be competent, but it seems equally likely that it’s a guy. Because internet culture. All I gotta say

  17. Guys. In case you didn't know, empress is actually a dude. Can't believe I fell for the lie that he's a "sexy woman" 😂


  19. The reason why many modders (and Empress) believe that 99% of indians are bad, is cuz India is a very large country, so there's a very high chance the person you talk to online would be Indian. So for every 100 convos for example, 1 would be bad. And the chance of that bad one being Indian is high. So it gives off the impression that 99% of Indians are bad.

  20. As a Gamer, Game Developer and Computer Science Major, i don't know whether to love or hate empress. But if i had to chose, i effin love her………..

  21. I don't have to agree with her ideas or rhetoric, but you really lose me when you use silly words like "transphobic" and "hate speech." Frankly speaking, most hackers are nutjobs, and Empress being a slightly insane East European or Russian woman who probably spends all her time indoors behind a keyboard, doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I don't agree with what she thinks about India, but I also couldn't care less, either. We respect her for her cracking skills, not her tinfoil hat ideologies.

  22. Wait so shes a fazehackergirl, shes transphobic, she hates indians, she hates the opposite sex for whatever reason, she frequently goes on inane philisophical rants with anti-games industry rhetoric and she makes Redditors pay her for cracks of games? She very well may legitimately be the most based woman alive.

  23. "Philosophical Mustings"…. what? How is it possible to mess up the pronunciation of 'musings' that bad? lol
    And mispronounced it twice, no less

  24. as moroccan who got 0 income tnx so much to the queen empress idont give a damn about her ideas i miss here and i iwsh shes o

  25. Cool vid, but the TikTok-like subtitles bothered me enough that I couldnt finish watching, hope you reconsider the style

  26. She is perhaps one of the very few women who feminists should be truly proud of.

  27. Is she good? She is a G, I swear to god. For the first time actually heard the soundtrack on one of her downloads after so many years. So I came here to pay respect 😂 She is definitely the Internet Empress. without a doubt!

  28. 1:45 that's why I basically don't buy games poisoned by Denuvo. This is my protest. My dream is for major publishers to realize that Denuvo is pushing players away from them.

  29. I really liked how you used silent hill music here. Good work on covering this topic.

  30. the scene cant compare : cracking denuvo is more than a fulltime job, she is cracking and giving her time almost fully to crack it, of course she needs donations so her journey can continue. uncomparable with ANY repackers & steam-protected "crackers".

  31. I want to see a real picture of her. She sounds trans.

  32. Only a feelmale could be so clueless and act so emotionally to the things around her. She is a total psycho through and through… I find it hilarious that she just like Hollywood actors is good at something but for some weird reason instead of Keeping in your lane they make sure they go off road and mess everything up! Yes you are exceptional hacker and food for you however why are you digging your grave by commenting on who is bad and who is good?

    One thing is for sure.. she isn't half as smart as she think it is.

  33. 12:20 looks like youtuber apology with 10% acceptance of their mistake and rest filled with BS and trying their best to justify themselves. I know it is not apology but their personality take 180° turn in apology video.

  34. Her comments about men and Indians are so based.

  35. Entitled haters while playing free cracked game instead of just being grateful, if someone pissed me off for giving free stuff I would send them virus

  36. Fitgirl is the best one in this community.

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