The Roblox Pirate Experience

The Roblox Pirate Experience with a Roblox Bacon Hair Noob.
..What could possibly go wrong? Watch to find out!

In this video I play Tradelands on Roblox. I become a pirate and I set sail with my crew on a boat to attack other ships, trying to steal cargo and to make some profit from merchants. I experience many funny moments with other people.

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  1. Cannon:fires*
    Man:and that moments he knew he f**ked up

  2. You are just like Jack Sparrow but even more pro then him 😎🏴‍☠️

  3. "that's got to be the greatest pirate I've ever seen"

  4. imagine getting betrayed by sebee that would bw epik

  5. I already done that game i have giant boat and glowing weapons

  6. Pirate : what are you ?
    Sebee : a bee 😀
    Pirate : oh what kind ?
    Sebee : how is it not obvious AM A SEA BEE

  7. "That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen"

  8. "oh no" – the last words of the greatest pirate to ever sail the seas

  9. Can someone tell me where he got that music at the beginning and at the near end

  10. Sebee’s Guide To Pro Pirate
    1. Have Crew
    2. Have Glass
    3. Have Beautiful Boat
    4. Waterproof Shirt
    5. Be Strong Like Bull

  11. sebee: i never lost a ship

    ( Like Some Minutes Ago.. )

    sebee: ( Is Talking To A Random Pro Pirate )

    Him: ( Gives Silver Paddel )

    Him: You Can Use For Your Boat. If You Have A Spawned Anyway.

    sebee: My boat is at the other side world

  12. I heard elon musk surrendered his tesla's to friknob and friknob turned it into a ship…… so pro

  13. Just a fun fact guys 🙂
    Fun Fact: youtube comments has more likes than facebook post

  14. Does anyone notice at this time that there's 666K views

  15. Funny trumpet plays at the start: am pro pirate

  16. Man dosen’t need to find one piecee he is one PiEce

  17. Sebbe you had another YOUTUBER ON YOUR BOAT!

  18. Did anyone noticed that the intro was the POTC theme?

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