The Pirate Game We ALWAYS WANTED!

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  1. I wish, sadly there’s gonna be no Melee combatπŸ’€

  2. This is just sea of thieves but third person and with realistic graphics

  3. He must be getting paid to say this. This game is truly disappointing.

  4. World of tanks with ships instead. Doesnt even give the pirate feel

  5. Y’all way to hyped for this assassins creed black flag 2

  6. How much did Ubisoft pay you to promote this trash?

  7. Nothing can beat sea of thieves

  8. Ac black flag shits all over skull and bones trash

  9. Bro who’s WE☠️☠️☠️no one is excited for this game anymore

  10. The hype for this game more or less ended in 2020, by that time, it had already been delayed about 2 years… And instead of getting multiplayer AC Black Flag, there's no Exploration, no Melee Combat, it's just AC4 but cut down to only ship combat.

  11. What? Do you play as Somalis pirates raiding cargo ships?

  12. guys let's take the one piece i need a swordsman in my crew

  13. Why are there no good SINGLEPLAYER pirate games

  14. Sea of thieves is an overworked pirate survival game where you and up to 3 friends try to become the ultimate pirates by sailing your ship, finding treasure and taking on other players in your ship while doing this.

  15. Im going to pirate it so it would be the ultimate pirate game

  16. Is a trooper game that we wanted if it also has offshore and onboard sword combat

  17. Rockstar needs to make a pirate type rdr game

  18. This game came out on PlayStation for vr and its ok nothing to hype

  19. People who think that sea of thieves will always be the best pirate game ever

  20. Let me know when someone finds the one piece

  21. No its not you can't ever board another ship or explore islands other than for ui trading

  22. People wanted assassin's creed mechanics style but it's a separate pirate game not assassin's creed

  23. Bro forgot assains creed black flagπŸ’€

  24. No its not. Its garbage. Not even close to the gameplay of black flag. Cant even leave your ship and walm around it. No meelee combat. This is just a more intricate version of world of warships.

  25. Pvp isn't what you think. Its only in pvp events and its basically grab a treasure map and run. Its very disappointing 😞

  26. i thought he was talking about piracy

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