The Horror Of Anti-Piracy Screens

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Today let’s dive into the bizarre world of video game anti-piracy screens! From the history of game piracy, to real examples found within videogames, to the rise of the bizarre ‘fake creepypasta anti-piracy screen’ let’s take a look at this strange and ominous community and why they, and so many others, find anti-piracy screens so terrifying.

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  2. But nobody talks about Content Warning screens like in Resident Evil

  3. I saw the Zeus one and didn’t know it was fake. I was so sad 😢

  4. 11:02 that Sonic one isn't real btw. The only reason I can tell is because "that's no good" was never said by Sonic until 1993, 2 years after the game came out.

  5. Wow. I had Mario64 before anti-piracy screen. I remember there always being some kind of verbal warning on home videos about copying and distributing them being illegal. I’m trying to imagine what it would have been like being a kid after internet piracy took off. They would definitely scare the bejesus out of me.

  6. 8:49 so damn well timed with a Zapier Ad jumping straight in lmao

  7. 𝚠𝟶𝚕𝚏 𝚂𝚑𝟺𝚛𝚔 ! says:

    One time in school as I was going on Google classroom it thought I had a pirated copy of it 😭

  8. nah i was literally shitting bricks when the tv was on late at night and 11 year old me heard the demonic screeching of the monthly emergency alerts

  9. I kinda link undertale to why this is creepy. The game acknowledges you, and almost guilt trips you

  10. Funny how you mention Sonic.EXE as inspiration for fake anti-piracy screens as a trend in 2018.
    I was actually a teen during that era.
    There actually is an official anti-cheat (not quite anti-piracy) screen made by Sega for Sonic CD.
    It’s discovery, and coverage of it in Youtube videos, is a more likely candidate for the anti-piracy screens.
    Essentially the screen was hidden in the game files, the game had a debug mode that could unlock things early. But the presence of this image, how it relates to the game’s code and its translation from Japanese suggests that if a player is entering in random codes to unlock just about anything, they have a chance to enter in a code that opens up that image.

    I don’t remember for sure, but the person who wrote the Sonic.EXE story/made the game may have said that they were inspired by the anti-cheat screen.

    The age of this video shows that this message was discovered before anti-cheat screen trends started, and unaffiliated coverage of the same image(s) suggest that it is unlikely that this is a story invented for clout.

  11. what a missed opportunity that a one piece game doesnt shows a screen with akainu or something

  12. If Piracy did not exist, We trade fake Anti-Piracy videos for $1,000/day and your data on subscriptions

  13. crawls from my hole where did u get ur sweater rrr trrrrr rgrgrgrggrgr4rv4rfvhwnefwBE RAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

  14. ❗ WARNING❗

  15. I had a idea for a anti piracy screen about a fake sonic game called Sonic: to the skies and a prompt had a question if you pirated this game and you are forced to answer yes, and a screen changed to Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Metal sonic, and eggman turning their heads in suprise

  16. Why did they have to name their nintendog Zeus?

  17. 9:40 I tried to skip ANYTHING that you said confirming that you're older than me in order to not get upset, but I couldn't, and YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO SAY "WHEN I WAS A KID"?!?! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE, LIKE ME, ARE STILL A KID, BUT WANT TO BE AN ADULT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK, AGEIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I was lagging once in Minecraft bedrock, it said we detected movement cheats. Scared the shit out me at age 6.

  19. I remember binge watching anti piracy screens and not being able to sleep, even error screens scared me and still do

  20. If I made a game and someone pirated it the anti-piracy screen is gonna be

    "Why are you so poor, so poor, $1 game and you still can't afford"

  21. I have a good idea for an undertale anti-piracy “screen”. I personally think it’s pretty clever but I kinda want to know what other people think. The game starts off normal until you start Floweys tutorial. (the one with the friendliness pellets) You’ll notice that the soul is no where to be found. Flowey will say “See that heart? ….No? Well, that makes sense. Why would someone who pirates games have a soul anyway?” And then the game crashes.

  22. I swear, that Mario on the thumbnail looks a lot like the model in Super Mario Apocalypse.

  23. honestly my favorite legitimate anti piracy screen is from a game (i forgot which game though) that has a hidden dlc that spams an image of the game's steam page on the screen if it is activated, with the logic being that a lot of piracy sites give games with all dlc activated when you download them

  24. If I saw that Spyro 3 one as a kid, I would have sobbed so hard😭🙏

  25. while this isn't an anti-piracy screen, I have seen what feels like an anti-piracy measure, in Warioware DIY. Back then before I bought the game, I saw somewhere when it's played on a flashcard that fails to fool the game into thinking it's a legit copy of the game, unlike a legit copy of the game, it will not save your game ever. Meaning the whole point of playing the game is worthless, as it's mainly about player-created microgames. The moment you turn off the game, and try to load back up the pirated copy of the game, it will be back to the very start of the game, since it never saved anything that was done there, clean slate of having no save file at all

  26. i first heard of anti-piracy the first time in my entire life when i watched a fake i-ready anti-piracy screen video, lol

  27. I encountered a very interesting one for the Ace Attorney series(Probably fake but still cool)

    Basically, the entire game would be in Borginian, the language of the game's made-up country, Borginia. Since the 'language' is just a bunch of symbols, the game is pretty much impossible to play normally, which I think is really cool as an anti-piracy thing.

  28. When im alone in a dark place, I sometimes imagine a “Game Over” popping up in the middle of my field of vision and i get goosebumps immediately.

    Sorta related, but the old 1980s Poison Control Hotline PSAs with the puppets creeped the hell out of me.

  29. this one time sonic thot i pirt the game intell i followed the link and sayed that it thot i pirted the game even no i did not afder i told the link that sonic sayed o you did not pirted the game and he sayed sorry then he sayed you no what and he put me at the end of the game and i was scared and happe as a chiled seeing that

  30. This video gave me flashbacks to whenever I had an android and would download apks get free games that cost money or had premium.

  31. Fan made Animal Crossing anti-piracy screens are really cool, anyone interested should check them out

  32. My tv as a kid randomly decided to be like "shutting off in 10 minutes" while me and my sister were playing a marvel fighting game and i was t e r r i f e d

  33. i mean 8:53 probably would be fun and creepy if i didn't get 2 ADS right before 😒

  34. I saw this anti piracy video that genuinely scared me, at the end it was a black screen where a 911 call started without consent to turn yourself it, idk it unsettled me a lot


  36. i got to the joke "anti piracy of izzzyzzz" and got a dq ad

  37. i was the kid who hid under a table and cried when the wii fit color thing turned red (i was waiting for my brother to try and get our dog so we could add him to our wii fit thing)
    i could not IMAGINE how hard i would be screaming and crying and shaking if i saw some of these anti-piracy screens. like. wow.

  38. Anti-piracy screens have the same energy as the “disc removed” screens from the Wii. They just freaked me out

  39. 7:59 when I first launched the sims 4 few days after its release, my game was blurred 🙃 bc of the anti piracy system 🙃🙃 I tried to ask for help on forums and they told me to buy the official game. WHICH IT WAS fortunatly some people had the same issue and we found a solution but it was infuriating to no be able to play the official game that you bought FROM EA and being called a thief

  40. Gate way users on the 3ds watching their favourite pirated games have mario wag a finger at them then watching the 3ds brick because gateway is stupid:😶

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