The Pirate Caribbean Hunt: The Attack of George Town


  1. There is no any big ships at this game you have to buy them with real money

  2. Guys does anyone have any tips for battle in this game I really can't control it

  3. The British will not forgive the spaniard's

  4. (SPOILER ALERT)Whitch oh the one pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end when will turner came with the Flying Dutchman and pearl and Dutch turned around and came to water ever that guys name was and at the side sparrow said fire then swan Gibbs and Barbosa and will said FIRE! Also then they defeated him right? Or is it justa qeust?

  5. Somebody please give me Duke of Kent my ID LVWXLNW

  6. When this channel said "attack of george town"
    My country be like: holy shiet

  7. Guys the fynny thing is duke of kent thats the ship i bought few months ago and ime only using duke of kent in every battle and i destroyred west india compony

  8. I really want the duke of Kent but I’m stuck with the sovereign of seas from the campaign

  9. Nice flex, but piece of advice.

    Use cannonballs. Not bombs, not double cannonballs either.

    Its best to use cannonballs for their range and decent damage.

    Use grapeshot when the enemy ship is damaged, and to immobilize is chainshots.

    Chainshots at most can slow down ships and help you buy some time to aim your broadside at them.

  10. I want a higher tier battleship, but I don't come to the store, is there any way?

  11. What the hell is that ship?! How did you get it?

  12. NPC make really dumb moves in this fight 😀

  13. Who want free ships? Just tell me your ID and tell what ship do you want.

  14. Sorry, this was not a good handling 😂

  15. Ha funny lost a huge number of crew poor work man.

  16. 1st rate o==[]::::::::::::::::>o==[]::::::::::::::::>o==[]::::::::::::::::>o==[]::::::::::::::::>o==[]::::::::::::::::>o==[]::::::::::::::::>

  17. I can even beat that game with capturing only without even using cannon

  18. I didn't even know this game had a fanbase lol

  19. why is it like that the ship, you cant control it properly and the red spot is trying to stop you, why is it like that can someone explain it to me?

  20. I have 87 1st rates cuz I can build them lol 4 rates would be much faster

  21. Please send me the duke the kent mi id is HNLFQXG i need the ship please

  22. I use an entire fleet of 1st rates 😁 really awesome just paying them is hard

  23. When a ships so strong and laggy you have to turn on potato mode.

  24. If you need big coin, just Capture alot of ships and send them on adventures. The piracy ones earn you alot.

  25. Instead of use ammo I use gunpowder lol

  26. I can proudly say something…
    You need more practice…
    I can easily destroy them,loot them with a single frigate using my gunpowder strategy…
    But I still like your video…

  27. How to buy vip train like in your video

  28. I can give u many duke of kent do u want it fully upgraded

  29. Alguien me regala el duque de kent

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